Eight women accuse Freeman of ‘inappropriate behaviour’

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Cape Town — CNN has published an investigation into several allegations of “harassment” and “inappropriate behaviour” by Oscar-winning actor, Morgan Freeman.   

According to the month-long investigation 16 women shared their experiences of the alleged inappropriate behaviour, both on movie sets and at the actor’s production company. Reports say that several of the women said that Freeman had made constant comments about their bodies and clothing choices.

Eight said that they were victims of harassment or inappropriate behaviour, of which two said that they were subjected to unwanted touching by Freeman.

According to accounts, one woman said that while filming Going in style in 2015, Freeman subjected her to unwanted touching of her lower back and “comments about her figure on a near daily basis.”

Another source said that Freeman kept trying to lift her skirt and asked if she was wearing underwear.

Entertainment producer at Chicago’s WGN-TV, Tyra Martin, has gone on record saying that she has spent hours interviewing Freeman at various press junkets.

She said that over the course of a decade she sat down with him at least nine times and grew accustomed to his comments about her appearance. According to CNN she made it clear that she was always “in on the joke.”

“When I stood up, I pulled my skirt part of my dress down and he did say, ‘Oh, don’t pull it down now.’” Martin said.

Freeman has issued a statement through his publicist saying that he never intended to make anyone feel uneasy, and apologises to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected.

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  • silungisn

    Americans had started harassing Award Winning Mr Morgan Freeman as what they did to Mr Cosby……

  • Joy

    Afro-American women are amazing, when they are told that they are beautiful they smile a lot but after some years they claim that the same comments harassed or violated them or claim inappropriate behavior. Why was it not said at the time when it happened or is this a new vocabulary they have just discovered? They are amazing.

    • Bird Eye Chilli

      If a man makes a jock or prank on a woman and the woman deems it inappropriate or a violation, she must make it clear there and then, and if the man refuses to apologise and show remorse, she must report the matter immediately rather that wait years and try to make a big issue out of it. These are now obviously cases of opportunists trying to litigate and hopefully make money riding on the back of his recent convictions for crimes against women.

  • Major Musango

    when you are reach your best before and you are black ….. that’s how they make you expire……. what remains of you is all the negative stories.