Door to door HIV tests a hit

Lisa Shirichena Harare Bureau
AT least 3,000 people from two provinces have voluntarily tested for HIV in the door-to-door testing programme that began in October, the Zimbabwe Population Based HIV Impact Assessment (ZIMPHIA) has revealed. The volunteers were drawn from Mashonaland Central and Matabeland North and the programme is yet to be launched in other provinces.

Speaking at a workshop in Mutare yesterday, Biomedical Research and Training Institute representative Dr Shungu Munyati said the responses they got from Mashonaland Central and Matabeleland were overwhelming.

“We didn’t expect that people would agree to get tested for HIV like they did, we’re very honoured for that. We managed to test 3,000 people and we intend to visit 1,620 households here in Manicaland.

“I hope you will accept our programme and respond positively.” He said “refusals were very few, and the reception was very good” in the two provinces visited so far.

“We hope what they told us was the truth for us to have accurate results,” she said. For December, the programme will be extended to Manicaland.

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