Falcon College demands collateral for unpaid fees

A view of Falcon College in Esigodini

A view of Falcon College in Esigodini

Yoliswa Dube Chronicle Reporter
ONE of the country’s elite and prestigious schools, Falcon College, is allegedly demanding collateral from parents failing to raise school fees in time for the start of the new term.

The school — located in Esigodini — has allegedly insisted that children who have not paid up will not be allowed into its premises.

Some children have been turned away with the school refusing to agree on payment plans with parents while demanding collateral.

With school fees pegged at $4,100 per term, parents have said the figure is very high.

The school demands anything as collateral as long as its value is equivalent to the money owed and the property may be sold if the debt is not settled.

“My son was turned away because I hadn’t paid his fees in full. They instead asked for some collateral so my husband had to put up his motor cycle as collateral. They’ve simply said no full payment, no school. Some children whose parents didn’t have any collateral have been turned away,” said one parent who spoke on condition of anonymity.

She said $4,100 was a large amount considering the school did not offer specialised services.

“The school makes millions per term but we don’t know where that money is going. For example, my son has been having a difficult time with the menu which doesn’t have a broad range of options.

“I know for sure the teachers there are not paid much so I really don’t know where the money is going,” fumed another parent.

He said the school had made it clear that it is a business first.

“We’ve been told that Falcon College is a business which needs to make money first. But think of all the millions they’re making per term.

“If about 600 pupils pay $4,100 per term it means the school makes about $2,5 million each term but where is all that money going?” asked the parent.

Efforts to get a comment from Falcon College director of administration Andrew Thompson were fruitless as he had not responded to questions sent to him as requested, by email, on Monday.

Falcon Foundation chief executive officer John McTaggart declined to comment saying he was not responsible for the day to day administration of the school.

“Mr Thompson is in Harare for some business there, until he gets back — I’m unable to help you unfortunately,” said McTaggart.


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  • Phaqa

    Thru show-off and Pride some people like to live beyong their means. Take your child to a cheaper school baphasa imhlolo, away with your Menu Bla,Blaaaaaaa

  • Max

    Who sent your children there, why complain when you are the ones who applied for it. Shut up. leave the nation out of this. This is not news at all. Falcon is not the only school in Zimbabwe, go to a school where your finances allow you not to complain.

  • Kabatshe

    oginya amaganu uzithembile emphumelweni. pay up or move out to cheat schools

  • khulu undubeko

    I think parents should not force matters, if they cant afford it try other alternatives, its of no use to send your child where everyone else has lots of cash, the child will be affected morally, l used to hear that some students in that school come by chartered planes as there is a private airstrip. But the good part is that their teaching is so good they aim to equip their students with life skills

  • Wolves Witches and Giants

    If you can’t afford Falcon, there in Mzingwane nearby and the very cheap Milton, Giffords of this world.

  • Wolves Witches and Giants

    Made a similar comment before I saw yours.

  • Quadro

    I agree with you rather take your kid to a cheaper school invest over $3500 a term for your Kinds future in 6 years assuming they go for A level they would be at Falcon you will save $63,000 and if you invest wisely this could easily be $70,000 after dividends and earnings enough to pay for kids University and give them a good start to adult life.

  • Quadro

    I know of many rural kids who used to walk kms to school on bare foot now many of them are well off and are in Executive positions.Education no matter where it is taught as long as the kid is attentive and works hard to pass will land them in a better position in life its not about Falcon or expensive schools .I know personally many Falconers who after finishing school went abroad and are doing the same as Giffordians,Miltonians and Msitelians who also migrated abroad ,they are in the same colleges playing the same rugby and athletics .Success lies in the attitude of the person not where they are educated.

  • Citizen 777

    There is also the possibility that they want to remain an ultra-white institution to which only the off-spring of super loaded blacks will have access!

  • Zanka

    Are they forced to keep their kids at Falcon, if they were complaining about a public school like Mpopoma I would symphathise.You cant ask where they take the $2,5 million to , its a private school, it takes the money to its owners. kanti wena ngubani owathi uthande iizinto ongakwanisi ukuzibhadalela, selajayela into zamahara lizavuka.Aluba bakhweza ifees to $10,000 per term, wonke amasnobs aphume.

  • N. Sithole

    So, Matshayisikhova is now a high school?

  • Citizen 777

    So you are in effect admitting that you are no the man with that name?

    • Quadro

      I am not ,totally seperate from Doctor Do Little and the next time he comments ask him

  • Mpisi

    You missed the main point in my contribution . The main suggestion was for Falcon College to approach the alumni for help so some of the cash can assist bright students who don’t have money for tuition.