First Lady brings cheer to San community

The First Lady Cde Auxillia Mnangagwa (right) gets a kiss from Gogo Sineyo Dube on her arrival at Makhulela rural area in Bulilima district yesterday where she commissioned a borehore she funded as well as donate food hampers to the San community. — Pic by Dennis Mudzamiri

The First Lady Cde Auxillia Mnangagwa (right) gets a kiss from Gogo Sineyo Dube on her arrival at Makhulela rural area in Bulilima district yesterday where she commissioned a borehore she funded as well as donate food hampers to the San community. — Pic by Dennis Mudzamiri

Richard Muponde, Plumtree Correspondent
MAKHULELA village in Bulilima West constituency reverberated as the San community welcomed the First Lady, Cde Auxillia Mnangagwa, who visited the remote area bordering Botswana yesterday.

It was all jubilation as the San people welcomed her, the first First Lady to visit the area in the history of the country.

The First Lady knelt down to the elderly San women who had lined up to welcome her, greeting them in their traditional way.  Cde Mnangagwa visited the remote area to officially hand over to the community a borehole, a project she funded.

Apart from providing the community with clean drinking water, the development will see the resuscitation of an irrigation scheme in the area which was established in 1960 but was rendered dysfunctional by years of neglect. The irrigation scheme is expected to start operating again next month after the

First Lady committed to provide solar powered irrigating equipment.

The First Lady also donated blankets, food hampers and toys for children in the community.

She said she would push for the rehabilitation of roads and also have some health institutions built in the area.

A team of doctors from her foundation, Angel of Hope Foundation also gave free medical assistance to the community with several villagers being tested for high blood pressure, diabetes and dental problems.

In her speech, the First Lady said her visit to the area was meant to improve the lives of the San people so that they don’t remain isolated but live a normal life like the rest of the country’s population.

“I have realised that clean drinking water is scarce in this area. I had to drill a borehole so that you get clean water in this community. I have seen your problems and when I go back I will ask for assistance from Government and well-wishers to have more boreholes drilled here. I was in Kanyemba at the border with Mozambique and we are helping them. That’s what I want to happen here,” said the First Lady.

She urged parents to acquire birth certificates for their children.

“It’s their right to have these documents to know their place of origin. The birth certificates also help our children to get employed and have the right to vote,” she said.

The First Lady through her Angel of Hope Foundation has been on a whirlwind tour of the country visiting disadvantaged communities rendering assistance to them. — @ richardmuponde

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  • Joy

    Well done first lady, there are still more isolated areas that were never visited by people of your level. Please continue with the good work.

  • Nkunzemnyama

    So gogo Dube is a San?

    • silungisn

      Clearly she is……

    • Mumanyikawakaroka

      Yes, that was the MaNdebele policy, every captive not from KwaNdebele had to use a totem to distinguish them from abeZansi. That’s why we have these nameless Shonas who call themselves Ndebeles: OMoyo, Sibandas, Dubes, Ndlovus etc. Even the BaSotho/BaTswana captured from LeSotho/Botswana and along the way had to use Nyathi(Nare), Ngwenya(Mkwena/Mokoena), etc. as if they didn’t have proper surnames. Surprisingly the proper Ndebeles kept their surnames up to today, eg. Khumalo, Dlodlo, Ndiweni, Tshabalala. Now you hear these captives say: “Thina amaNdebele, thina amaNdebele……”. Kikikiiiiii, seka zvako mwana weMumanyika.

      • zibulo

        all in the name of trying to fit into the society, all the way from the land of the “educated” to what you call dry land , in the name of TRIBALISM. Even the English did fight the Fremch for 100 years. All races/tribes are made from various ethnic groups either voluntarily or through conquests back then, even what is called the Shona was not all Shona, so wena go on and try to validate Shona dominance on local communities and you will see ,it takes a spark to light a fire.

      • Nkunzemnyama

        Hahahaha akuzwe leli swina liwomana. You dont know what you are talking about. Neither do you understand ukuthi izizwe zakhiwa kanjani. 1. AmaNdebele are NOT from KwaNdebele. 2 There is NOTHING like a proper Ndebele as you ignorantly claim. 3.UMzilikazi wakha isizwe samaNdebele by incorporating various tribes and clans including Twanas, Sothos,amaKhalangas and various other small ethnic groups. Ama Shona make the least as mostly woman were captured. The Khumalos, Dlodlos etc are not ‘proper Ndebeles’ but originally Zulus from Natal. There are no longer Zulus or South Africans but Zimbabweans who are part of the Ndebele nation and speak isiNdebele. Look at for example the might Zulu nation. At its formation,,,,the Zulu clan had hardly a population of 1 500 people but other clans like Ndwandwes, Mthethwas and others (including none Ngunis) were incorporated to form a powerful Zulu nation. There were resistances obviously and wars but Shaka finally established that nation which today has over 12 million people. Have you ever heard Zulus or anyone for that matter saying there are proper and none proper Zulus? This tells me that you dont understand how a nation is formed. So stop this nonsense about ‘proper Ndebeles’ and research on the origins of ama Swina.

        • Mumanyikawakaroka

          You are lying, in South Africa nobody cries to be what he is not, amaPedi ngamaPedi and don’t whish to be amaXhosa, amaZulu ngamaZulu and don’t wish to be amaVhenda, amaSotho ngamaSotho etc. In South Africa nobody bothers what language you reply in. But here some people feel so insecure.
          Want to know “the origins of amaSwina”?. This was a Shona word coined by the same captured Shonas meaning “DIRTY PEOPLE”. As you know the rise of Tshaka, hence Mzilikazi, brought about laziness, abantu besephila ngomukhonto not by working for themselves, as is KwaZulu to this day. So the captured Karanga (you prefer Khalanga) girls who were no more going to the fields would stay clean all day and refer to their eastern relatives as “dirty”. As for you Nkunzi and your keith & kins stay smart, lingabi amaSvina ngoba you are Kings and Queens. But don’t complain when Mphoko’s Choppies buses General Hands from Harare to Vic. Falls, or T.M. Hyper doesn’t renew contracts for “Ndebeles”.

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Hahaha you changing the subject because you have been exposed. All nations came into being as a result many ethic group coming together for various reasons .eg AmaXhosa are made up of amaGcaleka, amaNdlambe, abaThembu, amaBhaca and many more……Just like in the Zulu kingdom, the name Xhosa comes from a King……you can’t therefore come with your STUPID zanu mentality that those coming from the King clan are more Xhosa than others. In the same token: abantu besizwe sika Mzilikazi ngamaNdebele…they are not claiming. Their origins are irrelevant .As you say Pedis, Zulus, Xhosas don’t claim to be something else but thus…why do expect the Ndebele to identify themselves as ethnic groupings ? You are not making sense. Finally remember that when Mzilikazi took occupation of that land… was largely occupied by the Kalanga…..hence many Ndebele people today bearing Kalanga surnames which most of them have been Ndebele-nised. So sit down and stop being an expert in the Ndebele history.