Gen Sibanda helped ED escape after being fired from Govt: VP Chiwenga

Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, General Philip Valerio Sibanda

Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, General Philip Valerio Sibanda

Freedom Mupanedemo in Gokwe
Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Phillip Valerio Sibanda helped in the safe escape of President Emmerson Mnangagwa when he was fired as Vice President last year, Vice President Dr Constantino Chiwenga disclosed yesterday.

Addressing mourners at the burial of Gogo Yowana Kubvoruno, mother to General Sibanda in Gokwe’s Dera area yesterday, VP Chiwenga said he first got the information about the President’s dismissal from Government from Gen Sibanda.

VP Chiwenga said acting on his instruction, Gen Sibanda played a pivotal role in the escape of President Mnangagwa to Mozambique until he got a safe temporary shelter in that country.

“Today I want to tell you something I had never told anyone, a secret that has been between me and General Sibanda whose mother we are burying today.

“At the height of the madness that had rocked the country in November last year when senior officials in Government were being rebuked in public, a development which culminated in the dismissal of President Mnangagwa from Government and his position as Vice President of the party, I was out of the country in China on duty.

“General Sibanda then phoned to brief me on the sad developments and I asked him what we were supposed to do.

“We then had a discussion and I said to him, this man’s life is in danger he might be killed please do everything possible to make sure that he (President Mnangagwa) gets out of the country safe and alive. Gen Sibanda acted on that instruction and the President was taken out safely,” he said.

VP Chiwenga said Gen Sibanda dispatched three security details who escorted President Mnangagwa out of the country before they returned into Zimbabwe through the Mozambique border despite the fact that one of them had no passport.

“General Sibanda managed to take out President Mnangagwa safely. One of the three security details who took the President out had no passport but they managed to return home through the Mozambique border without passports.

“This man did a sterling job which I thought he would not accomplish,” said VP Chiwenga.

“After taking the President out, the army under the leadership of General Sibanda remained calm, maintaining peace while the country was at a standstill until I returned.

“I returned some few days later and we had an emergency meeting and decided to launch an operation, again when we were deliberating on the name of the operation, General Sibanda was the one who came up with the name Operation Restore Legacy, which became a huge success.”

VP Chiwenga described Gen Sibanda as a gallant hero who left some indelible marks in the country’s liberation struggle and in neighbouring countries where he operated.

He said the General’s mother was resting in peace knowing well that she bore the country a true hero.

“Gogo MaDube (Kubvoruno) played her part. She is a heroine in her own right. From her womb came out heroes like Gen Sibanda.

“Gen Sibanda operated in Mozambique and Angola and today Angola cannot talk of its history without mentioning the name of Gen Sibanda,” he said.

Speaking at the same ceremony, Gen Sibanda thanked mourners for coming in numbers to mourn with him.

“I want to thank you for coming to my mother’s burial. We know this is everyone’s way,” he said.

Born on August 18, 1920, Gogo Yowana Kubvoruno died on Friday morning at Gokwe District Hospital after a short illness.

She was 98 years old.

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  • Ndex

    Fuck this Sibanda guy.ngabe wayekela wafa,we could be free now.we are still suffering cause of Ed and his crew. Ngudawu onjani onceda inja

    • Chamu

      Free under Grace Mugabe? if he had not done this, we could be campaigning for Grace Mugabe for President now.

      • Samaritan

        ED and Grace same whatsapp group. Clueless

    • Gitima

      It’s not your fault. Blame your mother who conceived you behind an anti hill after getting it from behind.

      • Zvobgo

        If you were conceived that way enjoy the eascapade

      • Ndex

        Son of a bitch.Ed should have died and Mugabe wasn’t a threat anymore.we are facing another 38 yrs of poverty. How long are we going to suffer.lets not forget Ed and chiwenga are the same guys who kept mugabe in power.we want him dead and have fresh blood running GREAT Zimbabwe #CHAMISA chete

    • Nothiwani Ntuli

      Inja kuyihlo !! Akutshiyane loMdawini wenkosi. Kanti vele wazalwa njani wena doti yomuntu?

  • Cetshwayo

    Sies, u should have let him be killed by Mgabe ngoba bayafana laba bantu. ED participated in Gukurahundi, looted this country of its mineral wealth and currency because of his position of power. He is no different from Satan Mugabe. If he had died we would have celebrated.

  • Sikhulu

    I hope he will live to be rewarded for his acts of genius which he demonstrates in whatever he does. A humble man who has conducted himself very well in all missions .

  • musa

    so which EDiot escape narrative is true, the one given by EDiot himself, his son or his handler general bleachantino? these guys are definitely not singing from the same hymn book.

    • Zvobgo

      None are true.
      He was holed up somewhere in Gwanda or Beitbridge

  • zibulo

    The same army harassing and arresting zimbabweans at borders , who have been fleeing the same evil they served and supported . So Mgabe was only bad when he turned his spear on Mnaggangwa ?? He followed the same people he persecuted to RSA, couldn’t stay in Mozambique , as there is no real democracy, just like Zim. He followed our children to Mzansi, got an asylum permit , yet he used to mock and ridicule zimbabweans in the diaspora as cowards when he was in power corridors . What are the economic and political and social benefits derived from his return in a Coup ? This paper is being used by them as a campaign machinery. Its not their paper its for us the people. See the Headlines daily Campaigning for ZANU for mahala, and contrast that with the De-Campaigning they do to MDC , the same thing goes at ZBC , THEY CAMPAIGN FOR MAHALA FOR zanu and then it is said elections will be free and fair. Election day is not very important, its the Times/Months/ before the election and what environment pertains , that is important. Ruling Parties in Africa pressurize us to know who to vote for , but NOT WHAT WE SHOULD VOTE FOR. Right now here its pressure to have the election asap , despite all the compalints coming from other parties-their concerns must be looked into, we must see them on Radio and TV airing the complaints and given opportunities to listen and ask them OURSELVES,not zimpapers which is partisan in terms of daily headlines. This ED escape is part of the propaganda

    • Cele

      What exactly are you trying to say? You are just bottled up.

      • Zvobgo

        He is saying EDiot, Vitiligo and PV are perverts.
        Why can’t you get it?

  • wiol

    Talk of economic issues bedeviling the country zvema escape izvi hazvina kana basa it shows kuti u guys are clueless on how to bring the economy back

  • God of War

    Another day, another story. These Zanu EDiots lie too much. Last time we heard the helicopter story about Mujuru was also a lie and also Mutsvangwa talks like he is a war hero yet he was a panty thief and sniffer.

    • Zvobgo

      Lies all round

  • Nkunzemnyama

    Ed’s son spoke about how they escaped and made no mention these 3 security people. We all know Gen Sibanda was one of the top commanders ze ZIPRA,,,,,but when you say he operated in Angola and Moza….what exactly do you mean ? Thi z.a.n.y paper is stooping too low.

  • Wellington

    Just bring our cash into the banks, we dont want to hear your stories. My condolences to the General’s family for the loss

  • Samaritan

    After all being said, how does that solve the cash crisis?. We are not interested in history but rather the future. Mugabe used to bark about how he rescued this country and 4got how he has captured it.

  • sibangilizwe

    Lange nkathazo lezo bako Sibanda. U Gogo esephumulile njalo esebenzile ngokusizalela iqhawe elakhulula ilizwe laboBaba.