EMA engages fast food, mobile network firms

Lovemore Zigara Midlands Correspondent
THE Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has announced that mobile network operators and fast food outlets would soon be asked to come up with a programme of action which will ensure safe disposal of airtime vouchers and food containers. EMA provincial manager for Midlands, Milton Muusha, said they have started engaging players in the mobile and fast-food sector with a view of coming up with a solution which will reduce the amount of littering of the environment.

“There are people who are in business who are littering the environment. We want our businesses to be responsible and we want them to follow their products waste so that they ensure they’re properly disposed of.

“We’re engaging the mobile network providers and the food outlets so that they have plans in place on how they intend to manage waste from their products,” said Muusha.

The EMA provincial manager was speaking in Gweru during a clean-up campaign where EMA carried out education campaigns against littering.
A blitz on motorists, especially commuter operators who do not have bins as well as individuals who litter the environment, ran concurrently with the campaign which saw the culprits being fined.

In December, the government gave mobile phone companies six months to phase out recharge vouchers.
The Environment, Water and Climate Ministry also announced the ban on diapers and proposed the use of biodegradable nappies, reusable cloth nappies and hybrid nappies as a way of ending the pollution of the environment.

As part of incentivising the public the Ministry proposed the introduction of a mandatory deposit to be charged on all types of beverage containers like cans and imported bottles, which will be refundable on return of the container by the consumer.

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