First Lady tells Mnangagwa to zip it

Harare Bureau
FIRST Lady Dr Grace Mugabe has shot down Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s claims that he was poisoned, saying he was merely seeking sympathy. She said VP Mnangagwa was “nothing” but an employee of President Mugabe.

Dr Mugabe made the remarks in Harare on Thursday while launching youth empowerment and employment creation initiatives.

“Depending on the audience you will be addressing, you go to the benefactor you say, I am bringing my doctor telling the truth and nothing but the truth and say aah doctor please tell my benefactor that I was not poisoned and in my blood there was no trace of poison and the doctor does exactly that towards the benefactor,” Dr Mugabe.

“And depending again on the audience you will be talking to, probably it is the Politburo; you vehemently deny before the Politburo that you didn’t eat ice cream and that you were never poisoned. You go again to Central Committee, people are talking about the issue, that someone was poisoned, aah probably it is the First Lady who did it and you say, let me set the record straight, I was not poisoned,” said Amai Mugabe.

First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe stresses a point during her address in Harare last night

First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe stresses a point during her address in Harare on Thursday night

She added: “You go to a memorial service somewhere; I suppose it is a memorial service kunononyaradzanwa, memorial service kunoenda kunonyaradzanwa vanenge vadii, vafirwa ehe. So depending on the audience, aah pamwe you are seeking sympathy and you say aah ndakapoizenwa. Game yacho yakaoma. Nekuti kuri kunyaradzanwa so you say ndakapoizenwa, ungangonyaradzwawo.”

Dr Mugabe warned Zanu-PF youths to stay away from such shenanigans.

“So be careful youngsters do not play this game. It is a dangerous game. It is not meant to be played by the youths but by only those people in the positions of Vice Presidents,” she said.

Dr Mugabe urged youths to support each other and back indigenous projects instead of spreading lies about each other as was the case with VP Mnangagwa.

Amai Mugabe said allegations that VP Mnangagwa was poisoned were baseless as she had no reason at all to kill him.

“Tinganoita prepare a cup imwechete for Mnangagwa. Kuuraya Mnangagwa kuti ndaita sei? I am a wife of the President. Who is Mnangagwa on this earth? Who is he? Ndiyani angatouraye umwe ipapa apo? I want to ask, what do I get from him? I am the wife of Mugabe, but someone anosimuka oti inini I want to kill Mnangagwa kuti ndinodei kwaari chandisina ini? Yes, my husband is the President. He is an intelligent man I am proud of. The most principled man ever on earth. The peaceful man ever on earth. Someone very disciplined when it comes to madzimai, yes. He is not a bambazonke type. Never. It is me and me alone. Saka chii chandingade kune umwe munhu, ndinodirei kuuraya umwe munhu? Aiwa munhu akatopihwawo basa nemurume wangu ndomuuraya inini. It is nonsensical,” said Dr Mugabe.

She said people must learn to keep quiet when they have nothing to say.

“Politics kana dzakusvika ipapo that means wapererwa. Kana wapererwa chienda kumba unogara. Kana watryer zvese zvawatryer zvaramba, chirega kuramba uchitaurisa zvambotaurwa paya nekuti unenge wakutaura zvinhu zvisina kukodzera. Nekuti hazviite kuti munhu angati I like the President but I do not like his wife, impossible, hazviite, which means you do not like the President himself.”

Dr Mugabe said there were other people who were threatening others that if Vice President Mnangagwa does not succeed President Mugabe, they would be killed.

She said she will not lose sleep over such threats or bow down to the pressure.

Dr Mugabe said there were others who were even thinking of a coup. She said no one recognises a coup even in the SADC region and such people should be charged with treason. Dr Mugabe said people must not be forced to choose a leader.

“We must be greatful kuti tine mutungamiriri ari tolerant and you must not take that tolerance too far. Vanhu you continue to abuse the President. You tell the President this story today, tomorrow you tell him another story iri contrary to the story yawakambotaura, you think he is a fool. Okay let us wait and stop there.”

Thousands of youths from all provinces of the country, ministers, deputy ministers, permanent secretaries, senior Government officials and heads of parastatals and state entities were part of the gathering that attended the launch of the Empower Bank and the Zimbabwe Champions and Heroes of the Economic Empowerment Revolution (ZIMCHEER).

ZIMCHEER is a youth empowerment initiative

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    I have learnt that a true practicing child of God should never surrender his/her Christian morals for world fame. Without the Holy Spirit the positions in this world will rule and yu are 100 % assured of injuring others.children of God are the light of the to the world .Are you one of those church members who is using his/her light to torch other peoples eyes?. Your credentials are not the church but walking the word of God.

  • HH


  • Dlodlo phumile

    Who is Grace Mugabe in the structure of the ZANUPF constitution? Grace Mugabe uses Mphoko and Jonathan Moyo and they use her as well. Where on earth does a president rule a country using his wife? Banda president of Malawi used mama Kadzamira and became ruthless but died at 90 years old-Malawians celebrated. Moi, president of Kenya`s second wife caused untold suffering to Kenyans, because Moi was too old she dictated and run government. Which president on earth allows his wife to talk about ministers? Which president on earth allows his wife to choose a Vice President and to assign ministers and permanent secretaries work to do? This is total state capture by the president`s second wife who his Goreraza`s wife. Did we ever hear Sally Mugabe say a bad thing about anyone? Did we ever see Grace Mugabe putting flowers on Sally Mugabe`s grave? Does Mugabe remember to put flowers on Sally Mugabe`s grave? Gorerza is still alive they live together in Harare.Mugabe grabbed Grace Mugabe from Goreraza by force and banished him to China never to come back. In the Bible there is the King who wanted his general to be killed in war -battlefront so that he took his wife. This is what Mugabe did. This is state capture by Grace Mugabe and Zimbabweans are quiet-do we think God will come from heaven to deliver us from this evil?

    • Elder K

      On point my brother…..its really sad just look at livelihoods and careers which have been destroyed. They are the biggest criminals and deserve to rot in jail

    • moyoza

      hey bro, she is talking as the secretary of woman affairs, and she occupies the forth powerful position in ZANU-PF. So get real and accept reality brother

      • steven

        Be that as it may , even in her capacity as the secretary of women affairs she is offside when she starts denigrating the states 2ic ,

      • WordMaster Rise Up

        Nowhere in her speech does she mention that she is speaking as secretary of women affairs.But EVERYWHERE in her speech she is repeating,emphasizing that she is the wife of the President hence entitled to speak on national and gvt affairs.She equates wife and husband as one by saying you can’t love the President and hate his wife.There you get it.Every time she opens her mouth I feel for her.She lacks substance and rigour in her speeches.I love her destructive ways though to the ZANU pf establishment. Kkkkk

  • qondani

    The day is coming and is coming

    • depressed young city bandit

      You’re forgetting about their hobby of sticking knives into each other, which is only going to keep them even more busy after this car crash of a conference.

  • Elder K

    I think its high time she replaces Mnangagwa as VP because that’s were she is aiming at….Im told she is coming up with some ”very brilliant” ideas in politburo, with the most recent and notable being command agri(gly)culture. Maybe she has an economic blueprint to turn around our dead economy …….CRY MY BELOVED ZIMBABWE

    • depressed young city bandit

      Good luck getting this done with a party in charge that can’t even keep a couple of letters stuck up on a wall.

  • Sakunaka Shumba

    Since Mugabe uses his wife Grace Mugabe to attack the VP Munangagwa because she wants to take his position Munangagwa`s wife should now attack Grace Mugabe so that it becomes a woman to woman affair. Wife to wife head-to-head evn fist first we want to see it so that Grace Mugabe does not abuse other women. He talks about adultery and prostitution both women know each other`s secrets. What she does and talks about is not women`s league matters.


    where were you all along Amai, you should have joined politics earlier and things could have been good.

    • depressed young city bandit

      I’d brace myself for a bit of a shock on that front……….

  • Malile sithole

    Grace Mugabe says Mnangagwa is her domestic male servant who works for her husband. He husband employed her. Mnangagwa is not a civil servant and he does not work for government and ZANUPF-he is madam`s servant. All government employees work at Muagbe`s farm and Grace Mugabe`s mercy! Zimbawe gone to the dogs and there are her backers including Mugabe himself, Mphoko and Jonathan Moyo and Sekeramayi

  • Wezhira

    When Mogen won elections some years ago gushungo refused saying we got this country by war and it cant be taken by ballpoint pen. They used all sorts of intimidation but sadc, au un did nothing. Zimbabwe lets not be fooled. Both zanu and zapu fought side by side trying to liberate blacks from smith government but after defeating the whites we found ourselves in deep waters. Now we are aware there are no tribal wars as potraid in the media. Failing us is not an excuse whether you are karanga, zezuru or ndebele. Someone is trying to divert attention by using divide and rule like smith. Myself iam a mukaranga and dont see myself inferior or superior than any other person. I love democracy and i would love to see a korekore, ndebele, karanga, tonga, venda, even zezuru president again. All we want is a leader with people at heart not a terorist who pretends to be our leader. Zimbabweans i urge you to be united whether black or white the crises is a national issue not a tribal or racial issue. Vote for tsvangirai

  • Jacob Ngotira

    Hanzi zvinoshamisa kuti ‘small house’ like Grace can say Mugabe only has eyes for her.

    • Weevil-cum-G40


  • zenzo sikhumbuzo

    Zipping up! Grace Marufu should be the first to zip up. Where is James Makamba-he was banned from Zimbabwe for this. Grace slept with Mugabe when she was still married to Goreraza. Mugabe slept with Grace when he was still married to amai Sally Mugabe. Even now has this stopped? A president`s wife should learn to speak like a decent woman not a street woman or stripper. Grace should learn to behave like a model for women and ditch the dirty life and her gullible sexual permissiveness before her marriage to an old man the same age as her grandfather whom is now sexually defunct. There is nothing to boast about in public, on his death men will line up to sleep with Grace-business as usual.

  • Phaqa

    So is this a 1st Lady???? #17October count down

  • Weevil-cum-G40

    This unrefined woman’s irritating phoney English accent always stands out whenever she chooses to express herself in English…..she’s trying far too hard to sound sophisticated. She ‘s also very shallow.

    • George Bango

      What goes around comes around. How true? The biggest TERROR lEADER IN zanupf if finally getting the hot end of the stickPay back time.

  • mtshayazabhotshe

    when is this going to end bantu benkosi?Grace ntombazana …a word of advice for you ..shut up and read your history books ..and see what happened to a loud mouth wife of a former Chinese leader a few years ago when her powerful husband died!try make friends not enemies!

    • Zapalala

      Kkkk if only the fake dr disgrace could read , but is a dofo nje

    • depressed young city bandit

      So you’re stupid enough to believe that Dr Amai will see your post, what an imbecile.

    • depressed young city bandit

      wait aren’t you that guy who was having difficulties impregnating his wife, the one who was about to pay doctors for in-vitro fertilisation nonsense, when in actual case the Doctor was gonna smash your wife on your behalf.

  • benjamin

    And it was not even a platform where you bring out such personal scores.
    wasting the audience’s time. She needs to learn a lot about refinement and diplomacy.
    Busy playing your game of thrones whilst we suffer.

    Nokho, maduze kuzophela… we are praying hard…

  • nkululeko moyo

    About Grace`s Mugabe`s adulterous affairs and how she poisoned and killed 4 of her body guards and other men some who died mysteriously, read this article: “Exiled James Makamba speaks on CIO leaked classified documents on Mugabe`s adulterous affairs“. Se how many men she slept with and the abortions she committed and how she uses poison to eliminate her enemies and the need to take DNA test for her children`s to establish true paternity

  • Potcallingkettleblack

    She should stop beating up ordinary people wehrever she goes

  • Roscoe

    Pity the tribesmen who care to listen

  • Hayibo !

    Its only that most of our supposed to be men of God have lost direction. Grace Mugabe needs deliverance. The woman is getting worse and worse. She is a great risk to Zanu PF and the nation. Please Mr President , STOP GRACE , STOP THE MADNESS!!!!