Egodini Mall construction jobs to open next month

The Basch Street Terminus in Bulawayo was by yesterday afternoon deserted as commuter omnibuses moved out to pave way for the construction of a mall at the site

The Basch Street Terminus in Bulawayo was by yesterday afternoon deserted as commuter omnibuses moved out to pave way for the construction of a mall at the site

Pamela Shumba, Senior Reporter
AN official contact centre will next month be established near the Basch Street Terminus in Bulawayo to cater for job seekers who wish to work on the construction of the Egodini Mall.

The contractor of the mall, Terracotta, yesterday finally occupied the site to commence construction, with all the commuter omnibus operators and informal traders having vacated the area.

The project is expected to create over 1 500 jobs for Bulawayo residents and subcontract local companies for various services.

The Bulawayo City Council senior public relations officer, Mrs Nesisa Mpofu, yesterday said the contact centre will go a long way in protecting job seekers from bogus employers.

“We don’t want a situation where dubious people will take advantage of the project and swindle job seekers of their money in the pretext that they’ll secure jobs for them here.

“An official call centre will therefore be open to the public on April 1, where job seekers and service providers can drop their papers and access all the official information they need about the project,” said Mrs Mpofu.

In 2016 Bulawayo Mayor Martin Moyo castigated councillors who were allegedly demanding money from residents and promising to secure jobs for them when construction of the Egodini Mall begins.

Job seekers had reported to the mayor that some councillors were demanding up to $50 per head from job seekers.

The social media has also been awash with messages calling for applications from job seekers.

Meanwhile, Terracotta and Bulawayo City Council officials toured the empty site yesterday to start preparations for the project.

Mrs Mpofu said yesterday’s meeting at the site was to plan the commencement of the construction and secure the area.

“Terracotta is ready to start the construction and our officials from various departments are working with them. We’re happy that the construction project has finally commenced.

“Security details will be deployed here to make sure that there are no disturbances. The new pick-up points in the different areas have been well received by commuter omnibus operators,” said Mrs Mpofu.

She said operations to remove commuter omnibus operators from undesignated pick up points will continue, as the council tries to restore order in the city.

She also urged commuter omnibus operators to join associations that are working with the city council so that there is smooth communication and better transport services in the city.

“We want order in the city and we want to see public transport services improving. Commuter omnibus operators are therefore encouraged to join at least one of the associations that work with the council so that we operate in a professional way.

“We have a public transport policy that requires transport operators to join at least one association that is recognised by the city council so that we improve public transport services in the city,” said Mrs Mpofu.

Mr Thabani Moyo from Terracotta said he was excited that the construction project was finally starting, adding that the first phase of the project will take 15 months to complete.

“This is what we’ve been waiting for. We’re excited that the time to start the construction of the mall has finally come. We’ve come a long way and we appreciate the support we’ve received from the city council and various stakeholders.

“The project will be constructed in three phases and the first phase will be complete in 15 months,” said Mr Moyo.

The South African civil engineering firm won the tender for the $60 million project but has had a number of false starts which has seen the project failing to commence for close to five years after it was approved.


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  • Ntando Gumede

    Any fool can predict that there will be serious rioting come 1 April when the so called recruitment starts and the surrounds of Basch Street will be a war zone. Surely those responsible should get the names of prospective employees from ko Vundu and right now they should be sifting through the lists ensuring that they employ the people that qualify. And I hope the Police have enough manpower because, as they say, ” a hungry man is ..”

    • musa

      was thinking about the same when i was reading the story. they should just get a list of those who want jobs and their qualifications from ko vundu

    • Essexvale

      Good idea; although I think your take concerning potential rioting at the recruitment centre is a bit off line. May I suggest that you use the City of Bulawayo Call Centre number (google it; it’s toll free) and share your brilliant idea with them?

  • Major Musango

    Thank you BCC

  • Larry

    Maybe someone can write a letter or call Mrs Mpofu and company directly and remind them of the existence of hundreds of letters from skilled and semi skilled people piling up at Labour office koVundu

  • zibulo

    I will always remember the Bus Terminus , located at the right place , built to high standards in terms material quality. The bus sheds ans steel works still remain, regardless of the vandalism associated with us blacks. Urban transport will never be the same again , because community and national leaders chase Glory and Money . New York, London , Tokyo to name a few , have bus companies and there urban transport is excellent. The chaos caused by Imitshova in every city is disgusting , this ,allowed by the State and Local Authorities baffles the mind as to whether the leaders care about the future of Cities or its what they get whilst in positions of Power; Free House and Business Stands lamantshontsho on so-called retirement !!!. No one has a vision about Urban Transport at all. All are following the Terracotta management for amantshontsho, thats what they do when an investor comes’ thina sidlani ???What future is there in having Imitshova as URBAN Transport. In RSA they are implementing international urban bus transportation in all cities , although they face a War with Imitshova/Taxi people there. What is it in Africa which Taxi/Imitshova people have that makes themn accepted by authorities-yet People if asked would still prefer ZUPCO in the form of ZOC/ROC ,not what it was in its last days. Plenty sites could have been chosen for this Terracotta thing -its good for the city- 2ndAve/Lobengula open space stretching to Makhokhoba , Masotsha towards North End , plus others. why congest that part of the city instead of spreading the traffic to non congested areas ??

    • Observer

      Have in mind that the type of transportation system you are talking about requires considerable investment. For your info, Zupco was heavily subsidised and made losses for yrs (still does for all we know). In my opinion the zim govt/local authorities should focus on essential services like roads, schools, hospitals and power generation. Then put in place legislativt that lets private enterprises thrive, and makes sure to enforce laws that are broken. It says alot about you by the way to even dare to compare zim citys with London, Tokyo…

    • Nkanyiso Sibakhulu

      why should you reference South Africa on everything wena sithuthandini. Ngoba abanewenu bentshontsha labo dadewenu befeba khonale now you think about SA all the time. Remove those blinkers, criminal activities don’t pay.

      • zibulo

        RSA has always come to Rhodesia and Zimbabwe’s aid when in dire needs, dont know how much you know but concentrating on personality wont get you knowledge. Smith relied on RSA to prolong his stay. Mgabe looked south when in dire need, Mnanagwa joined our brothers and sisters in seeking refuge there, RSA played a big part in Zim’s political and economic crisis which seems to be stressing you so much that you attack people stating facts. You have hundreds of relatives, so does every Zimbabwean, shona /Ndebele , IN rsa who feed their families, you have survived hard times in zim yourselves on RSA products. You are jealousy of a prosperous nation, though they have challenges, plenty Ndebele/Shona communities there, even Mgabe’ people also joined the zi citizenry who were fleeing them down there too. Mnagaggwa had an asylum seeker’s permit like the gugurahundi victims he persecuted. All roads in Zim today ,lead to RSA

    • Essexvale

      A well researched, thought out and presented piece!! Yes it’s sad to consider the deterioration in high standards that the deregulated urban transport system (read imitshova/pirate taxis) has brought to our city. The disorder created by the government of deposed tyrant RG Mugabe through such deregulation will never be made right, given the fact that it has become so deeply entrenched in the local urban culture!! Who will ever remember that Bulawayo once had the nation’s best organised and punctual bus service which ran regularly at hourly, 30, 15 or 10 minute intervals, depending on the density of patrons or commuters. Meanwhile; one would hope that the operators of the new structure at eGodini will ensure the highest environmental standards by ensuring the place is always kept in good hygienic, safe and secure stead. Away with those foul-mouthed, dirty and litter generating roasted maize vendors and touts!! Furthermore; transport operators at the new facility will have to ensure that their drivers and conductors are appropriately qualified besides always being polite, clean and presentable – preferably in uniform!

  • Wikinerri

    I hope there will be no recruitment on tribal lines. BCC we are watching

  • Essexvale

    The measures taken by the main stakeholders in ensuring that local residents will get jobs on the project are commendable. Yet there’s need to go even further. Reports are circulating concerning people from provinces outside Bulawayo and the region who are being assisted by the offices of a certain pushy political party in their provinces through instructions to get BCC utility bills as proof of residence from locally based relatives. They are further instructed to report, with such documentation to the Bulawayo composite government office for further assistance in getting jobs; not only at the Egodini project, but also at resuscitating industries in the city. Genuine Bulawayans need to stay alert to such scams!!!

    • Nyoo ni

      Not many young people go ko Vundu honestly. I wish they would avoid immigrants stealing jobs from Byo citizens

  • P.K

    Ukuvuba akudingi any qualifications. People must get jobs with or without any qualifications .

    • Garikai Zvese Muzarabani

      most ukuvuba is now done by concrete machines.

      • P.K

        Still they don’t need qualifications on other things there. They tell them wat do what they can. Siyakubona lokho kwamanye amazwe a rich. Abantu bayakha izindlu without any qualifications. They accommodate everyone bakutshele wat to do. Thid thing yokuthi every job bring qualifications isilimaze ilizwe too much poverty bcaz of that.

        • Garikai Zvese Muzarabani

          you’re very right, how about this thing yama China, eyokuthi when they come here for construction jobs, they bring their Chineese nationals to do even the smallest of jobs like concrete mixing and not employ locals.

          • P.K

            Its wrong it needs to be dealt with. Actually ama China awayakhi ama building aqinile for others. They don’t last long those things bayarobha. Yikho beletha ababo to do isitsotsi sakhona so that locals don’t see. Kahle kahle akumelanga ama China abeyiwo to build but locals. Only that nxa ungakwazi.

          • Garikai Zvese Muzarabani

            Let’s wait and see, singamangala kuyiwo ama China who have been given the contract.

          • P.K

            Ahh tha would mean Zimbos to raise a complain. Caz poverty causes crime. They need to stop pipo with small small eyes..


            They only do that in Africa because Africans are stupid!


      The only qualification for this should be LOCAL!

  • emD

    April 1 is fools day!


    I can assure you, they have already come to Bulawayo in truckloads; all the way from Mashonaland. calling each other Mwanawekumusha, iwe wuya khuno, khune basa!

  • cmzizi

    i think ONLY ABANTU abafunde ko BULAWAYO SHOULD get these jobs