Education director rejects cellphones in classrooms

cellphonesLoveness Bepete Chronicle Reporter
SCHOOL pupils will not be allowed to use cellphones in class if a proposal to allow the gadgets in schools is approved, Bulawayo provincial education director Dan Moyo has said.He said pupils would use their cellphones during break time, lunch hour and after hours.

Moyo said use of cellphones in class would be prohibited as this could distract pupils during lessons.

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora has said schools should permit learners to bring cellphones and other mobile devices to school to help acquaint them with mobile technologies.

“There’s nothing wrong with a child going with a cellphone to school as long as it isn’t used in the classroom as it distracts the learning environment. Pupils will have to use their cellphones during specified times only. Generally cellphones in class will disturb the learning environment,” Moyo said.

He said cellphones were an advantage in the event that pupils faced problems during school hours as they would be able to communicate with their parents.

“Pupils need to communicate with their parents or guardians in case of emergencies. Pupils could also use their cellphones to research. During lesson time they’ve to listen to their teachers and pay full attention then research after lessons,” he said.

Earlier this month Dokora told our sister paper The Herald that use of cellphones and other gadgets would be an advantage to the pupils who could use them for research purposes.


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