Fisherman’s remains pulled out of croc’s belly

The crocodile with the missing man's remains

The crocodile with the missing man’s remains

Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter
A fisherman’s remains were recovered from a crocodile’s belly following an attack in Binga on Monday.

His upper body was retrieved from the river and the lower part was found inside the reptile.

Passmore Phiri who was in his mid-30s, left his home in Binga for fishing at around 2PM on Monday and never returned.

He was joined by Mr Magwiro Ncube (49) and Mr Last Sibanda (16) and the trio proceeded to the ZINWA Harbour along the Zambezi River where they used a canoe to row to an island, about 200 metres from the river bank.

Matabeleland North acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Eglon Nkala confirmed the incident.

He said the increasing number of deaths due to croc attacks were alarming.

“We continue to warn fishermen to be careful and alert when near water bodies. If possible, they should avoid croc-infested areas along the Zambezi River.


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  • Wamserdz


  • Keketso

    too bad

  • mbuso

    his other colleagues were supposed to assist him during the struggle with the reptile or they had already killed him

  • mathe

    kanti bayenzani ingwenya bayayihlanzisa kulokuthi bayisike bakhiphe abakukhiphayo

  • Brutal Truth

    Exactly how they will soon retrieve Chamisa’s remains after the Crocodile is done with him

  • makhulela

    Zim Parks should remove crocodiles from some rivers to prevent human life loses, these dangerous reptiles should be confined to the crocodile farms. Going to rivers is now so dangerous

    • Mgijimi

      Yah they should sell yhese crocodiles to china and leave the baby elephants alone.

  • magumbo mahle

    Hey bantu! The devil is on earth. If someone is eaten by a crocodile why take a crpcodile`s feaces for burial? Many people are eaten by lions and lions are not killed to recover feaces containing remains of the person. People die in various ways but killing an animal or reptile for evidence in feaces or dung is terrible. That deceased guy does not need a grave-that is what God or Satan chose for him