Fazak to venture into hardware sector

Kiyapili Sibanda Business Reporter
FAZAK Africa says it plans to venture into hardware business as a way of staying afloat in business to counter the prevailing economic challenges. The company’s managing director Mr Zak Hawa told Business Chronicle that in the next few months they would venture into hardware business. “We are trying to stay afloat, we’re going forward as a company and we want to look at selling building materials like cement and roof tiles.We already have a hardware division so it will not be a big challenge,” he said.

Mr Hawa said despite the prevailing economic challenges, people were still building homes and as a company they see a great potential in the construction industry.

Once the hardware business takes off, employment opportunities would be created.

“In as much as the economy is going through some difficulties, people are still building and we feel there is potential in the construction industry,” he said.

Commenting on the tough business environment, Mr Hawa urged fellow businesspeople to cut down on unnecessary costs.

He said he was optimistic the economic turnaround will be soon. — @Kiyaz_Cool.

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