Fake cop swindles ZRP of uniforms


Mashudu Netsianda, Senior Court Reporter
A BULAWAYO woman masqueraded as a police boss before storming into the ordinance stores in anti-riot gear where she allegedly ordered a “subordinate” to give her a police uniform, a badge and cap for the rank of a superintendent, a magistrate heard yesterday.

Bulawayo magistrate, Mr Isheunesu Matova, heard this when Lorraine Mpofu (38) of Mpopoma suburb appeared before him facing charges of fraud and impersonation.

She was remanded out of custody to January 8, 2018 pending the commencement of her trial.

Prosecuting, Mr Carlington Dhliwayo said on August 15 this year at around 10AM, Mpofu, who was dressed in anti-riot gear, went to the Matabeleland North police ordinance stores in Bulawayo.

She approached one Sergeant Esnath Govo and requested to see the officer-in-charge.

Mpofu was told that the officer-in-charge of ordinance stores was on leave.

The court heard that Mpofu introduced herself as a superintendent before she allegedly requested to be given uniforms by Sgt Govo.

“Sgt Govo phoned her officer-in-charge who authorised her to go ahead and give Mpofu the regalia she wanted,” said Mr Dhliwayo.

Mpofu was issued with the uniform which comprised a three-piece winter suit, a summer skirt, grey shirt, a badge, jacket, a cap and a pair of riot trousers all valued at $202,50.

“On August 28 this year at around 11.45AM, Mpofu went to the office of one Inspector Elison Phiri, the officer-in-charge of ordinance stores in Bulawayo. Mpofu was in the company a junior cop only identified as Constable Mutamba,” said Mr Dhliwayo.

The court heard that the accused person introduced herself as Superintendent Mpofu from Police General Headquarters’ operations department. She requested to be given a peak gold cap for the rank of a superintendent.

Insp Phiri asked to see Mpofu’s police identity card. Mpofu told Insp Phiri that she left the document at her home.

Insp Phiri then requested Mpofu’s force number and the accused person gave him 982398 Z as her number.

“Insp Phiri made an inquiry with Police General Headquarters and the Salary Service Bureau to establish whether Mpofu was indeed a genuine cop. It emerged that no such name existed in the Zimbabwe Republic Police,” said Mr Dhliwayo.

A report was made at Bulawayo Central Police Station leading to Mpofu’s arrest. Further investigations led to the recovery of the police regalia.

Mpofu is being represented by Mr Byron Sengweni of Sengweni Legal Practice.


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  • cele

    Imagine the level of rogueness that was in the police force.How many fake officers mounted fake roadblocks for personal gain?

  • Joy

    Our Police force is rotten.

    • Diago

      I do not agree with you, your Police is very good and professional, look at what is happening in the streets of Harare these days when the Police are not there, Combi Drivers causing a lot of chaos……

      • mzwangendaba

        not being regionalist, but look at how peaceful Byo is lately even the highways. The diasapearance of the acrobatic police who jumped into cars and spent their shift at roadblocks and robots intersections, has actually reduced caos.

        • Essexvale

          Many of them even created road-blocks in order to make money after their shifts had elapsed.

        • mic

          a truck killing 21 passangers?? is it a sign of peacefullness??? read the newspaper boss

      • Doctor Do little

        You my friend are living in a land of dreams.

    • mic

      man of God you speak out of ignorance ,,stop focusing on negative things… in the absence of police, crime increases even on roads accidents are reduced when traffic is enforced….wait till your child is raped or you are robbed most probably a negligent driver causes a collusion.

  • Danny

    For all we know half the police that harsass citizens could be fake. She could have done that on several occasions.


    Banning police from the roads would be commendable but should not end there. Police should stick to their core business of crime not to venture into areas where Statutory Bodies are mandated to monitor. Vehicle inspection and operation is under VID; mines are under the Mines Inspectorate, trading is under Local Authorities; Drugs and Pharmacies are under Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe; Clinics, Hospitals and Surgeries are under Health Professions of Zimbabwe, the list is endless. But we had come to a situation whereby a mere police officer would say: “We are here to inspect your school; Hospital; Pharmacy; Mine; …..”. That’s why in Byo they ended up fighting with BCC for fruits & veg. taken from vendors. Yes, when a crime has been reported the ZRP should move in and investigate but they should wait for those mandated to monitor the area, kwete kungosvetuka-svetuka pese-pese zvatanga tavakuona izvi. They should wait just as Magistrates and Judges wait for cases to be brought to them.

    • rata

      i doubt if you speak out of knowledge