Death in fight for chickens: 30-year old stabs stepmother in heated dispute

Mr Ronald Siketa  and his son Reginald

Mr Ronald Siketa and his son Reginald

Leonard Ncube/Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporters
A MAN from Hwange allegedly fatally stabbed his stepmother with a knife before attacking his stepbrother with the same weapon.

The incident happened at Number 5, E Section at around 5PM on Saturday in full view of two minor children.

Reginald Siketa (30) had a row with his stepmother after she quizzed him about some chickens he allegedly stole on Wednesday last week.

The chickens were allegedly stolen from the woman’s house when she was at church with her family.

Reginald allegedly stabbed his stepmother under the left breast and behind the right shoulder.

When her 17-year-old son Regis Siketa rushed to defend his mother, he was also attacked.

The Chronicle was told that neighbours rushed the woman and her son to Hwange Colliery Hospital but she died before she could be admitted as nurses at the health institution reportedly refused to attend to her demanding a police report.

Regis, who is in Form Four at a school in Hwange, is admitted to the same hospital where he is said to be in a critical condition.

Reginald’s father, Mr Ronald Siketa, said he was grief stricken to comment and referred all questions to the police.

Matabeleland North province Assistant Inspector Eglon Nkala wasn’t immediately reachable.

Hwange Local Board Councillor Godi Nyoni confirmed the incident.

“Everyone is in shock as we try to figure out what could have gotten into him. We feel it’s a challenge for us as a community to make sure we control children,” he said.

A neighbour said: “Reginald arrived home and shoved Regis as he entered. He went straight to his stepmother who was cleaning in the sitting room and immediately stabbed her. Regis rushed to rescue his mother and that’s when he was also stabbed and both collapsed.”

Neighbours reportedly rushed and tried to administer first aid on the two who were bleeding profusely.

A source said Reginald had been staying with his maternal grandmother and only visited his father and stepmother recently.

The source said the murder suspect’s mother died when he was a small boy and his stepmother raised him, before he later moved to live with his maternal grandparents.

It is alleged that Reginald, who was once a temporary teacher after finishing his A Levels, was in the habit of abusing drugs which made him lose his job a few years ago.

Meanwhile, a man from Tsholotsho is on the run after allegedly stabbing and axing his wife of two months to death for suspected infidelity.

Junias Tshuma (31) brought the woman identified only as MaBhanda (25) from Bulawayo when he was released from prison in January.

Sources said Tshuma, who has been in and out of prison most of his life, allegedly axed MaBhanda on the right leg in a domestic dispute last Wednesday afternoon before villagers intervened and prevented him from killing her.

The altercation flared up again the same night when the couple was sleeping and Tshuma allegedly butchered his wife .

Villagers discovered the body  lying in a pool of blood in the fields in Mbambangamandla village, under chief Magama at around 7AM on Thursday.

MaBhanda’s relatives are yet to be located.

Tshuma’s mother, Mrs Molly Tshuma, said her son was always fighting with MaBhanda whom he had recently introduced to her as his wife.

“My son suspected that she was having an affair but was never able to prove it. I’m at a loss for words,” she said.

A Neighbourhood Watch Committee member, Mr Jabulani Mpofu, said Tshuma was in a foul mood on the day he allegedly killed his wife.

“They had a serious fight in the afternoon and Tshuma struck his wife with an axe. His mother and other villagers managed to rein him in and they counselled the couple,” said Mr Mpofu.

He said by the time the couple went to bed, all seemed to be well.

“We were therefore shocked to find MaBhanda’s severely battered body in the morning. We don’t know how they dragged each other to the fields where Tshuma axed his wife above her right ear.

“Her body also showed that she was severely bashed with an unknown object. There were signs of a colossal struggle at the scene,” said Mr Mpofu.

He said villagers conducted a search after Tshuma’s mother told him the couple had disappeared.

“Tshuma fled from the village. His wife’s body was taken to the United Bulawayo Hospitals for a post mortem and police are searching for MaBhanda’s relatives. We are informed she comes from Maphisa and she resided with relatives in Tshabalala suburb in Bulawayo where she met Tshuma who was recently released from one of the prisons in Bulawayo,” Mr Mpofu said.

A neighbour, Mr Beau Sibanda, said news that Tshuma had brutally killed his wife did not shock him.

He said Tshuma had a short temper and was of a serious violent disposition.

“Junias had just come out of prison and he brought this woman but the two were always up in arms, fighting over endless issues. We are not surprised because he is capable of murder,” he said

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Eglon Nkala could not be reached for comments as his mobile went unanswered.

— @winnie_masara/@ncubeleon.

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  • Hlokoloza

    What nonses is this??? Nurses refused to attend to a victim waiting for a police report??? Nxaa

    • Nash

      I remember a doctor at UBH refused to help my grandmother cause apparently she was faking being ill. 3 hours later she had a seizure and a diff doc was now on duty just to find out that ny grannys heart was swollen/ expanded. These people are evil

    • Accumulator

      Company policy, no two ways about it. The government must change it now.

      • Essexvale

        Said something sensible for a change …. and without ehtnic rancour. Keep this up and you’ll find someone who actually likes you.

  • Mthwakazi

    This guy had intent to kill. He punched the liver and this rugby-ball size organ is saturated with blood and the haemorrhaging cannot be easily controlled outside of a hospital setting.MHSRIP.

    • xhiba

      this young man erred, why stab these people, may be he had hidden anger that was brewing in him. There was absolutely no reason for him to behave that way. His father and other family members will be affected by such a violent incident

  • Cetshwayo

    Our country is becoming one of Murderers. Kwenzenjani madoda , is it poverty or what?

    • xamu uyisilima shame!

      It poverty son. Frustration leads to aggression.. However, some people around us suffer because of our aggression: Its called displaced aggression when one vents his anger to the wrong person. Let our anger be vented out by voting out this Moribund ZANU pf

  • Mendeka

    I am pleading with hospital authorities to change their stance of seeking police clearances first in matters like this where life could be saved and matters cleared latter. Is that not possible please?

    • blogger

      Thank you. You’ve aptly summed up the thoughts of many platform users.

  • Ziyabheda

    Despite stiff sentences imposed on murder and related crimes,these never seem to be deterrent enough. Its time people sought God to direct them in their daily lives,otherwise this world will never know peace. Hospital staff must save lives first and demand police report later because a police report will not aid in the healing of an injured person.

  • ntaka

    at one time l almost lost my life as the hospital demanded a police report before l could be attended . l was rushed there by an ambulance in a critical state, my relatives had to beg for mercy

    • Accumulator

      Stop playing with knives,

    • Legal Eagle

      Again the matter should have been taken further by you. All that was required was for them to advise you that they were calling the Police. A hospital report is of more value to the Police than a Police report is to a Medical Professional so me that is absolutely silly.

      • Doctor Do little

        “A hospital report is of more value to the Police than a Police report is to a Medical Professional .” Too true. I also find this ridiculous that this situation is happening in our Hospitals. I am not surprised though when you get a situation where if you need a blood transfusion you might be required to go and look for cash first. There is a lot of soul searching that needs to be done before our communities are back to normal.

  • MakhosiXamu

    Impi yomdeni madoda. Family challenges like these require the intervention of the All Might. These issues affect almost all families the world. Brother killing brother , uncles versus nephews . Father versus son …. the list is endless. Kunzima madoda. U Jehova phathisa thina abantwana bakho.

  • Jonso

    Government should review its policies against such incidences. This is merely a government policy which is taking people’s lives. We might blame the nurses, but they are also working under orders. Such death orders are from who?

  • God of War

    This unreasonable rule that nurses cannot attend to anyone until a police report is filed has to be amended immediately. People are dying needlessly. First attend to the victim and then the police can be contacted later.

    • tsitsi

      this must have been derived from the Rhodesian laws crafted during the war of independence to aid the Rhodesians in their bid to capture Zanla and Zipra in the event that after a contact and injury Zanla or Zipra would seek treatment at hospitals. it should be repealed, it has no place in a free society.

      • Legal Eagle

        I disagree. Whatever Standard they are using is being misinterpreted. According to the Law if anyone seeks treatment for any injuries that would seem to be connected with a crime, eg gunshot wounds, Knife or other wounds that come from some sort of a weapon, even GBH injuries Hospital authorities Doctors and clinics a require by Law to inform the Police if they have not been informed already. Unless there has been a new Law there is nowhere that says they have to await a Police report for an emergency. During the old Days of Rhodesia and early Zimbabwe there was a Police post at all the main hospitals to take care of that eventuality but they never said do not treat until I finish my Police report. How in the world would an unconscious man who has been shot or stabbed be able to be of any help to the Police? In this case the nurses erred and if there are other similar cases out there it is time we had test cases so as we can sort this mess out.

  • Sonde the Warrior

    I reiterate, Okapi’s need to be banned down South!

    • Tonde the football player

      Axes need to be banned up North!

      • amanzimhlope

        Only after you’ve stuffed your own up your smelly tribalistic backside.

    • Vusixhimba

      Okapi knife is banned


    Some of these procedures need to be revised, admit the person and then get a police report if the person is in a critical condition