Drought prompts President to declare state of disaster

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has declared a state of disaster following the drought which has severely affected some areas in both communal and resettlement areas across the country.

The declaration is with effect from February 2.

In a statement, the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, said President Mugabe made the declaration given the magnitude of the drought and its impact on the population.

“The seasonal outlook indicated from the outset that the 2015-2016 rainfall season for Zimbabwe was likely to experience normal to below normal rainfall throughout the country. This weather condition has been brought about by the El Nino phenomenon.

“This phenomenon is highly associated with droughts and prolonged dry spells in most Sub-Saharan countries. Consequently, over 95 percent of the country has received less than 75 percent of what they would have received by this time of the year,” said Cde Kasukuwere.

The Minister said the declaration seeks to ensure that urgent priority is given to mobilisation of resources to alleviate suffering on the part of the affected people.

The declaration by President Mugabe is in line with Subsection (1) of Section 27 of the Civil Protection Act Chapter 10:06.

“Subsection (1) of Section 27 of the Civil Protection Act (Chapter 10:06); provides that if at any time it appears to the President that any disaster is of such a nature and extent that extraordinary measures are necessary to assist and protect the persons affected or likely to be affected by the disaster in any area of the country, the President may, in such a manner as he considers fit, declare that, with effect from a date specified by him, a state of disaster exists within an area or areas specified by him in the declaration,” said Cde Kasukuwere.

The declaration also comes at a time when the overall food insecure population has since risen from 1.5 million people to 2.44 million, which is 26 percent of the country’s population.

The declaration is also meant to develop an early recovery plan and ensure reduction of the risk to drought in the future through a robust drought mitigation framework.

Reports in recent weeks have indicated that most of the maize crop in provinces like Masvingo and Matabeleland South is a write off, while so far 1,251 cattle have succumbed to drought in Matabeleland South.

In 2002, President Mugabe declared a state of disaster in all communal lands, resettlement and urban areas as a result of one of the worst droughts in living memory. —ZBC News.

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  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Made where are you? Tractors are delivered by Dr, now drought……?

  • koka

    the declaration was long overdue. zanu is using the drought to hide behind their own failure to ensure food security for the povo. this declaration is more about the economic state of which drought plays a role but not as significant as the way zanu has mismanaged the economy. now zanu must step aside and let a transition authority take over if they are really serious about seeing zim out of the current state.

    • Locust

      Correct. Matabeleland must also go it alone

  • mkhusto

    Does this mean duty on food items is scrapped.

  • Lunga

    I thought the drought was caused by sanctions and whites!

  • Martin Chipimo

    Cde President and Hon Minister, thank you for the declaration of state of disaster! BUT what measures is the government going to take to ensure food availability in the country? Zambia is planning to import maize from Brazil and this means Zim will not continue to get maize from that country. Min of Agriculture, surely droughts dont happen over night, the plan should have been in place since December because the outlook was apparent.

  • clement moyo

    It just goes to show how much he doesn’t care for this country. He goes to the AU, says chuff about whites and the West who have just given him 4 million for his country’s drought. Who is this man working for? Is he really aware of things around him or he is just somewhere in some dream land? Why is his philosophy based on so much of fantasy? Is he aware of the destruction he has caused and the suffering to the Zimbabweans. Is he really unable to get us out of this quagmire? Will AU ever become a serious organization with positive focus rather than a gathering point for dictators planning oppressive measures against their own people? Please people can you provide me with answers here – I am confused.

  • clement moyo

    Good morning Zimbabweans. Did you know that no party can ever and I say ever win an election in Zimbabwe but Zanu PF. Here is some free information. They have four results already for 2018 elections all giving them an overwhelming majority win. They will select the results to be announced which will suite the physical deliberation of the election in 2018. So, forget about preparing for the 2018 election because it has been taken and you will only be fooling yourself. If anybody comes to you talking about that election, tell him to go to HELL.

  • Zimbabwe is Mine

    the 91 year old soon to be 92 should be giving the money donated for his birthday to those in need of food no he will not he is too selfish to do this

  • mkhusto

    #zanumustfall…….how do we really expect the rain to fall when the so called leaders have committed crimes against humanity and still continue. ….how will it rain when satanism is rampant in zanu….how really

  • Lux

    His birthday bash is this month….let’s see how they splash out on this event…the world is watching….