Female relatives rape men: Zim vulnerability survey reveals closely guarded secret


Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
TWENTY percent of males who were sexually abused in the country’s rural provinces were violated by female relatives, according to a survey.

The Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (ZimVAC) Rural Livelihood Assessment of 2017 on domestic violence also says nearly 24 percent of women were also raped by their male relatives.

It was worrying, the survey notes, that although less than one percent of males in rural areas are abused sexually, most of their attackers were their female relatives.

Most of the sexual violence cases against men were recorded in Mashonaland Central and Matabeleland South provinces at one percent and 0,8 percent respectively.

Masvingo is the only province which did not record any sexual assault case against men by female relatives. On the other hand, Manicaland recorded the highest number of the sexual violence cases against women at 1,6 percent while Matabeleland South had the least sexual assaults at 0,2 percent.

“The highest proportion of men that experienced sexual violence was in Mashonaland Central (one percent) and that of women was in Manicaland (1,6 percent). Of concern were incidents of sexual violence in both males and females that were mostly perpetrated by other relatives (19,6 percent and 24,4 respectively),” reads the ZimVAC report.

It also notes that spousal abuse is rife in the country.

“Spouses were reported as the perpetrators by 35,8 percent of the females and 19 percent of the males who had experienced physical violence,” reads the report.

ZimVAC however noted that the country recorded more physical abuse cases than sexual violations.

“Nationally, about 4,2 percent of women reported having experienced spousal violence.

Manicaland had the highest reports of spousal violence among both women and men (5,7 percent and 3 percent respectively),” reads the ZimVAC report.

Enkundleni/Padare’s Men’s Forum Bulawayo programmes officer Mr Ziphongezipho Ndebele said most men do not open up about sexual abuse.

He said his organisation has not dealt with any man who has confessed to being sexually abused.

“It seems men are reluctant to report about sexual abuse. We have seen reports through the media that men are being abused, but no one has approached us for counselling. This could be happening to boys but the challenge is that even these young boys are not coming up in the open. Most of the times the boys don’t suffer any bruises and they can even brag about having sexual encounters,” he said.

Mr Ndebele expressed concern over men’s attitudes, saying their macho character was exposing them to sexually transmitted diseases.

“Although men might be willing to engage in sexual encounters with these women they overlook the dangers posed. We hope awareness campaigns can be done to educate men and even boys because there are sexually transmitted infections and HIV they can contract in the process,” said Mr Ndebele. —@nqotshili.

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  • Zapalala

    This is a rubbish story , tells us about plans to resuscitate the economy. Fuseki mani

    • Grace Disgrace

      Kkkk you have said it better than me.

    • MakhosiXamu

      This is a Newspaper , mgodoyi. The Chronicle has the right to report on matters pertinent to society. Nxa udinga ezomnotho talk to the Govt. Ulilema. You are just a slave of the pink thugs of Europe, shame.

      • Zapalala

        Kkkk ngizaku……. Kodwa ngoba uyisilima sikakhwathe nje ngizokuyeka shlama

  • Only me

    Your last paragraph reads”…..although men willing to engage in sexual encounters with these women….”

  • Mkhokheli

    Nqobile are you practicing to be a fiction writer? While you may have your story, you shouldn’t have typed the conclusion without the body. We are really confused by your article. Give some more details please.

  • Brutal Truth

    Incomplete report,should have also included facts & figures on donkeys being raped by men in matabeleland south province that side.That’s what they love doing

    • Dumi


    • Zikode

      They eat Dog meat, then go on to rape Donkeys and women. They then also slice and dice each other with Okapis and broken bottles over infidelity, Highlanders and prostitutes.


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      • mtshayazabhotshe

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    • Ntokozo Tshuma

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      • Brutal Truth

        Is that what your doctor said to you this morning?

  • Ras Makate (Mutunhu une Mago)

    Other than statutory rape, it is physiologically incorrect and impossible to claim that a woman can RAPE a man……. Lets not talk rubbish here. A man can only participate if he wants to, under duress that soldier will never agree to salute, period, that’s precisely why most men will look for the blue pill and other traditional remedies so as to prompt the system

    • MakhosiXamu

      Stupid comment. No brains …. you are sick in the head, shame.

      • Jofa

        Xamu here are two other stupid comments below. Why don’t you condemn them? I am starting to beleive ukuti these Brutal Truths and Zidonke are you . The man you answered said what he thought yet you tell him he is sick and these other 2 idiots are not? Nguwe kanye.

        • Simon

          UXamu Zwii

      • Ras Makate (Mutunhu une Mago)

        Thanks mate, but can you ever get yours up if you are not interested in the woman and the circumstances are not right, or tied up and being violated by some unattractive mannish looking female, like the Mutare governor Mandi for example, can you even get it half up? Answer that instead of sending insults…

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