Drunk pupil beds two kombi drivers

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Codelia Mondela, Court Reporter
TWO commuter omnibus drivers have been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 15- year old pupil while she was drunk.

The teenager, a Form Three pupil at a school in Bulawayo, was with her friend when the incident occurred.

One of the kombi drivers (29) she had sex with was her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend and his colleague who is also a kombi driver (24) appeared separately before Bulawayo magistrate Ms Gladmore Mushove.

The two accused were not asked to plead to having sexual intercourse with a minor.

The boyfriend was granted $100 bail and remanded to July 12 while his colleague was remanded to July 3 on $50 bail.

The accused persons are being represented by Mr Abel Ndlovu of Dube and Associates and Mr Lison Ncube of James, Moyo Majwabu and Nyoni Legal Practitioners.

Prosecuting, Mr Maclean Ndlovu said the teenager had sexual intercourse with the drivers about two weeks ago.

He said the complainant and her friend went to town as she wanted to meet her boyfriend who is now facing charges of sleeping with her.

Mr Ndlovu said the two girls then met her boyfriend’s colleague who is also facing charges of having sex with her and started drinking beer.

The boyfriend later came and asked his colleague to give the two girls a lift as his kombi was full.

“The colleague drove and parked the vehicle at Umguza Bridge next to where the boyfriend had parked his vehicle. The complainant and her friend then joined her boyfriend in the kombi where she later slept in the back seat,” said Mr Ndlovu.

He said the boyfriend started fondling the teenager’s breasts and the two later had sexual intercourse twice in the presence of the complainant’s friend.

“The complainant later went to her boyfriend’s colleague’s vehicle and asked the colleague to kiss her saying her boyfriend could not satisfy her. The two later had sex,” said Mr Ndlovu.

The following day the complainant could not remember what had transpired and her friend told her that she had slept with the two men.

Her friend then informed the victim’s aunt who reported the matter to the police leading to the two’s arrest.


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  • Ziyabheda

    Drinking and having a boyfriend at form 3? Where are the guardians of such kids and how responsible are they? It’s shocking

    • Anonymous Mpofu

      Worse udriver katshova, for free rides….these kids of today

  • Wellington

    Abazali or even the guardians where were they umntwana exhwala kanje, Lafa elihle

  • God of War

    This child will never get anywhere in life. She will probably end up as a prostitute.

    • Kabius Kekedu

      She is already a prostitute.

  • Max

    And you say she was drunk if she managed to know she wasn’t satisfied from the boyfriend and asked for more from the boyfriends friend. Child with no principles, vele why mix school and pleasure. And the aunt rushes to report: already the did has been done,. Wena aunt you are supposed ukufundisa umntwana not to rush to report, pathetic child. She need lots of life skills training and life couching. Can i refer this this to ZNFPC for professional help that could change her attitude for life. Teenage life is very precious-she needs to know that.

  • Beatrice Siphiwe

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  • musa

    initially i thought the headline was wrong and should read two kombi drivers sleep with drunk pupil but in this case the headline is very correct, the underage pupil is the one who slept with the drivers.

  • Chokwadi

    A minor is a minor…she can not consent to sex….they have to get life in prison

    • Bird Eye Chilli

      Surely at 15 she can consent or refuse. However, the responsibility is upon adults to refrain from having sexual relationships with minors or preying on minors for sex. In this case, this minor is also to blame for throwing herself in the path of predators by indulging in things other than education, sport, arts and so on. If at 14, 15, or 16 a girl starts partaking in adult entertainment activities like drinking instead of focusing her energy on school, sport and so on, what do you expect???