Dr Thabo coming to Bulawayo

Nothabo “Dr Thabo” Ncube

Nothabo “Dr Thabo” Ncube

Bongani Ndlovu Showbiz Correspondent—
MEDICAL doctor and motivational speaker Nothabo Ncube, who has appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s life class, will be in Bulawayo on Saturday for a breakfast seminar on hope and courage. Interested young entrepreneurs, students, captains of industry, religious leaders, media practitioners, authors, established and aspiring motivational speakers are expected to converge at the Homestead corner George Silundika Street and 3rd Avenue. The event is expected to start at 8AM.

Dr Thabo, as Ncube is affectionately known, will be joined during the seminar by fellow motivational speaker and life coach Njabulo Moyo.

Based in Canada, Dr Thabo – who was selected among the 100 Black women to watch in that country in 2017, said she was looking forward to launching TEDx – an international community that organises events celebrating locally-driven ideas and elevating them to a global stage – in the country.

“I’ve been to many places, but nothing like home. I’m beyond thrilled to be speaking in the motherland – my hometown – Bulawayo – City of Kings for the launching of TEDx Salon events in the city.

“I’m happy that this platform will open so many doors for upcoming speakers and storytellers. Come hear me speak on how I turned my pain into purpose so we grow and evolve together,” said Dr Thabo.

Said Moyo: “The breakfast seminar is about igniting hope and courage through two inspirational stories of young people from Bulawayo, namely Nothabo Ncube and Njabulo Moyo who’ve travelled the world inspiring millions.

“The seminar seeks to bring back hope to the people of Bulawayo who’ve in the past been left out in many development processes. We serve as practical examples of youths who’ve turned life tragedies into triumphs. The seminar is for anyone who wants to take control of their life.”

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  • Shona rekwa Murewa

    Dr Thabo don’t be so optimistic, you’re really facing an uphill task by trying to convince Mthwakazi people against
    1). Border jumping to South Africa
    2). Believing that South Africa is paradise
    3). Putting on fake imitations of “ALL Stars”
    4). Keeping an Okapi in one’s back pocket
    5). Believing an empty beer bottle is a tool used to end arguments
    6). Believing that one is in Soweto whilst being scotched by the Sun at Babourfields
    7). Putting on small kids sun hats at believe one is a Mapantsula
    8).Paying for pleasure at Mannor and Waverly Hotels
    9). Imitating names from SA soap operas and start calling each other Gxabhashe
    10). Throwing in the word Msunukanyoko, in an arguement

    • Brutal Truth

      What is mthwakazi you piece of crap?

      • Shona rekwa Murewa

        Mthwakazi is an imaginary state in the minds of secessionists with disillusioned by ideas of grandeur.

        • Tribeless

          Shona rekwaMurewa do you know that Mthwakazi gave you the name shona otherwise shona is an imaginary language. There are korekore,zezuru,karanga,barwe,manyika,ndau so which one of these d you belong to

          • Simon

            KKKK Don’t even worry about that clown. He is not even Shona. He is Katsai.

          • Shona rekwa Murewa

            Not even Katsai, whatever that is. Just that I’m the guy who whips you all lights out left right and center.

      • Nhlanhla Mlotshwa

        What do you think it is, it is what it is and it doesn’t need you nor anyone else to be what it is.

  • Limqothoizwi Nkambule

    Dr Thabo stop wasting your time with your public address and public motivational nonsense.We the people of Mthwakazi don’t have time for that. We don’t need to be motivated or addressed into knowing that we need to illegally cross into South Africa. We recently hosted Zodwa Wabantu and the whole town was on fire, that’s what we need. If you need our attention come with no pants on and set a stage and do some hyper suggestive moves on stage. That is what gets our attention otherwise motivational speeches with no pleasure is no motivation at all.