Furore as Fungisai smuggles Mahewu into plane

Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave

Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
CONTROVERSIAL singer Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave has come under fire for violating aviation rules on carrying liquids after she applauded herself for smuggling 400ml of Mahewu into an aeroplane.

According to most airlines, their policy is a complete ban on containers with liquids being carried on the aircraft as hand luggage for security reasons in light of terrorist attacks.

Fungisai, however, disregarded this as she posted a picture of herself seated in what seemed like an evening flight, with a bottle of Rainbow Mahewu on her table.

She proudly captioned the picture: “I successfully smuggled a 400ml Maheu bottle into a plane. OMG (Oh My God)!!! I knew if I asked them for Maheu parwendo (during the journey), they’d ask kuti chii chinonzi Maheu (what is Mahewu)?

“It’s a top notch Zim kind of a drink, good for my health.”

It is not clear where Fungisai was headed to and which airline she had boarded. What she did not know, however, is that her crowning moment of mischief was going to bring her hoards of comments of condemnation from fans.

One Clemie Baba T Magureyi posted that Fungisai’s actions were a disgrace.

“I thought you were supposed to lead by example as a role model but you’ve clearly reflected your true behaviour. You’re such a disgrace just to say the least,” posted Magureyi.

Shami Makunike said Fungisai’s actions showed that she needed salvation for promoting sin.

“Shame on you my dear sister, you have to repent. Yes I understand that being a gospel singer doesn’t mean you are a Christian, but it’s never too late for God. I can’t imagine someone boasting about “smuggling” nyadzi hapana “hunhu, Ubuntu” (with no shame and dignity).

“Maybe it’s a polite way of showing your true colours. I’ll intercede for you so that you’ll be forgiven. Be blessed,” she posted.

Nomthandazo Etty Mutatiwa Ndhlovu suggested that Fungisai was painting a bad picture for Zimbabweans.

“Successfully smuggled? What picture are you portraying dear? For the sake of the people who support you and those around you, please show some dignity.

“At one time, you were at the conference with our mother Eunah Guti, can you try to learn something from her and other women of God?”

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  • Chimbulumbunde62

    She’s a brazen & shameless cheat..she must’ve bribed airport security to smuggle mahewu in her cabin baggage. All baggage’s supposed to be searched at the gate & anyone trying to hide drinks could be stopped from boarding.Shes just defied the clarion call by our ‘new President’ who’s cogently fighting against any forms of corruption

  • Makhehla Ndukwana

    Mmmmmm vanhu weeee. You are taking things to serious imwi. Leave the lady alone please.

  • Gatsho

    Chronicle editor why did you delete my comment?? Asi uri boyfriend yaFungisai? Uri mboko newe

  • Iris

    She must be banned by the airline she flew with for life. Scumbag of an ugly woman.

  • Danny

    Anyone who has never smuggled anything into the country please cast the first stone.

    • Doctor Do little

      Although I wont cast the stone my hand is up.

  • Mthwakazi

    She’s not pretty, she’s ugly, the kind of woman who would lead her hubby into having an extra marital affair, due to her lack unattractiveness.

  • Guhwa

    I didnt know maheu anoitisa vanhu hasha kudai. kumutukirira kudaro here vakomana