Dying crash victim’s last moments video captured

Alistair Shingirai Mukosera

Alistair Shingirai Mukosera

Amanda Chikari, Midlands Reporter
A VIDEO showing the last moments of a Gweru socialite appearing to be in great pain on his deathbed at Gweru Provincial Hospital following a road accident, has gone viral on social media.

The socialite and popular car dealer in the city, Alistair Shingirai Mukosera (30), succumbed to injuries he sustained when the car he was driving hit a pothole before overturning and rolling several times on Monday night.

In the video that is being circulated on WhatsApp, Alistair is seen struggling to breathe and in great pain while lying on the hospital bed.

The person taking the video is heard telling the other person identified as T1 to hold him so that he doesn’t fall from the bed.

“Alistair, dzikama (be calm)…mubate (hold him) T1,” orders an unidentified person to a groaning Alistair and T1 before the video is cut.

Alistair, according to his father, Mr Maxwell Mukosera, was coming from a party in Daylesford suburb in Gweru and was travelling alone at around midnight.

Mr Mukosera however said he had not seen the video which The Chronicle is in possession of.

“I haven’t seen it but if it’s true it’s in bad taste , why would someone do that?” he asked

Mr Mukosera said Alistair was driving a Toyota Mark 2 vehicle which veered off the road, overturned and rolled several times after hitting a pothole just before negotiating a traffic circle on the junction of Gweru-Shurugwi road and a road leading to Senga suburb.

He said his son was trapped in the vehicle before members from the Gweru Fire Brigade rescued him and rushed him to Gweru Provincial Hospital.

“Yes my first born and only son Alistair is no more. He died while admitted to Gweru Provincial Hospital following a road accident at Senga roundabout. We are told that he died while waiting to see a doctor,” he said.

Mr Mukosera said at around 1AM, he received a phone call from the deceased’s friend Tawanda Muyezwu who told him that his son had been involved in a road accident.

“I received a phone call from my son’s best friend Tawanda Muyezwu at around 1AM telling me that Alistair had been involved in an accident and that he had sustained serious injuries. He said he was coming from a friend’s party in Daylesford and as he approached the Senga roundabout he hit a pothole resulting in the vehicle’s front left tyre bursting causing the car to overturn. He was rescued by members of the Fire Brigade who rushed him to hospital.

He died an hour later,” said Mr Mukosera.

He said Alistair trained as a journalist and did his industrial attachment at Gweru Times in 2010 before turning to car dealing after college.

Mr Mukosera said his family was still to come to terms with the loss of their only son.

Mourners are gathered at number 21 Turnberry Road, Ivene suburb, Gweru.

He said Alistair is expected to be buried today at the Mtapa Cemetery.

Acting Midlands Provincial Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende was not reachable for comment.


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  • Mthwakazi

    Ama potholes aseqede abantu. He also must have been speeding for a car to hit a pothole and lose control of it.

    • Mfasimba Operative

      Yes, likely speeding & coming from a party at 1AM – you can add another possibility of impaired driving…sad ending

      • big

        Yah, I also suspect high speed and impaired driving as well as perhaps the sudden urge to just get home and sleep after a good party.

        Clue is, he was approaching a traffic circle. Surely he could have slowed down in anticipation of the traffic circle and if my memory serves me right, just before you get to the traffic circle, there are huge speed humps. Anyway, may he rest in peace.

        However, It does not necessarily mean an accident that happens at slow speed wont have the possibility of fatalities, so perhaps it just happened to be his day.

        • nhlambabaloyi

          driving in the night is dangerous

  • max

    This is exactly what I just wrote about in the issue of the Bulawayo mubobobo thing: Someone is dying and someone is happy to video film the death process and just sends on watsaap, truly speaking is this humanity. where has respect for life gone, where is Ubuntu here. Imagine filming two naked women and their children and posting to the world. Ever thought of the trauma that this will cause to these women after this, how about their children. Ok in this case, the father of this boy has not even seen the video yet its already gone viral. That’s why people even take videos of funerals that have nothing to do with them. Can the Minister of Information and Communication do something about this please. Wake up and shake up Zimbabweans, this is very bad behaviour.

    • Genghis Khan

      True that..

    • Compu Geek

      Unfortunately this is a very hard thing to control. Whatsapp’s privacy filters are too heavily encrypted for any one to peruse.

    • Leon

      Tawanda Muyezwu, “best frend” are u not T1? i think he knows about the video.

    • gogo

      rather than ban whatsup corrective measures should be taken for example it also points to some form of negligence by the hospital. Had he been admitted or the ambulance people abandoned him on a stretcher bed where these people ‘abused’ him. l once saw it in a certain Harare hospital where ambulances brought patients and just placed them on stretcher beds and left, the lucky one will be the one who is accompanied as the relative will push him on the queue, where as the one who is unaccompanied remains there unattended

  • QueenA

    may his soul RIP…..but shooting someone a video hmmmm yikuswela umzwangedwa stret..n the fear of God am sure is far from them.

    • zaburoni

      how different is this from having one narrating how they witnessed the death of another during a funeral wake..i have heard descriptions of one’s argonising moments many a time….hameno…

  • Gxabhashe

    who saw the pot hole and that he hit a pothol??its unfortunate that he died but lets not drink and drive…especially at nyt…

    • zaburoni

      remember this guy was alive and died in hospital..he could have said what happened….

  • Essexvale

    The production of video footage about the death of a person involved in a road accident can have both beneficial and negative consequences. Such evidence could be considered as beneficial when it is effectively used as a deterrent to would be road offenders. It may, on the other hand, be considered as negative in the sense that ghouls who thrive on morbid emotionalism will get thrills from viewing such footage.

  • qili

    hospital security could have tried to prevent the said persons from photographing the patient since he had been admitted and was now under the hospitals care, this points to some form of weakness in the health system.

    • Mbilazibomvu

      Leave the hospital staff alone, when you visit your relative in the hospital nurses and security guards give you space to talk and pray without interference. You are just used to blaming.

      • qili

        the story says the accident happened in the night and its said he died after an hour of being admitted meaning these people were there before visiting hour unless if he was still lying unattended before admission

  • ntaka

    may be he was on a high speed chase being pursued by criminals, homicide can not be ruled out

  • Mukoma Paddy

    MHDSRIP. While I do not condone the prevelance of potholes on our roads, I suspect that he must have been speeding and fatigued. Caution should be taken when approaching any intersection. Had he reduced his speed, he could have just suffered a punctured tyre and should have manouvred his car to a steady halt.

  • Desired username was taken.

    Tawanda best friend sounded intoxicated, how can you tell your best friend who is in great pain kuti dzikama, in English it means behave yourself. Aaah ndatadza kunzwisisa.