Externalised monies: President to meet RBZ Governor

John Mangudya

John Mangudya

Nduduzo Tshuma, Bulawayo Bureau
President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said he will today meet the Reserve Bank Governor Dr John Mangudya to look at the progress of the moratorium he gave Zimbabweans who externalised cash to repatriate the monies.

The three- month moratorium given on November 28 last year, expired yesterday.

In an interview at the Robert Mugabe International Airport in Harare soon after arrival from the Democratic Republic of Congo, President Mnangagwa said after his meeting with Dr Mangudya he will also pronounce what would be done to those who failed to heed the moratorium.

“I will be having a meeting with the Governor of the Reserve Bank tomorrow to look at the progress that has been made and also the lack of progress that has been made then we make a decision after that meeting,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said in the last two briefings with Dr Mangudya he was looking at the amounts of monies that have been repatriated into the country.

“At the course of the period, I have looked twice, some patriotic comrades have repatriated their funds back, the list is too long, the figure will be announced when the final position is arrived at,” he said.

Announcing the grace period, the President said Operation Restore Legacy which was launched by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces in November last year, unearthed serious economic crimes.

The President said then that those who failed to return the loot within the stipulated period were going to be prosecuted.

“Activities linked to the Operation Restore Legacy have, among other issues, helped to uncover cases where huge amounts of money and other assets were illegally externalised by certain individuals and corporates. Needless to say such malpractice constitutes a serious economic crime against the people of Zimbabwe which the Government of Zimbabwe will never condone,” President Mnangagwa said last November.

Addressing delegates during Zanu-PF extraordinary congress in Harare in December, the President said he had knowledge of those who had externalised funds.

“I didn’t say that without knowledge. I have a list of who took money out. So in March when the period expires, those who would not have heeded to my moratorium I will name them and shame them,” he said.

The President warned that those who fail to heed his call will be arrested and prosecuted.

In an interview in Davos, Switzerland in January, President Mnangagwa expressed satisfaction that his call on funds and assets’ return was being heeded.

“I think you are aware that I made a three month moratorium on those who had taken assets of Zimbabwe outside the country, I’m glad to say few days ago I had a brief from my Governor of the Reserve Bank (Dr John Mangudya) that many people who had taken assets outside the country, some have brought back the funds, some are in the process of negotiating,” he said.

The President said it was easy to trace those who externalised the funds.

“Those who have taken funds outside and not come forward, I have the list because the banking fraternity, the financial service sector has been able to give us details on who took out funds and we have that,” said the President.

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  • Bongani Dlamini

    “some patriotic comrades…”. This is a president referring to thieves and looters. Need I say more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • musa

    & how much did you externalise mr president? have you also declared your assets & income before expecting your subordinates to follow through? EmancipatedDuck

    • Mvura

      true :)

    • World Citizen

      Hahaha uri dofo. So you just cobbled together some random words to come up with that “nickname”? Emancipated Duck!!? WTF does that even mean? What is an emancipated duck? Lol

      • LOL

        Iwe ndiwe imbwa World Citizen.

        • World Citizen

          Ehe ndiri imbwa. Show me kana balance yako kubank yawedzera nekuti wanditi imbwa. Show me kana wawedzerwa an hour panyika nekuti ndiri imbwa. Ndiri kungozvivukurira panapa. Huuu huuu huuu

      • musa

        i will not do the thinking for you. get yourself a dictionary & EDiot has been called & is still a duck!

        • World Citizen

          I do not expect you to do any thinking for me. Anyone who strings up random words to create an acronym is not worthy to think of me. I can also do this without effor, i could for one call you MUSA, Most Useless Stupid A**hole. If enough fools see this then they will also start calling you Most Useless Stupid A**hole. That doesnt mean you are clever. My point still stands your random salad of words means nothing.

          • musa

            think FOR you, not think OF you. EDiot!

  • mmahlaba

    Mr President Sir. We know of a lot of companies that are either externalizing , hoarding, selling or nor banking money thereby sabotaging our country economically.Give us the numbers to call and we will name them. Nyika inofanira kuyenda mberi.

    • thabitha

      For sure ….Comrade Frost and ANDY Conn from Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Stop harassing and firing our mates for using credit cards at the Boma or else we will also expose you. Can the world also know that you have not been banking forex from 2016 till now and you are instead selling it to other companies and individuals. Can RBZ do its investigations and you will see what we are talking about. Quizz all the guys in accounts, they know about this as they are the guys working with figures. Check also with CBZ and Barclays to see if any deposits are being done. CHECK the daily cash up sheets and follow through and check where the funds are going. I presume this is what all hotels are doing in VFand in Zim.

  • Bth

    Mr President i have a few issues to share;
    1.You are too much into talking than into doing or setting policy path , as such you will not achieve the will to be a clean guy who has been dirty for 56 years.
    2.as long you have these Obert Mpofu , you have not started anything.
    3.We want Chivayo arrested as of yesterday , he has lied and looted our money.
    4.No selective application of corruption investigations ,
    5.Stop your reconiliation meetings and if you are honest with what you are intending to heal , find a better way.

  • Mambo Dombo

    Inin ndakatozonzwawo nezuro kuti kune smnesty saka .extendai ndiwane kutengesa mapurazi andanga ndatenga kuno ku south Africa mari iinde kumusha ..but kana yauya handidi kuhwa kuti ava mabond ipapo ndoo patoohopesama ..muchida forex yangu moobhadharawo zvinrrnderana ne market ndoo kungopedza shortage ..vamangudya ..mukada kubata vanhu chibharo nguva dzose hamuhwine…policy ngaiipe vanhu confidence unoona maro dzichidzoka kuma banks