Dog meat vendor records brisk business

The dog meat peddler only identified as Ndebele

The dog meat peddler only identified as Ndebele

Nyaradzo Bakari and Codelia Mondela., Chronicle Reporters
A HOMELESS Bulawayo man has been skinning carcasses of dogs that would have been put down by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and selling the meat to some residents.

The SPCA puts down severely diseased dogs or those that would have been ill-treated to an extent that it would be cruel to let them live.

Bargain hunters in the city have been unwittingly enjoying dog cuisine that is served at low prices at backyard shops.

The middle aged man, only identified as Ndebele, yesterday told The Chronicle he sold dog meat to earn a living.

Bulawayo City Council (BCC) health inspectors on Thursday raided his backyard butchery near the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) Steam Shed and allegedly confiscated about 100kg of packaged dog meat.

It could not be established why Ndebele was not arrested.

The local authority’s senior public relations officer, Mrs Nesisa Mpofu, had by the time of going to print, not responded to questions emailed to her on Friday.

Ndebele said he has been selling dog meat since the beginning of this year.  He drew most of his customers from surrounding suburbs of Sizinda and Mpopoma.

resh dog carcasses awaiting skinning at Ndebele’s ‘butchery’ near the NRZ Steam Shed  in Bulawayo

Fresh dog carcasses awaiting skinning at Ndebele’s ‘butchery’ near the NRZ Steam Shed in Bulawayo

Most of them, Ndebele said, bought the meat for resale and they had never asked him which animal the meat belonged to.

“This has become my source of income. I charge $5 for a 10kg pack of dried meat and take some of the meat to my in-laws in Nkayi,” he said.

He also ate the meat and customers with no money gave him chicks in exchange for fresh meat.

“I also eat the meat because there is nothing wrong with it and times are tough. I have to survive and my chickens also need feed so I give them offals from the dogs,” said Ndebele.

He rears chickens at his illegal shelter.

Locals find it unthinkable that a dog can be eaten. They consider the animals as family pets and some actually regard them as family members.

However, dog meat is a delicacy in countries like China, parts of Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Morocco and Nigeria. Online reports estimate that about 25 million dogs are eaten by humans annually worldwide.

A source who works at the NRZ Steam Shed, where Ndebele resides, said officials from the SPCA and BCC confiscated the meat and dead dogs found in his possession.

“He makes brisk business as people scramble to buy cheap meat. We are not sure if they eat it or get it for resale. This man is a former teacher. We don’t know how he lost his job,” said the source who declined to be named.

SPCA animal inspector Mr Dumisani Sibanda suspects that Ndebele is mentally disturbed.

“If it was a normal person doing this, I would have been in a position to say much,” he said. “All I can say is that there is a place where city council dug pits to dispose dead dogs and it is suspected that he digs them up.”

A comment could not be obtained from Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango.

A medical doctor, who asked not to be named for professional reasons, agrees with Ndebele that there was “nothing wrong” with eating dog meat.

“It’s actually better than beef because it is low in cholesterol. It does not cause any known sickness. People in this part of the world may not like it because they were socialised to believe it is not edible,” said the doctor. — @NyarieBakie @MondelaC

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    donkey and cat meat follows

  • Chazunguzapamamonya…

    Where is NRZ Security???

    • kkkkkk

      Yibo abadla leyo nyama.

  • Sonde

    MaNdex nekuda zvinhu zvakacheapa!

    • The non shona speaking Sonde

      It seems the trend started in Harare in 2015 AXE Tonde.

      • Tonde

        Credit the Northerner for right choices.Northerners don’t eat dogs. They eat mice. You know the SPCA don’t put down mice for rabies right? Mice – delicate; dog no!!

        • The non shona speaking Sonde

          But as you heard my Northern brother Sizinda and Mpopoma are resident Northern language speaking people who work or worked at NRZ.

          • Tonde from the North

            Southerners are always laughing at us for eating mbeva but look at them eating dog stew, dog biltong and fried dog.

          • Father Priest Tonde

            Let them be my son. They don’t know nuffing about the art of delicate dishes. Say what portion of a dog tastes better than smoked mice teeth or mice tail in chili? Oh -oh- oh; what an abheration of taste!!!. If only one Southern man could be brave enough to taste one whole mice t-borne; this shebeen debate over meats will be over. Does it have to take a whole Jesuit Priest to preach a sermon about mice ribs, mice tail, mice brisket and mice tongue biltong?

          • Gofel own

            Arrgggg Bra you are killing me. Literally.

          • Gofel own

            One day you will eat a sick one with rat poison in the system. Be careful Bra. I would not wish that on anyone Bra.

        • Gofel own

          Mice carry the bubonic plague Bra.

          • Tonde

            That would be in Germany, in the town of Hamerlin, 4 centuries ago. The bubonic plague got no business here in the sunshining north. The African mice is not only bubonic plague resistant, it is too good for taste buds. Father Priest Tonde, by the act of charity, will be blessing the flock with mice for holy communion next Sunday right in the south of north. Come for a bite.

          • Gofel own

            Not a chance Bra. Mine is bovine pork chicken and goat only Bra. All except for Kudu and buffalo. Zebra is a no no Too Donkeyfied.

    • nqinqo

      Sizinda nad Mpopoma are resident shona speaking people who work or worked at NRZ

  • Phaqa

    Ukuthanda inyama yonkoto lokhu!!!

  • Gxabhashe

    Kodwa shuwa ….Sizinda and Mpopoma kkkkkkk

  • Danny

    I think the mentally challenged person is that one who buys 10kg meat for $5

  • petra

    Why is it that when someone does what any human in extreme poverty would do, survive in a failed country that can’t provide salaries, housing, water, electricity or jobs…. He is written off as mentally challenged?

    He’s not committing crime (except health concerns) he’s not killing people, robbing or raping for money, he is following his basic human instinct, to survive.
    People eat rats, bats, birds, insects etc so what’s dog MEAT.

    Why are people buying meat they don’t know?
    2. It’s affordable so they can make a few $s to buy basic food & maybe pay 1 term frees, rentI, clothes.
    If they asked, I’m certain he’d declare it’s dog meat.

    Don’t judge what you don’t understand. People are starving in Zimbabwe, there’s is no cash, the country has offered only a select few wealth. For the rest, everyday is a new day of trying to make it to tomorrow.
    Live & let live.

    • Chandunga

      @petra don’t exaggerate your imagination. The question of cash shortage cannot be attributed to poverty as long as you have cash in your account, you access what you want. I personally agree with the plastic money concept as smart and convenient.Whether this development is by default or design. I marvel it 100%. I agree with you on the lack of employment as a problem in the country. Yes something has to be done indeed and by way of addressing the fundamental issues transparently we can come out of poverty. Good thing is availability of goods and services is there for everybody to exploit, those that can afford of course. But crying always looking into the heavens without being innovative can never bring solace and happiness to our lives. Lets work hard and come out of this quagmire.

      • petra

        Lol. Where about in Zimbabwe can one access their cash whenever they want? Please inform the rest of us?

        He’s a former teacher now living in a shack, reduced to eating dogs & making ends meet in filth, to which you’re saying, “availability of goods and services is there for everybody to exploit” then you say, “those that can afford of course.”

        There’s no discussion here.

  • benjamin

    So SPCA just shoots the dogs and leaves them to rot??? Coz this articles suggests that this butcher goes around picking up carcasses that would have been left dead by the SPCA.

  • Misheck

    Inyama yenza has been eaten in Sizinda and Mpopoma as well as donkey meat so they should just accept it and continue eating it.Why laugh at someone when they are eating Mice.Delicacy is delicacy as long as it does not kill or harm one’s health.

  • Misheck

    I mean Inja as in Umgodoyi.

    • Fred Moyo

      yiyo kanye. Inja yothuvi

  • Misheck

    This game meat we eat everyday,who knows what it is?These cheap backyard take aways who knows the delicacy we are consuming?Donkey meat is a hit because of the cheap prices it is selling it hence good profit to take away owners.

  • God of War

    Meat is meat; even though i wouldn’t eat dog stew myself.

    • makhosi

      Meaning meat is not necessarily edible meat.

      • God of War

        I’m sure a yankee would look on in disgust when they see a Zimbo eat macimbi/madora. I guess ones culture determines ones food.

        • Doctor Do little

          True but I myself have looked at them in disgust when they eat snails as do Arabs and Jews look at us in disgust when we eat pork. Dog meat has never been on an Africans menu. If it was there would be loads of people breeding dogs for that purpose as they are so easy to breed.

    • Mthwakazi Kingpin

      What can you say you REPTILIAN, LUCIFER’S OWN KIND. You are used to eating Human flesh. The demons possessing you compel you to dig up rotting human remains from graveyards and eat for dinner at midnight.

      • God of War

        Better things to do than argue with you son.

    • Legal Eagle

      What one does with meat he has slaughtered or come across is one thing. Selling uninspected meat is illegal.

  • Nkunzemnyama

    Donkey meat has long been sold in Pumula and other surroundings .

  • Mzamo

    Big up Ndex. Better than selling CD’s.

  • Sies !!!

    I’m going vegetarian. Besides this nauseating report, there were stories doing the rounds about donkey meat and some identifiable flesh being packed into economy type sausages by local and SA companies. There was also the story about a far eastern country disposing of its troublesome human carcases by packaging these as tinned beef or pork and then dumping the products in African countries.

    • Doctor Do little

      It is all about services where food outlets are concerned. There has to be poeple that regulate products that are up for human consumption. Science has advanced far enough for it to enable those that regulate consumables to be able to identify them. There are accurate, easy, and rapid tests to identify the types of meat contained in food products.Microchip Electrophoresis System for DNA/RNA Analysis can quickly identify the meat species.Be it beef, mutton, pork chicken , horse meat and much more. Obliviously back Garden dealers are another matter. Those that buy from these people do so at their own risk. Even if it was beef how could you know that it is not contaminated with anthrax and other desease. Of course Zimbabweans don’t feel whole if they do not consume meat but we also have to adapt in these hard times and with the level of cholesterol killing people these days, which by the way beef is a big contributor to, we have to become more diverse in our diet.

      • Wasu Wabo

        What is RNA?

        • Doctor Do little

          (RNA) is a large, chain-like molecule made up of monomers, which are small molecules. It can be naturally occurring or synthetic and is essential in various biological roles in coding, decoding, of genes. RNA and DNA are nucleic acids(many nucleotides linked in a long chain), and, along with proteins and carbohydrates, constitute the four major macromolecules essential for all known forms of life.

        • Akekh’ Ugogo

          Google it up on your own, why waste Dr Do little’s time and bundles googleing it up for you. The guy needs the bundles to be on whastapp for longer.

          • Wasu Wabo

            Wena Ndwangu stop deleting my post. Are you now Dr DLL’s personal assistant or what? He is not complaining so what is your problem. I will call upon Jofa to put you in your place.

  • Brutal Truth

    Madzviti too much kuda nyama.

  • Jaha lase Tsholotsho

    That’s why there’s too much tribalism on this forum, some people eat dog meat and they will be suffering from rabies. Also all that noise at BF is because abantu bayabe besuthi inja ka Babu’ Ndebele. Nice going Ndebele you need to be rewarded for fu*king stupid tribesman.

  • njanji

    leave this entrepreneur alone. the problem is Mugabe.