First Lady files $1 million lawsuit against fugitive Lebanese businessman

First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe

First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe

Daniel Nemukuyu, Harare Bureau
FIRST Lady Dr Grace Mugabe is suing fugitive Lebanese businessman Mr Jamal Joseph Ahmed for $1 230 000 over a diamond ring deal that went sour last year.

Dr Mugabe in April 2015 approached Mr Ahmed, who was in the business of diamond cutting and polishing, and ordered a 100-carat special ring worth $1 350 000 for her wedding anniversary.

She paid in advance through her CBZ Bank account.

However, in breach of the agreement, Mr Ahmed failed to deliver the ring, resulting in a legal wrangle.

An attempt to pay a refund to the First Lady also hit a snag as Mr Ahmed only paid $120 000, leaving a balance of $1 230 000.

In her suit filed at the High Court yesterday, Dr Mugabe is claiming the principal debt plus interest calculated from April 1, 2015 to the date of payment in full.

Harare lawyer Mr Wilson Tatenda Manase of Manase and Manase Legal Practitioner is representing the First Lady in the million-dollar lawsuit.

The First Lady is seeking an order declaring Mr Ahmed’s shareholding in three companies — Thatchfree Investments, Zulaf Investments and Super Earth Properties — executable.

She also seeks an order allowing her to attach the businessman’s immovable properties in Avondale and Vainona, Harare, if he fails to settle the debt.

Mr Ahmed is a Lebanese national who holds a Zimbabwean residence permit.

He is into diamond cutting, polishing and selling.

Dr Mugabe, in her declaration, stated that she contracted Mr Ahmed to supply the diamond ring in April 2015.

“The plaintiff wanted to purchase a unique diamond ring for her wedding anniversary celebrations. The parties agreed that the diamond ring would be at least 100 carats and the agreed price was $1 350 000.

“The plaintiff duly instructed her bankers, CBZ Bank, to transfer the money into defendant’s bank account, to which the bank duly complied,” reads the declaration.

Mr Ahmed, according to the declaration, became evasive and could not be located for some time after receiving payment.

After the First Lady put pressure on Mr Ahmed to deliver the ring, the businessman reportedly supplied a diamond ring which was far much less in value than the one paid for.

“In response, the defendant tendered a diamond ring worth $30 000 and naturally, the plaintiff refused to take possession of an inferior ring,” the declaration reads.

Mr Ahmed later agreed to pay back the $1 350 000 that had been advanced to him, and he only paid $120 000.

“Despite repeated demand, the defendant has neglected and failed to refund the full amount. The plaintiff has no other remedy but to seek redress from this very Honourable Court,” reads the court papers.

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  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Externalisation of forex, is it not? The first family

    • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

      That is off topic. Though probably accurate.

      • kutonga

        off topic kudii…that externalization at its best

    • makhosi

      these people now know we are actually stupid

  • trymo

    Eish buying a ring for 1 200 000 …??????

  • Heartless

    Heartless, proper madness

  • God of War

    Buying a ring for that much yet we the people are only allowed to leave Zimbabwe with $2000. Where did she get that amount of money if not from her corrupt husband.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Grace has companies , dummy.

      • Donovan Dube

        Where did she get those companies from, dummy

        • MakhosiXamu

          Your ignorance baffles me.

        • Maphila Samuel Nhlabatsi

          As with anything, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Sure, there are people who work hard and are still poor but there are also people who can’t be asked.

      • God of War

        Hawu! You are still here; I thought you died long back. Weren’t you the guy who drowned himself enkwalini?

        • MakhosiXamu

          This is a nice joke ….kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Ngiyabonga thank you.

  • Je M’appelle Kindness Khupe

    please lets share our God given resources equally, pple r struggling out there.

  • Mwalimu

    If this was some opposition politician’s wife’s ring, the whole election campaign of ZANU will be based on this!

    • ThaDoggPound

      The opposition should capitalize on this scandal.

      • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

        Kids swear.

      • makhosi

        good point indeed. We should get memes of this on social media its effective.

        • Zvinochererwa Padzairimwa

          Who is we, you moron??

          • makhosi

            “We” is positive minded Zimbabweans.

      • MakhosiXamu

        YOU ARE BEING STUPID, NDODA.Grace has her life. MT had a sourmoon in USA and was accompanied by 5000 relatives who overstayed in USA and Europe. MT lived in expensive Hotels full funded by the Tax payer.



  • silver bullet

    these parasitic vampires!!

  • Grace for VP / ED to Chairman

    No one has a right to get angry at this.

    Her Excellency works so hard and selflessly for the people. Think of the orphanage, the 3 000 chicks and everything else she has donated over the years!

    Such a tireless servant of the people deserves to be spoilt by her husband, His Excellency, the President. And who are you to decide what wedding gift our current President gives our to future President?

  • pakaipa

    is it that the dealer failed to deliver or dr grace tried to reverse the deal so as to get funds deposited outside the country when the dealer wanted to refund her via CBZ and she refused????