ED opens official Facebook account

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Harare Bureau
President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday joined other netizens when he opened his official Facebook account and invited followers to message their thoughts as a part of “a new national dialogue”.

Last month, the Government urged the public to be wary of criminals opening false media accounts in the name of the First Family for purposes of extortion.

But yesterday President Mnangagwa introduced himself to the social networking site with a short video clip.

“To all my Facebook friends, I opened this page to communicate better with all the people of Zimbabwe. Leadership is a two-way street; I am here to listen to you to be part of a new national dialogue. So as we enter this new exciting area in Zimbabwe, I encourage you all to message me your thoughts as we move forward as one nation, together,” said President Mnangagwa in a terse message.

He joins African peers such as Zambian President Edgar Lungu, Botswana’s leader Seretse Ian Khama and Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni.

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    Long live President, we are praying for you. shepherd your flock with the wisdom of God.Zimbabwe is a land of milk and honey.Most people shall realize this later , those with a spiritual eye.May the good lord bless you and you guide your flock in the wilderness. With God all things are possible. Unite your flock, for where there is unity ” God commands a blessing” Pslm 133:1

    • Shumba

      Yekela ikhokhokho kkkk

      • Tembo

        That is truly Khokhokho from Bing. Sesiyi flock ka Ed? KKKKK . The man wants to always be a sheep? KKKKKK

  • Joram Sithole

    Long live our Father

  • Wellington

    What about the other account which sounded like it was genuine, whose is it? who was running it?

  • ngwenya sipho

    The facebook page cannot operate when Jonathan Moyo is still on the loose, he will trash it and it won`t last a week before it is withdrawn.

  • Tambo

    What was your role during Gukurahundi

    • Davison makwasha

      Thank you dear President.my cry is for you to unite the party.To me you have what it takes coz your character as a person and your xperience you know where uncle bob was goin wrong.But as we aproach elections pliz unite the party.if you are aresting pipo fr wrong doing do it across the whole devide let it not be g40 members only as if some were watching ackimbo when others were stealing.Many were involed in this corruption so even some you hv made your right hand man .if the long arm of the law is about to catch up with them dont stand in its way..I wish you a good ending with a good legacy not like this one of uncle bob.So if you listern to us as you have chosen to do you will have a good ending dont be fooled to stay long.Everyone on percentage love you so it is how you are goin to run if you chose to listern to us the better.Lastly pliz dont alow mai grace mugabe to address any public forum tinganyare futi.May God bless you