Fight over woman death . . . Spanner blow cracks skull open

Arthur Sibanda (right) in the presence of a Police officer

Arthur Sibanda (right) in the presence of a Police officer

Angeline Mpofu Chronicle Reporter
A JILTED man on Thursday night fatally struck his estranged wife’s boyfriend, a married man, with a spanner — cracking open his skull and breaking his ribs in a fierce fight over the woman.
Arthur Sibanda of Bulawayo’s Entumbane suburb ran amok and attacked Elvis Dube, 45, of the same suburb who had visited his estranged wife Felistas Ngwenya, 33, who also stays in the same suburb.

Sibanda and Ngwenya who have three children, separated a year ago.
Dube is survived by wife and three children.

When Chronicle visited the crime scene yesterday Sibanda was in handcuffs as he was being taken for indications by  police officers.
Residents were jostling to catch a glimpse of the killer.

Ngwenya’s father, Simon Ngwenya seemed shaken as he narrated the fatal incident to the news crew.
“My daughter was married to Sibanda. When they separated he kept threatening her as he seemed not to accept that she had moved on,” he said.

Ngwenya said: “Yesterday at around 7PM my grandson came running to my house and told me that his father was fighting with Dube who lives a few blocks from their house.”

Ngwenya said when he arrived at the scene it was already late because Dube had already been seriously injured.
He said an ambulance was called but unfortunately Dube died before he could be rushed to hospital.

Felistas’ landlord, Jeremiah Chiremba was still in a state of shock as he gave his own account of events.
He said: “I was on my way to the bathroom when I heard Sibanda banging on my gate. I opened the gate for him and he came in carrying some weapons,” he said.
Chiremba said he did not suspect that Sibanda wanted to fight someone.

“I did not suspect anything because he usually visits the family bringing food for his children,” he said.
Chiremba said he proceeded to the bathroom after directing Sibanda to Felistas’s room.

Felistas told the police that Sibanda barged into her room where she was in the company of Dube.
She said Sibanda turned violent and attacked Dube and the two started fighting.

“Dube was overpowered and he tried to escape but
Sibanda caught up with him and started beating him with  fists,” she said.

Ngwenya said she last saw the two when Sibanda chased after Dube who had escaped from the yard.
An eyewitness Siphiwe Ndlovu, one of the neighbours who had gathered around Ngwenya’s house said they rushed out of their houses when they heard Dube calling for help.

He was shouting saying, “Ngincedani bo nangu muntu engibulala bo! Buyani lamanzi lizongithela.”
She said they thought Dube was drunk because he was staggering.

“He was literally crawling along the road when Sibanda appeared from the darkness and continued pounding him with the spanner.
We could not restrain Sibanda because we feared for our lives,” she said.

She said they asked him why he was assaulting him and he replied: “Ngiyekeleni ngiyibulale linja mina…ngiyayibulala.”
“Sibanda was behaving wild as he continued pounding Dube menacingly,” she said.

Residents tried to mete out mob justice as Sibanda made indications yesterday.
“Give us a spanner so that we deal with this man. He deserves to die,” said a fuming resident.

Dube’s family members could not be reached for comment.
Acting Bulawayo Police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the murder and urged resident not to resort to violence to solve disputes.

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  • Thoko

    Ndebele men must desist from violent behaviour they will be bachelors for life with no one to marry with their violence they are giving a bad name to the whole tribe we are now tired of reading of Ndebele men killing wives, Stop it please!

    • Musimwa81

      What do you mean Ndebele men should desist from violence? Is violence a preserve of Ndebele man? Thats wrong!!!

    • thoko yinja

      thoko u are tribal…msunu wakho

    • u r the fool

      wa gafa wena, even your Shona men in Masvingo are known for killing and raping their mothers…..msunu wakho

    • skoko1

      your comment is pathetic…..why do u say ndebele man…y are u painting all ndebele man wth the same brush?…..shame dats really shallow

      • gushungo dissident

        msathanyoko wamai bako

        • skoko1

          shame dats cheap… jus shown how retarded u are!!!!

    • gushungo dissident

      msathanyoko wamai bako Thoko peche re donkey,Ndebele man yo asshole

  • nhamodzenyika

    The Zimbabwean police inspectors and spokesman all seem to use the same stupid advise, “resolve your problems peacefully” what are they smoking? Surely more can be said than this silly statement.

  • Agent Osso

    Ah shame I know Arthur n his ex wife they used to be wildly in love. I know the guy personally he was a hard working family man. It must have pained him to be separated to his wife.