First Lady to make Masvingo bow

Amai Grace Mugabe

Amai Grace Mugabe

George Maponga in Masvingo
FIRST Lady, Cde Grace Mugabe will make her first political foray outside Harare following her nomination to head the Zanu-PF Women’s League with a visit to Masvingo.Cde Shuvai Mahofa, the newly-elected secretary for security in the Zanu-PF women’s national executive, told a weekend meeting of leaders from across the seven districts in Masvingo to prepare to give a “resounding welcome to the First Lady when she comes to the province soon.”

She added: “Masvingo should rally behind the First Lady because she enjoys support across the country.”

No date has been set for the First Lady’s visit, but officials say it is imminent.

She described the First Lady’s impending ascension to the helm of the party’s Women’s League as a harbinger of a better future for the revolutionary party.

Cde Mahofa said there was nothing wrong with the First Lady becoming the Women’s League boss. She said a precedent had been set as the late First Lady and national heroine Cde Sally Mugabe also chaired the Women’s League.

“As women in Masvingo, we want to make it clear that we’re fully behind the First Lady and support her elevation to become head of the Women’s League. Some of us have experience of the benefits that will accrue to the party and even the nation with the First Lady at the helm of the Women’s League,” she said.

“I still remember how the League used to benefit when it was still led by the late First Lady Amai Sally Mugabe. This is what we want to do again and we feel it is good for the party.”

Cde Mahofa appealed to Zanu-PF leaders in Masvingo to mobilise resources for the province to be able to host the First Lady.  Several party leaders at the meeting pledged donations, with Masvingo Urban MP Cde Daniel Shumba donating five head of cattle to feed party members during the First Lady’s visit.


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