‘Don’t risk your lives for greedy politicians’

 Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi

Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi

Patrick Chitumba, Midlands Bureau
ZIMBABWEANS must not be used by politicians or risk their lives so that greedy individuals assume political power.

In an interview on the sidelines of the ZCC Defe Dopota Holy Land 42nd commemoration of the passing on of church founder Reverend Samuel Mutendi in Gokwe North yesterday, church leader Dr Nehemiah Mutendi said gallant sons and daughters of the country died before independence as they fought for total emancipation of the country and are still being honoured.

He said there was no honour in dying for a political party. “Yes people died for this country (during liberation struggle) and it’s different from dying for a seat in Parliament. That’s not a hero’s death,” said Dr Mutendi.

“As they say the politics is a dirty game, let the politicians do their dirty work. The Constitution is there, why quarrel? Quarreling delays progress.”
He said the current political bickering over July 30 harmonised election’s outcome was only delaying socio-economic growth.

Dr Mutendi said: “Zimbabwe is open for business and Zion is open for blessings. But how can we start the business and receive the blessings when there is this political bickering. It is not necessary to have these squabbles. As the church however we will continue to pray for peace because in the absence of peace we won’t develop.”

He said the successful agrarian reform, the opening of incubation hubs in universities as well as the Women’s Bank were efforts by Government to spearhead empowerment of the people.

“Yes we have the Constitution, we have laws governing things like elections in the country but these must not be abused. A carpenter cannot blame his tools for a product that is substandard. A soccer player, can he blame his shoes? No, people went and voted and results were announced and some want to blame something. The campaigning period was there and people I believe voted and these squabbles are delaying progress, “ he said.

Dr Mutendi commended Zimbabweans for a peaceful pre-election and election period.

“People of Zimbabwe must be commended for the peace we enjoyed before and during the elections. The sad chapter was violence after the elections. Yes we have people who died for this country in the war against colonialism. But Zimbabweans must not be used and die like what happened. There is no heroism in that,” he said.

Dr Mutendi commended Government for advocating for skills development, saying God blesses the use of hands.

He said the women and the youths should make use of Vocational training centres and learn skills to advance themselves as well as the society.

“In the bible we learn of God blessing the work of hands. At home be it in the garden, poultry, dress making for example, the vocational training centres, one must be found doing something. Entrepreneurship as advocated by the Government should be embraced by all, “ he said.

He said ZCC was embracing entrepreneurship and was putting up schools and colleges to develop the people.

Dr Mutendi said ZCC founder Reverend Samuel Mutendi started the church at the instigation of the holy spirit which visited him at the then Hartley (Chegutu) in 1913 before going to be with God in 1976.

Over 200 000 congregates from all over the world including the Deputy Minister of the Agriculture and Mechanisation Cde Davies Marapira are meeting here for the conference which started last Monday.

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  • Black Root

    That’s a good advice. Some people risked their lives during Harare protest and now there are six of them dead.
    If not Chamisa they would be still alive

    • Toko

      I wonder who actually pulled the trigger? Protesters all over the world are treated with utmost respect and sanctity of human life is upheld and protected by the constitution.The army should protect the citizens not terrorise them as it were.

    • N. Sithole

      So the people who were shot dead while going about their normal business risked their lives for Chamisa?

    • Symbol

      What did Chamisa do?

  • Vincent Notho

    The Reverend displays a shallow mind and narrow mental economy by declaring political and governance controversy as bickering. That the junta will put the lives of the people at great risk in order to stay in power is lost to him. Or, is it the usual unbalanced stories of the chronicle!

  • selibona nya bakithi!

    bishop please !stick to preaching the Gospel do not be like an idiot called ‘takunda’ what kind of name is that anyway this takunda????

  • zibulo

    I remember during Smith days , a white Rev Donald Lamont, who was persecuted by the whites Govt for speaking agains’t the Racists. He risked and lost a lot of priviledges for whites then. Contrast that with the words of Rev Mtendi , if true, endorsing a govt full of people with stashes of the country’s moneys in their homes. He knows this , maybe its because he also rakes in millions from church members . How much money did Christ have, as founder of the Christian Faith ?Did Christ not hit direct at ruthless rulers ? H etold pharisees that they load heavy yorks on God’s people, we also were told by the same party with the same Govt officials still there by their then Finance Minister Bernard Chidezro to “tighten your belts”in the 1980s. we have had our belts tightened since then , to date. our money they took when banks went ILLEGIT breaking all Reserve Bank rules,which they do even today. Bearer cheques, bond notes , used to take our money, Mgabe and Co still earn USDs. Mtendi says nothing about that. How rich is Mtendi , people ?

  • The Observer

    Hypocrisy and blasphemy is what characterizes this lunatic bishop, behaves like the Popes during the Medieval era

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    • Pilgrim


  • Mdluli of Hemel Hempstead

    Ko madiyi kungosiyana nezve Politics as it seems you are far away from truth and reality.you can’t read the writing on the wall,better kunyarara kana musingazvinzwisisi baba.saka hamusi kutomboona who is greedy ipapa?