Ex-convict arrests prison escapee

Edward Sibanda

Edward Sibanda

Freedom Mupanedemo, Midlands Bureau
An ex-convict smarting from serving a jail term at Zvishavane Prison turned hero when he apprehended a prison escapee he found walking on the streets, a few days after he left him behind bars.

Edward Sibanda (21) was walking on the streets of Zvishavane town a day after his release when he met a fellow inmate he had left in jail.

Sibanda had served three months for being found in possession of stolen goods.

The ex-prisoner quickly raised alarm and with the help of a friend, chased after the prison escapee, Silas Nyandoro (20), who took to his heels.

They effected a citizen’s arrest on Nyandoro before they handed him over to the police at Zvishavane Police Station.

Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) Midlands Provincial Relations Officer, Chief Correctional Officer, Jere Ruzive confirmed the incident which occurred in Zvishavane last week.

He said the fugitive Nyandoro was now back in remand prison after he was “arrested” by an ex-convict who had just been released. He said Nyandoro was serving a two-year jail term for attempted rape when he escaped from jail.

“You know these inmates know each other’s crimes when they are behind bars. So on the day in question, Edward Sibanda had just been released when he met his former inmate walking on the streets of Zvishavane after escaping from jail. Sibanda who was sure that Nyandoro was actually supposed to be in jail questioned him as to how he had just found freedom,” said Chief Correctional Officer Ruzive.

He said Nyandoro later tried to flee but Sibanda raised alarm and was helped by a friend, Ngonidzashe Shumba, to apprehend the fugitive.

Chief Correctional Officer Ruzive said they have since rewarded Sibanda and his friend with cash for their heroics.

“It was our feeling that we needed to give Sibanda and his friend a token of appreciation for their heroics. Rarely do we hear of former inmates helping in apprehending escapees from prison,” he said.

Nyandoro escaped while waiting for transport to be moved to Whawha Prison near Gweru.

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  • makhosi

    How much cash??

    • $ Bond

      Bond notes.

    • Siwaphiwe Nampie Mpafa

      Whoever said “happiness is the best medicine” has never had gonorrhea.

  • timmie Dance

    Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services should be ashamed really.How could they be sleepy to the extent that a prisoner escapes from them and then apprehended by a civilian.In actual fact they had not noticed that this prisoner had escaped.Lack of seriousness or an element of corruption.Its most likely that somebody had bought his freedom.It could have been a wise idea for the Prison Services to recruit these two who apprehended this escapee either as prison officers or general hands at the prison premises.

    • Siwaphiwe Nampie Mpafa

      It’s illegal, because the government cannot figure out how to tax it!

  • Critic

    he has proved to be a good prison officer . let the zpcs employ him. that a best reward

  • God of War

    Snitches get stitches and end up in ditches.

  • Justice Judge

    Should reward him with another prison term.

  • Brutal Truth

    What a snitch this one is!Aaaaaaaaaaah,someone should buy a wig & a dress for this beach!

    • Siwaphiwe Nampie Mpafa

      your rotten attitude, only speaks volume of your ego.

  • Je M’appelle Kindness Khupe

    he must bcom a prison officer

    • Siwaphiwe Nampie Mpafa

      It’s truly the system that needs saving to reduce cases like this….

  • makhosi

    Stupid ex-convict

    • Vince Gatsheni Mdluli

      just one of many trends that eventually dies out?