Digitalisation to create 50,000 jobs: Mushohwe

analogue broadcasting to digital terrestrial televisionFrom Abel Zhakata in Mutare—
THE on-going digitalisation of broadcasting services will create more than 50,000 jobs downstream as local producers grind to make content to fill the increased broadcast hours brought about by the migration from analogue television, a Cabinet minister has said. Addressing participants at a consultative meeting with independent film producers in Mutare yesterday, the Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Christopher Mushohwe, said the digitalisation revolution had created employment opportunities for local artistes.

He said the countrywide consultative meetings were meant to inform producers of the amount of work they needed to do in order to meet the increased content requirement that must be filled by local material.

“The digitalisation revolution underway has triggered these meetings with all stakeholders in the creative industries and this is arising from the realisation that there’s a real risk of embarrassment and even failure on the part of the sector to deliver sufficient content to fill the overwhelming programming hours that become available following the transition from analogue to digital television,” he said.

“We’re struggling at the moment to fill the broadcast hours available to the one television channel we’ve with local content. What more when the public broadcaster has six channels to contend with and even worse an additional six channels for commercial broadcasters?”

Mushohwe said the ministry had purchased equipment for content production which included state-of-the-art high definition cameras and editing equipment to kick-start the production of broadcast material.

He said digitalisation was a game-changer whose positive impact would create jobs across numerous sectors of the economy.

“We’re alive to the fact that we’ve creative skills in this country which beckon to be harnessed and channelled in the right direction. My message to you, your sector and to the nation at large is to look at the possibilities for employment creation and industry growth arising from the broadcast hours that need to be filled. These broadcast hours translate into jobs. That’s the positive way of looking at our situation right now. No one single producer can do it, not even two or three content producers can do it. This involves many people working day and night to produce the relevant content.

“This is a sector with the potential to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry and just as it has done in other countries it can also happen here.”

The permanent secretary in the ministry George Charamba urged artistes in the province to come together and form an association that would enable them to access the newly acquired digital broadcast equipment in a professional fashion.

“There’s no option here. You’ve to come up with an association so that you organise yourselves and use this equipment. We need accountability in the way this equipment is being used and that’s only possible if you do it as a group,” he said.

Charamba explained to the participants the benefits the country would derive from digital migration.

Apart from availing a modern television delivery platform with service capacity to license new television players, he said digitalisation would provide high quality television services and improved reception among other benefits like variety of choice, interactive services, business opportunities and employment creation.

The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Cde Thokozile Mathuthu.

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  • jahman

    Just like the other 2 million jobs ne

  • Mixed Race

    I can see these channels being used mainly by these so-called prophets for further exploiting the masses.You can have a million tv channels with zero meaningful contents.We need qualitative programmes not the usual boring rubbish we currently have from ZTV.
    I really doubt it that digitalization exercise will create any more jobs,because by nature it reduces the number of existing jobs greatly.Maybe Zimbabwe is different from the rest of the world.May I remind the public that the completion dates keep on changing from what the permanent secretary had stated a year ago.This is already problematic and confusing to the masses before the project is completed.This shows real poor planning and lack of local skills.Politicians should avoid giving statements which lack technical support and resources.

  • Khalabemgeza MehlokaMthwakazi

    50-000 JOBS FOR ONLY SHONAS ???

    • tindo

      Do you stay in Zimbabwe? Don’t you see news broadcasts crossing over from Harare to Montrose studios? That’s the folly of commenting without facts. Obsessed with tribalism!

      • LLoydz

        sometimes its a waste of time to respond to people who do not even watch ZBC coz the majority there are on SABC at which ZBC will never prosper coz people cant find leaks to help it grow but rather critize it without even checking whats transpiring…best we keep quite…if i was an MP i would send a bill to parliament to drop all Satelite dishes on top of every house and make it mandatory for people to concentrate and watch ZBC at which when people start criticizing that they are watching rubbish it will force the content producers to come up with superb and exciting content…look we have guys like P.O Box and P.O Box reloaded instead of us watching them on ZBC they all over online via social media at which they wont benefit much than being funded by sponsors etc…..This is the only setback that will make the 50,000 jobs go down the make the jobs worthwhile and a reality, the gov should ban all satelite dishes and put them down…people will have no option to buy the digital gadgets, watch content on ZBC, pay the $3 monthly and ZBC will stat growing big and celebrities will be realized and many will make a living through acting etc other than that its never going to materialize coz of the DSTV that’s being watched by the majority and worse we zimbabweans are good at making other countries rich instead of supporting ourselve irrespective of politics or what lets just support each other

        • Mkhusto

          Unfortunately u are not a minister hence we get to watch what we choose. Lalela mfowethu celebrities are created in a functional and booming economy where people can buy films/movies/cds; where your zbc can pay production companies; where not $50000 is paid to a single person…….

        • SANDILE NARE

          We live in a democracy and let people watch what they want to watch. Pliz stop dictating on what people should do. If you watch ZBC fine nobody will bother you by forcing to watch DSTV. FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

        • Mixed Race

          Why force people to watch a tv channel,unless you want to brainwash them?Good win needs no advert to promote it.Do not take away people’s freedom of choice,and it is against international radio propagation reception to ban listeners from tuning to any station of their choice.This will be like jamming somebody’s transmission without valid reasons related to subversive contents.Your proposal is illogical and undemocratic.All the setbacks you have mentioned can only be removed by having high quality services.Tell the ministers and mps to remove their DSTV first,however there are other ways
          of hiding our dishes from people like you.They tried it before but it did not work,so try it from your ignorant point of view and see the repercussions. @tindo,please double check what is really involved because the crossover is in most cases pre-recorded not live.Harare controls all transmitted programmes to ensure that they are properly edited before transmission for security reasons.Do not show your limited knowledge of live broadcasting.

        • Doctor Do little

          When you campaign the normal procedure would be to tell people what you will do for them. Try telling them that you will rip off their dishes and you will get not one vote. But then again if you do it the way its done by Politicians in Zimbabwe you wont tell them and as soon as you are elected you will rip off the dishes. Why do you think they would not do that? It is because they have dishes them selves. Do you really think they watch Tafataona Mahoso’s rubbish on ZTV? No they don’t.

          • Zuze

            LLoydz is a silly little boy

  • Mpisi

    This is a waste of time and resources on misplaced priorities. It’s too late to come up with such stupid stuff in the world where tv as we know it is dying a natural death with the arrival of Netflix , Apple TV etc. If you think these wifi kids find Paraffin Or Mukadoda entertainment you are stuck in the past. I don’t remember when I last watched dead BC , it’s all garbage and a waste of my time.