Football supporters mobilise for Rwanda

Harare Bureau
ZIMBABWE football supporters group, commonly known as Friends of the Warriors, has stepped up plans to send a group of cheerleaders to Rwanda for the Chan 2016 finals. According to the organisation’s spokesperson, Zivanai Muwashu, the supporters’ club is engaging their traditional sponsors to help mobilise resources for the trip.

As part of their fundraising initiatives, Friends of the Warriors are also planning to hold a musical gala dubbed “Good Morning Rwanda” which will also be a farewell for the team.

“We’ve been in touch with our Rwandan counterparts as well as the Tanzania embassy to find out more about the requirements for one to safely visit Rwanda.

“As you know there’s instability in (neighbouring) Burundi so it’s important to be careful when planning on visiting such destinations. We’re aware the organisers did their due diligence when awarding the hosting rights to Rwanda but you know supporters have a lot more freedom compared to the players so they need to be educated on the culture and tradition of the hosting country so that they don’t contravene their laws.

“So in short we’re tying all loose ends and will be publishing our final report. Selection of the travelling fans will be on merit and as normal we’ll be guided by the Sport and Recreation Commission on the screening criteria.

“The Friends of the Warriors are engaging the Ministry of Sport and Zifa on planning the trip for the supporters after which a statement will be issued,” said Muwashu.

The Friends cheered the Warriors to a respectable fourth place finish at the 2014 Chan finals in Cape Town, South Africa where they charmed many with their unique way of supporting.

The Friends of the Warriors have accompanied the national team to most of their foreign assignments travelling by road to destinations as far as Tanzania and Ndola in Zambia. Lately they accompanied the team to the Comoros Islands where they cheered them on the first hurdle of their Chan qualification bid.

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