Ex-detainees, war collaborators not invited to President meeting

Ministers (from left) Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube, Dr Sydney Sekeramayi, Kembo Mohadi and Dr Ignatius Chombo deliberate during a meeting with war veterans in Harare yesterday. — (Picture by John Manzongo)

Ministers (from left) Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube, Dr Sydney Sekeramayi, Kembo Mohadi and Dr Ignatius Chombo deliberate during a meeting with war veterans in Harare yesterday. — (Picture by John Manzongo)

Lloyd Gumbo Harare Bureau
President Robert Mugabe will together with other Zanu-PF leaders who participated in the liberation struggle, attend a crunch meeting, exclusively meant for war veterans in Harare in a fortnight’s time.

The meeting to be held on April 7, that President Mugabe recently said would be a frank engagement, would touch on a number of issues particularly those to do with the welfare of the country’s liberators.

This came up during a meeting of war veterans together with service chiefs in Harare yesterday, ahead of their meeting with President Mugabe who is also patron of Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA).

The high table comprised Zanu-PF secretary for War Veterans, Detainees, Restrictees and their Welfare who is also Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi who chaired the meeting, State Security Minister Kembo Mohadi, Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Ex-Political Detainees and Restrictees Minister Tshinga Dube and Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo.

Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwenga, Air Force of Zimbabwe Commander Air Marshal Perence Shiri, Zimbabwe National Army Commander Lieutenant-General Philip Valerio Sibanda and Commissioner General of Police Augustine Chihuri also attended the meeting.

Also present were Central Intelligence Organisation Deputy Director-General Aaron Daniel Tonde Nhepera as well as Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services Deputy Commissioner General Fadzai Mupfure who represented their bosses, Retired Major-Generals Happyton Bonyongwe and Paradzai Zimondi, respectively.

ZNLWVA national chairperson, Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa and his entire executive including Manicaland Provincial Minister of State, Cde Manditawepi Chimene in her capacity as ZNLWVA secretary for information also attended the meeting.

In a statement after the meeting, permanent secretary for Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Ex-Political Detainees and Restrictees, Brigadier General (retired) Asher Walter Tapfumaneyi, said only liberation war veterans would attend the meeting.

“In terms of criteria for participation, the meeting heard that His Excellency will come to the meeting with his fellow leaders of the party who were in the liberation struggle,” said Brig-Gen (Rtd) Tapfumaneyi.

“Invitations will be exclusive only to liberation war veterans, with His Excellency remaining ready to hold separate meetings subsequently with war collaborators and ex-detainees.

“All issues of concern will be discussed along the themes to be demarcated. The themes to be discussed will include, foremost, war veterans’ statutory welfare benefits such as monthly pensions, school fees, medical support, funeral cover, business loans and other measures aimed at improving their livelihoods.”

Brig-Gen (Rtd) Tapfumaneyi said also discussed at the meeting were the criteria or eligibility for participation in the meeting with the President, the venue of the meeting, sub-categories and selection framework and expected total number of participants and content or themes of the discussion with the President.

“The meeting set up an Inter-Ministerial Committee of senior officials from the four ministries represented in the present meeting and all stakeholders, charged with the detailed preparations relating to structure, content, conduct and expected outcomes of the President’s meeting. The Permanent Secretary (War Veterans) will lead this committee,” he said.

The meeting with President Mugabe was expected to unite the war veterans who have of late been at each other’s throats.

Addressing the meeting earlier on, Cde Sekeramayi said there were detractors who were bent on destroying the party and the country but said they would be defeated.

The war veterans first held a minute of silence in honour of their counterparts who died during the liberation struggle.

“We’ve found it necessary to have this preliminary meeting so that there’s adequate consultation before the meeting with His Excellency, the President,” said Cde Sekeramayi.

“We felt that every stakeholder should be involved and prepare together, advise each other so that the meeting with the President is a meeting that will be characterised by frankness and honesty. It will be a successful meeting and a meeting that cements the foundation of our nation.

“The foundation of our nation in the sense of the party and in the sense of the role played by war veterans in the liberation struggle. It should be a meeting between the war veterans and the President that charts the way forward as we build our country into a prosperous Zimbabwe.”

Cde Sekeramayi added: “There are various detractors and those detractors are working day and night, but just as we defeated them during the course of the liberation struggle, we will defeat them and we will have a united Zimbabwe.

“A Zimbabwe that has got a dynamic economy. A Zimbabwe that we’re all proud of. A Zimbabwe that those of our comrades whom we left in mass graves in Zambia, in Mozambique, in Botswana and to some extent in Tanzania they will say ‘yes we didn’t die for nothing. Those who survived the war are continuing the commitment that we had right from the beginning’”.

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  • zenzo

    Tshinga and Mohadi turn the power.Develop our Matebeleland and no apologies ZANU needs u more than ever.Asambeni madoda.

    • gway’lide

      a zimbabwe with a dynamic economy? do we have an economy anyway. You must be fooling yourself

    • gway’lide

      balezibindi wonala amadoda kambe?

  • Mpisi

    Divide and rule at play. Selective invitations!
    The biggest item on the agenda should be Item #1 the resignation of Robert Gabriel Mgodoyi.

    • Tshayekanda

      They are scared of numbers. Why invite a few. They are damn scared of rallies tey dont set the agenda. Agenda my foot….war vets wanted to see Robert to tel him indaba zakhe lomkakhe. Now wat they are doing is censoring the watershed straight talk

      • Zuze

        Who ever hit your head this morning done a good job. You are now talking good sense. Tell us who done it. Maybe we can get the person to tshayaikhanda likha Jotham.

        • Tshayekanda

          A wena zuze mhlathiwakho!!…..kkkkkkkk….i am a retional dude. Its just that I dont like d Robert Mgodoyi stuff frm Mpisi. Vela wena lompisi u are cut from the same linen. Zimbabwean parties have good ideologies but eish abantu bakhona at times they shock you. Forexample this Dr What What who speaks like umfazi wesithenjini

          • Zuze

            Kkikiki Ndoda akula good ideology. Have you heard me ever swearing umgodoyi? No. UDoctor what ngubani? Ncaye ukulumi ngo Dolittlle ulahlekile mfowethu. Abanye bafuna ncaye bekuluma bonke abantu bezwe. You hate the fact that he speaks the truth. UMpisi nguMpisi champion of the defenceless. Wena you are a defender of the strong. The defender of the corrupt. UMpisi lo Dolittle want action from Politicians. Wena you are happy with what you have which is nothing. That is where we differ Ndoda. Sebekhupindile ekhanda yini?

          • Doctor Do little

            Thank you Zuze. For me the opinions of a silly man do not matter. Some people are not teachable. They are just programmed and follow a program of who ever it is that programmed them. Such is the one that is silly enough to call someone who has done him no harm UMFAZI. Silly man with silly brains.

      • Mpisi

        It doesn’t mean that when there is censorship therefore the war vets will change everything on the ground. The long and short of it is that a vote of no confidence has been passed on Robert Mgodoyi. Man nowhere in the world are war veterans disrespected like they are in Zimbabwe. Honestly who teargases war veterans ? Mgodoyi has taken his bullshit too far. Grace Mgodoyi is not helping matters either with daily insults directed at the war vets. Handei tione. This upcoming meeting is a non event. I suggest a boycott if not everyone is invited.

  • as displined cadres,i expect the war veterans to stick to the agenda of the meeting which is their welfare,as a party,our idealogy is that the politics command the gun,not the gun commanding politics,so cde mutsvangwa and cde nemadanda,we expect you to drop your bid of propping up the genocide architects bid for power and concentrate on issues affecting warvets

  • Ijaha le Maguswini Amnyama

    This was a good opportunity to ask the President to look at the welfare of all veterans ,not just those that support ZANU-PF.

  • Mthakathi

    If its for the real Warveterans Mugabe must also be sidelined.He is an ex detainee after all.Ophikisayo katsho la aqeqeshwa khona.

    • Martin Chipimo

      Kikkkkkk what an observation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    That is an excellent move for my ZANU

  • Tshayekanda

    Guys what is a war vet? As far as i am concerned Donald Trump can bar a no of guys frm attending the Indaba considering what he told John Macain.

  • Martin Chipimo

    So what were the resolutions of this meeting maCdes?

  • Mhlakazanhlansi

    How fate ever brought this group of people together ……
    And to imagine they actually take themselves seriously … and consider themselves ‘rulers’ and ‘MP’s'…..

    Zimbabwe Ruins fosho ….