Focus on election promises: First Lady

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ZANU-PF leaders must expend their energies on meeting the promises the party made in the July 2013 elections and less on pointless quarrels, the Secretary for the Women’s League Cde Grace Mugabe said yesterday.

The First Lady, speaking to over 10,000 supporters who met outside the Zanu-PF headquarters to congratulate President Mugabe on his successful stewardship of the African Union during 2015, said the Politburo – which was meeting last night – should be focusing on issues of improving livelihoods instead of being pre-occupied with disciplinary issues.

“I always say as Zanu-PF, we got an upper hand now and the people know that it’s the party representing them and working to fulfil their needs,” she said.

“So what’s all this fighting for? Why are you doing that? You stop it, all of you! We don’t want that. Don’t appear as if you want to create friction between the President and those he chose to work with. If you see us quiet, don’t think we’re foolish, we’re watching you.

“It appears some of you went to school to learn about obscenities only. Just abusing others, to show that you’ve a better vocabulary than the next person. You think as women we’re not able to shout at each other? We’re capable, but we know it doesn’t bring food to the table. If you’re educated, your talk and behaviour should reflect that. Respect those who respect you.”

Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo and War Veterans Minister Chris Mutsvangwa have been trading barbs in the media, the dispute centred on what the former says is an attempt by the latter to rush President Mugabe out of power and ease in Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Mutsvangwa, meanwhile, accuses the former university lecturer of being a divisive and destructive force in Zanu-PF.

Said the First Lady: “Right now, the rains have not been coming and that’s what we should focus on. If there’s peace, the leadership will be able to work without any hindrance and you think with all these petty fights it is possible?

“Vice Presidents Mnangagwa and Mphoko are forced to take their attentions from looking for grain to feed the people to deal with petty fights. You want the Politburo to always sit and talk about petty issues?

“We need progressive things, not to have disciplinary issues year in and year out. We want to talk about serious issues and I think those doing that should be told to shut their mouths because they’re distracting Zimbabwe. We’ve work before us, as we made promises to the people during the 2013 harmonised elections and that’s what we should deliver.”

She said most infighting was being done by male figures in the party and as the mother of the party, she would not hesitate to reprimand them.

The Women’s League said the show of support yesterday was also designed to send a solidarity message to the First Family after four men tried to bomb their private business, Gushungo Dairy, in Mazowe. One of the men has been jailed for nine years after police foiled the January 29 plot.

The First Lady said the individuals behind the plot had demonstrated that they were also prepared to bring harm to the First Family, beyond bombing their private business.

“It means you even want to kill my children. We can’t have a Zimbabwe like that,” she said.

She said in the face of the illegal sanctions imposed by the West, Zimbabweans should have a unity of purpose and work for the development of the country.

She also urged journalists to report responsibly, saying negative reports would never take Zimbabwe anywhere.

“This is our country and all these negative stories are heard all over and if instability is to come, it doesn’t affect me alone but you’ll be also included. You might write your paper but it will not be bought because the purchasing power would have diminished.

“Let’s be patriotic despite our political affiliations. Let’s write stories which don’t drive away investor.”

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    “Don’t drive away investors”.

    Great point and I ask who and what drives away investors?