Drunk man mistakes window for toilet door, falls off second floor


Vundu Flats where man walked through window

Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter
A 58-YEAR-Old man is battling for life in hospital after he mistook a window for a toilet door on the second floor of Bulawayo’s Vundu Flats and plunged about 10 metres to the ground.

Mr Alfred Ndlovu (58) of Plot 8 in Mangwe District who is suspected to have been in a drunken stupor, allegedly stepped out of a sitting room window at the block of flats in Makokoba suburb  and fell to the ground.

He had announced to his drinking mate that he was going to the toilet.

Mr Ndlovu sustained serious head and body injuries and was rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital where he is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

The incident happened around midnight on Thursday.

Mr Ndlovu had been drinking with his relative only identified as Mr Mhlanga whom he normally visits from Mangwe.

Bulawayo Metropolitan Province police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident.

She said Mr Ndlovu allegedly jumped through a window and sustained serious injuries.

“He was drinking and when he wanted to visit the toilet, he mistook the sitting room window for a toilet door and fell off from the second floor. He is admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital where he is being treated.”

Inspector Simango warned members of the public not to drink excessively to avoid such incidents.

A resident who spoke on condition of anonymity at the block of flats, said Mr Ndlovu was a frequent visitor at their place.

“We are not sure of the two men’s relationship but we have seen Ndlovu many times here at the flat. Usually when he comes around the two go out drinking.

“On this night, the two had been out drinking and when they arrived home, they continued to drink inside their apartment. We don’t know what exactly happened but we were informed that a drunken man had fallen out of a window.

“We were told that he wanted to go to the toilet when he mistook the window for the toilet door, resulting in him falling to the ground. He bled profusely from the head and was rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital,” she said. The news crew failed to contact Mr Mhlanga as he was not at home. — @winnie­_masara.

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  • Only me

    Izidakwa bakithi zizasenzela okunye

  • Phaqa

    Akuhlekisi but sengihleke ngaphinda kkkk

    • Mr Bee

      lami kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk eish but akuhlekisi kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Njomane

    Aiii they should put burglar bars on those windows to avoid similar incidents in the future. On a lighter note wish you a speedy recovery malume Ndlovu

  • benjamin

    One of those unexpected and freak incidents. It happens and sure happens and you wonder how it could have possibly happened. Get well soon Mdala.

  • God of War

    Its time he stopped drinking. How does a sane man drink alcohol on a Thursday night at 12 midnight. Has he nothing better to do like go to work the next day.

    • zibulo

      what can one do in Zimbabwe , except drown in mqombothi ? Ever been to the western surbubs to see what they do there at the shopping centres ?

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      Gulp down to this you idiot, trying to pretend to be neutral yet your head is full of tribal urine.

      • God of War

        And what has tribe got to do with this you imbecile? I wouldn’t be surprised if that foolish man is your father, that’s why you have taken offence.

  • jumpy toilet goer

    lets hope his trousers were still zipped up when he was found! he “jumped” out the window? does one normally jump into a toilet? maybe he was in a rush and could not hold it any longer? Was he looking a bit “flushed” when he was found?

  • Methembe Ncuka

    The reprieve we were all waiting for us as Mthwakazi wishing to stay in SA ids finaly here, read the comments section of this article.