Dj Stavo disappointed

DJ Stavo

DJ Stavo

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
DJ Stavo said the decision by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) to appoint Jamaican musician Busy Signal as the country’s tourism ambassador had disappointed many artistes.

During Busy Signal’s show at the Glamis Arena last week, ZTA chief executive officer Karikoga Kaseke presented him with the certificate to confirm his appointment and the artiste shared the news with his fans on his social media pages.

Although some will view this as a positive move that might put Zimbabwe tourism on the world map, DJ Stavo is of a different  view.

DJ Stavo who has established his brand in Zimbabwe and the better part of the southern African region posted his dismay on his Facebook fan page.

He said it was high time the Government recognised local artistes as tourism ambassadors adding that artistes leave the country because of lack of appreciation.

“Just read an article and the funny thing is they give a foreign artist an ambassador role, yet we have been representing our Country for years and not been given any credit or roles. I guess they don’t see that we are also part of tourism and putting a good word out. I now understand why some artists left to find greener pastures.”

Fans showed their support for DJ Stavo, while others encouraged him not to give up.

Damaris Grace Batana said: “We recognise you DJ Stavo!! We see how you represent us and we appreciate. We are behind you!! Mzembi should recognise.”

Others, like Sphen Mubwanda supported DJ Stavo’s view that artistes are leaving the country to seek greener pastures because of lack of recognition.

“Now you see it’s not by chance our young people wanna leave. The leaders with their actions and words clearly do not support brand Zimbabwe.”

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