General Chiwenga sues Professor Moyo for $5 million


Professor Moyo

Professor Moyo

Daniel Nemukuyu, Harare Bureau
THE Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Dominic Guvheya Nyikadzino Chiwenga has slapped Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo with a $5 million defamation lawsuit.

Gen Chiwenga is suing Prof Moyo over a press statement he issued in July this year insinuating that the military boss did not earn his doctorate degree with the University of Kwazulu Natal, but instead, someone authored the thesis on his behalf in fulfilment of the programme.

Prof Moyo issued the statement on July 9 and it was published on various media platforms, portraying the ZDF commander as a dishonest person who cheated to get the PhD qualification.

Part of the press statement deemed to be defamatory read: “Finally, I’m happy that Chiwenga wants pre and post-independence disclosures about who was who, who did what and so forth. That’s good.

“Meanwhile, I take that to mean he wants the disclosure of who contributed what to his doctorate and who really wrote his KZN PhD. Again, the Shona wisdom that kunyarara kurinani pane kutaura, applies. #Handeitione.”

Gen Chiwenga, through his lawyers Mr Wilson Manase and Mr Wellington Pasipanodya of Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners, argues that the statement was highly defamatory of him and he is entitled to the damages.

The lawyers argued that the words were wrongful and that the minister only sought to soil the general’s good name.

“The words in the context of the article, are wrongful, and defamatory per se of the plaintiff in that they were intended and understood by readers to mean that the plaintiff lacks integrity, is dishonest, deceitful, and fraudulent in that he never made a contribution towards his post-graduate doctorate studies from the University of Kwazulu Natal, and that another person wrote the thesis as a fulfilment to his doctoral studies,” reads the plaintiff’s declaration.

Gen Chiwenga contends that the same words can be taken to mean that he plagiarised and violated the research methods at the university, which is an act of misconduct.

“Apart from the the defamatory statement, was an intention to convey an innuendo that the plaintiff is in fact, dishonest, deceitful and that his academic post-graduate doctorate in Philosophy qualification from the University of Kwazulu Natal is an academic fraud…” reads the declaration.

Gen Chiwenga, who is the military boss, a decorated liberation war hero held in high esteem locally and regionally, suffered severe damage to his reputation and moral standing, the lawyers argued.

To that end, Gen Chiwenga is claiming the $5 million plus interest.

He is also seeking an order for costs on a punitive scale against Prof Moyo.

The press statement appeared in various daily and weekly newspapers as well as other media platforms.

Prof Moyo is yet to respond.

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  • Bongani Dlamini

    the prof must be afraid, very afraid, the general is doing a diversionary act here or a dummy here to get everyone hoodwinked and think he wants to deal with the prof in a civilized way. Reality may well be that the general will use old methods to take on the prof.

    • makhosi

      Then the courts will pass a default judgement. Tough one Prof.

      • Cetshwayo kaGodlwayo Original

        Getaway stop talking default nonsense!!

    • Zapalala

      Fuseki shlama , why not Chanel those energies towards nation buiding

      • Essexvale

        Grow up it’s not like you know how to insult.

  • tambo lenyoka

    Not for now, the criminals who looted the state coffers will use court appearance as an excuse to be out of custody. We want all the money he stole under Grace Mugabe`s petticoat to be returned to the people of Zimbabwe. Grace Mugabe took millions of pounds and dollars from the Reserve Bank in cash. Magudya and Gideon Gono both were specially put in the Reserve Bank by Mugabe and Grace Mugabe to defraud Zimbabweans. They should not destroy the cash transaction records, we want the money back. All the millions used to buy houses in Dubai, South Africa, Malasia -the forex records should be made available otherwise Gono and Magudya the current reserve bank governor should be incarcerated immediately. We must recover money from these criminals as a matter of urgency.


    Your never ending wars will tear ZANU PF apart. Many people have skeletons in their closet but we have learn t even to forgive Mnangagwa himself since he is no saint and you General. Lets begin a new Zimbabwe those with many farms give back some, those with large tracts of land learn to share. We want the monies back liquidate prof’s property, and all the thieves properties and inject the money back to the government

  • Nitram2

    Mugabe and grace have been forgiven. The young girls that were raped by Zanla have forgiven you. You have been forgiven of all your war crimes and you still want to roast the professor

    • Fistos

      Fishing the Jonah from hiding?

      • Nitram2

        That will not bring bread

  • simangaliso ndlovu

    If you hear someone talking about war crimes and disturbances during the dissident era in Zimbabwe and want to use that to rebuild Zimbabwe now know that the person is barbaric and is externally funded to destabilise Zimbabwe so that it remains poor and people are not united hating each other. Now Zimbabwean people are very mixed as we desired no more ethnic boundaries created by colonialists to keep us apart. All countries in the world went through ethnic wars in their history but move on and settle down to prosper.some were under annexation.
    We want to liquidate assets of criminals and auction them so that we rebuild Zimbabwe. Grace Mugabe has over 20 farms in Harare alone in prime areas such as Mazoe and Goromonzi, that is sheer greed. Chombo was caught with more than US10million on his dining table-what about money hidden in his other too many houses. Mphoko has millions of USD hidden in his supermarkets for importing goods. Grace`s houses should be auctioned and monies recovered. Kasukuwere`s 50-room mansion should be auctioned. Ministers should voluntarily surrender excess farms and government property they looted, there should be an amnesty period during which they voluntarily give back farms before we pounce on them. Give farms to people who utilise the land, black or white.All parties lets focus on economic recovery and job creation-especially opening the heavy industries.

  • ABED

    Really General? The day you will have managed to pronounce the words “colony” and “shenanigan” shall be the day I will believe that you earned the PhD. Otherwise, “it’s obvious”.

  • The Watcher

    Come on General. Learn to be graceful in victory. You have crushed the G40. No its time for people to move to more important things of building this country. These grudges will take us back to Mugabe era. Besides, u and Mnangagwa are no saints either. But people are willing to turn a blind eye to your previous attrocities with the hope of a better country. Thats all wat the average Zimbabwean wants.

    • bh

      Well said.

  • Nkosinathi

    Come on Chiwenga no retribution reconcil and let move the nation forward

  • musa

    clever general eh? quite clever. 1st you banish jona outside the country next you sue him & then you get a default judgement.

  • Tom

    Judging by the way the general read his “coup” speech and the pronouciations i dare say jonso may be right!! Its so diffivurt to berieve otheriwize! Jonso can counter sue big time too! Let him who is without sin cast the first stone!!

  • MakhosiXamu

    The General is no hero to me. His removal of Mugabe from power at gun is one sure sign of his barbarism. The Professor is spot on. Chiwenga is accusing others of being thieves …. I find it so strange indeed. Chiwenga was at the helm of the ZNA before Philip Sibanda. His soldiers looted diamonds in Chiyadzva as they pleased , today His commanders are filthy rich and he is also stinking rich. chiwenga will face the same fate. wait and see.

    • Doctor Do little

      The way some of us see it the reaction by sleeping SADEC and snoring African Union may be a blessing in disguise. I am no fan of Chiwenga or the new President either. I was not fan of the past one. In my books they are no different. What is different is that people have tasted what it is like to stand up for themselves and the Armed forces and the new man at helm will know that they are been watched closely by the world. The next election which is just around the corner might just surprise some people. If they continue with the rigging culture it will not work as well as it has in the past. If it is successful then we plunge back into the abyss and this time the people might not be so lenient. For now we have to thank Moyo for bringing about this window of opportunity.

      • Mthwakazi

        What are you waffling about, you ,must be deranged to think that Moyo brought about the change. Grace Mugabe single handedly removed her husband from office. Stop lying to people, get yourself a cup of tea & go sit outside listening to the sounds of birds as you have lost touch with reality.

        • Doctor Do little

          Oh shut up you significant little fool. You need to keep up on your Meds instead of trying to hold conversations with adults. Now go play out side.

          • Mthwakazi

            What we need right now as a nation is to rebuild our economy & get back on our fit not to be fighting each other or seeking revenge.

          • Doctor Do little

            What do you know about Nation building you idiot. All you know to do yinhlamba. Do you think you can Nation build by insulting others? At this moment judging from your demeanor you have taken your Meds. Continue doing that and then maybe we can debate. Who do you think you are telling me to listen to birds? If you are hearing voices or bird sounds tell it to your Doctor not to me.

          • Mthwakazi

            Let’s debate and agree to disagree where we have differing opinions, let’s take that positive step from now onward.

          • Doctor Do little

            By the way the word is FEET not fit.

          • Mthwakazi

            The things that you take pleasure in noticing are so trivial. How was the cup of tea I suggested, very nice? Please do ask for another cup.