Fans on Bosso drama

Akbay calms fans

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter
HIGHLANDERS, the pride and joy of millions of football fans from across the globe although its base is in Bulawayo is always a topical issue whenever it is not playing well. To its supporters, success is not negotiable but must always be in its DNA.

On Thursday, Highlanders lost 0-2 to ZPC Kariba, the defeat coming after an uninspiring 0-0 home draw with Harare City. The two results have all but confirmed another year without the league title since 2006 under Methembe Ndlovu and the performance comes after storm brewed following coach Erol Akbay’s announcement that he will not be renewing his contract come end of the year regardless of the club’s financial position.

Chronicle Sport’s Senior Sports Reporter Sikhumbuzo Moyo asked, on his Facebook post, what the problem could be, if any and below are the responses.

Thaa Ncube: Executive

Elias Sinamano Mangwengwe: No problem apo Skhue. Ndolevel ravo chairo iri since 2006.

Josphat Mzaca Ngulube: Firstly we don’t have a proper executive. The acting chairman is not fit and with his shortcomings, it shows that Bosso is too big for his small brains and experience. We lack professionalism in the running of the club. The current executive is running a team like a tuckshop. After losing the strikers the executive did nothing and now they are barking at the coach. The failed politician and the overzealous acting chair are the ones behind our demise

Butho Bhebhe: I think our main problem is this inexperienced rude coach. When he came he was given a two-year contract and had enough time to prepare a strong team made up of youngsters to challenge for honours on his second year. Instead of promoting more youngsters and nurturing the likes of King (Nadolo), Silla (Adrian), Gabriel (Nyoni), McCharthy (Dube) by giving them enough game time he opted to recycle dead wood. When this season started he registered seven strikers and boldly declared he was well prepared to bring the league but now he is singing a different tune. If truth to be told Akbay never improved anything at Bosso despite the support he got from the fans. Secondly our financial problems make us weaker in the transfer market.

Eqinisweni lonyaka ibhola esilidlalayo alikhanyi lokuwina ngokokujuma.

Willard Khanye: In my own opinion the tactics employed by our technical team are costing us big time. Akbay changes his team every game at times tampering with his winning team. His type of play does not suit the players we have, thus defending too deep and wait to break on counter as most of our attack-minded players are not that quick save for the injury prone Kutsanzira (Rahman). Our midfield has not existed this season, we need a player who can hold the ball and play basic football eg Adrian Silla but he is overlooked.

Jacob Chipato: Go back to the basics. The junior policy that brought the likes of Ngodzo Snr, Biya, Masawi needs to be revived.

Prince Nkosi Mangena: Mina iqiniso lihle njalo aliqedi bunini, ucoach kayazi into ayenzayo kakho consistent even laku team selection kube uhlupho ngabadlali kube kulelanga elilodwa nje okuke kudlalwe ibhola elikhwabithekayo.

Nkosi Khabo: We do not replace departed players. It happens every season, hence we start every season on a high and then after the Absa PSL window opens, suddenly we struggle

Prince Nkosi Mangena: Abathi we don’t replace players linganginceda litsho ukuthi uKnox, Bruce lo Prince sabathenga kuwaphi ama team
Innocent Bra Nox Mikazhu: The problem is the executive njalo kukhanya ukuthi iteam ilamadivisions loAkbay amatactics akhe are questionable, iteam iyadliwa but kazami abanye abadlali. Kulamanye amaplayer angathandwa nguassistant uyabe etshela ucoach ethi balimele bona beryt besiyadlalisa abalimeleyo.

Sikhosana Welcome Makhosi: We lost valuable players without any replacements. So yaa kunzima

Fortune Folembe: Executive yethu yiyo iproblem ngikhuluma so asila maplayer but they expect ukuthi siwine besehluleka ukudinga amaplayer
Tshepo Mabalane Mabalane: Iproblem yiyo yonaleyo okuthiwa dinga amaplayer or replace amaplayer since 2007. And 10 years kusenziwa lobobumbulu and results remain the same. Simple, groom and promote players. Bonke ababehamba of late came from grooming.

Tshepo Mabalane Mabalane: Uyababona laba above ukuthi babenganani? They were not only kuBosso but already kustarting 11 yenational team. They are not the only ones oBiya were captaining the national team at 22. It’s a tradition. Konke lokho okunye yibumbulu. Groom and promote this buying thing is just nonsense.

Nodumo Nyathi: Highlanders FC club has never won a league championship with majority abokuthenga, it’s a fact that seems to be ignored, it’s worse when we have an acting chairman who boasts that Mutuma has united Highlanders. We don’t need replacement we have the players . . . sesikhala ngabo Bruce Kangwa, Knox and Prince possible loMoyo anytime . . . kanje bavela kuphi laba abafana . . .  kanti asifundi sinjani?

Tshepo Mabalane Mabalane: Kuleproblem. Ungabheka even abafana abalama links leBosso or Byo development sides yibo futhi abasperayo or abake baspera or bathengwa. Deco, Mahachi, Teenage Hadebe, Moyo twins, Masuku, Banda, Prince, Mutizwa, Ndoro, Bruce, Rio, Nakamba etc the list is endless kodwa bonke it was not easy ukuthi balikhabe kufirst or banikwe iopportunity baze basuka. Ayiselasithunzi iteam isili bele lendlela eliquntwa languMutuma ezidlulela shemu. Lo Modern kahambe laye ungathi yideployee vele. Abafake uAmin aqhubeke lapho ayeseyitshiye khona behlukane loAkbay lowo.

Addie Ntshinga Tshabangu: Kuyabhowalokhu mani our admin is letting us down

Tshepo Mabalane Mabalane: Mina given an opportunity bengizakwenza so: Give the team to Soma and Mabaleka. Play iboys in preparation for next season. There are too many instances kuBosso in times like these and new era being born. One of the many instances I remember was in a Cup final vs Dynamos eNSS. oBikka, Mayor, Wayne laboLucky babuya layo icup. Even yona itrail blazing kaRush

Thembumenzi Sibanda: Inkinga iyodwa lapha our fans talk too much they confuse everyone kusasa uyezwa uYola lokhu kusasa uAkbay lokhu kusasa uAriel lokhu worse we lost our culture we used to groom players kodwa manje sesifuna ukuthenga amaflop

Nkosi Khabo: I see some of the guys are complaining of buying players but the most surprising thing is we can not complain of promoting juniors because of late we have had young players graduate from our developmental squads, eg Prince Dube, Brian Banda etc. If we are to challenge for the title, we can not rely entirely on promoted players, the key is to balance the two. Of late I would say the major problem at Bosso has been leadership. One can not really see the direction we are taking since 2006. We develop, promote and then give (not sell) players. In as much as we would like to ignore it, finances are a very important contribution to our downfall. These so called leaders have no vision if not the eyes to even see further than their nose.
Godswill Ndlovu: Executive which seems clueless is to blame.

Ndabezinhle Temba Ndlovu: I feel it was premature for the coach to announce his resignation before the end of the season, kwahle kwehlisa imorale ku Bosso camp. We could have also signed a few players after the departure of Roddy n Mgadafi

Ben Ndlovu: We have no leaders. And there is a lot of recycling in our coaching department. Why can’t we move on and promote the likes of Mabaleka.

Faith Silandulo Dube: Leadership nguZero. The coach worked for close to three months or so without his assistants. Akusi social football. Peter Dube must come back!

Ishmael Mukuze: Hooliganism

Ozzie Cargo Sibanda: Supporters are expecting too much from an average if not less average side, abandonment of junior structures is a bigger problem, we shouldn’t look at Bosso 90 as a solution, it should start from the base U-15, start building from there

Ezra Tshisa Sibanda: Get rid of Highlanders Board, that’s the root cause of our problems as a club. They are a liability, they were never voted for by members but hand-picked by the executive. How do you allow such people to make decisions for the club and supervise the executive? They become bosses to people who nominate them and it can only be a fool who believes the board would be fair and run the club professionally. The board has brought chaos and are the reason we have so many problems at the club.

Faith Silandulo Dube: Peter Dube must bounce back. Modern Ngwenya has completely failed to demonstrate his capabilities as acting chairperson.
Aftermath Mduduzi Ngomane-kaFuze Msipha: We need to revive the junior policy

Bigboy Nyirenda: Bafethu iqiniso liyalibalekela Ucoach uyalahleka ungaphi uDenzel, amajuniors are the way to go period, laba abathi i executive well ngumbono wabo but isisusa nguMkabayi

Agrippa Nyoni: The main problem is our executive, they have failed the team because they knew from the beginning of season that Prince was going to leave and they did not get the suitable replacement and Mutuma’s issue of signing on fees was not properly handled. Also the squabbles between Amin and Cosmas also contributed. Also I have realised ukuthi there is too much division amongst team supporters especial those with influence in Highlanders system. Most of the supporters are not happy with the acting chairman, so akuhambe. They are the same people who voted him in.

Weeklee Mwale: The announcement by the coach that he will be leaving at the end of the year has brought uncertainty to the team.

Tawanda Robin Masenda Murerekwa: Sku the quality of players available to these top clubs is worrisome.

Compare and contrast the players that have gone through Bosso and what is available. The standards are shocking. Last year top goalscorer had 12 goals. Chii ichocho? At DeMbare whom can you really call a top drawer player? I failed to recognise players on the abandoned match. Quality is the problem. — @skhumoyo2000.

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  • Phaqa

    We rely too much from trash evela ehalale, & using Mnawa week in week out you expect to take lig??? Umlungu laye 2years akula good quality football kuyafana lama local coaches nxa!!!

  • Zodwa Wabantu’s Maid

    Bosso is a true representative of Mthwakazi and everything about us Mthwakazi people. Unfortunately like all other Mthwakazi things Bosso is now also dead and imaginary and one fool even suggested that it’s because we have Shona players. This stupid suggestion echoes the truth since we’re always cry babying and blaming all our fate on Shona people.

  • zibulo

    when Akbay took over , the team wass already polished for the wonderful performances which folowed immeadiately , and this was by error , credited to him , instead of to the guys who rescued bosso from relegation and won a major cup the previous season . Akbay has failed to build a credible team from what he found , he is a “thatha machance” coach . We has asked that the team be given to Mechanic Soma and Tsano for what they had done the previous season but words fell on deaf ears !!!. Bulawayo and the region have got plenty talent , why envy someone’s player , when you have a big community to choose from. What happens at Junior/Development level? are they not developing for the First Team ? If so then disband the Juniors and Buy, or else disband the development Coaches. If the team disregards its Development Players, then lets fire the Senior coaching staff of the Executive, they do not have a strategic plan for the club, labo futhi ngo thatha ma chance !!!

  • Mdu Skolopad

    Mthwakazi our bosso is our bosso. Read the interesting comment on the following article.