Gents, don’t just slap on a blazer!

18 March - Pattern And Style

Pattern and Style, Yoliswa Dube

NOT too long ago, the dancehall igwe, Winky D (real name Wallace Chirumiko), sang about “bhachi nejean”.

He chanted, “usina bhachi nejean wakasara seTarino”. It was the in thing then, slapping on a blazer onto a pair of jeans.

Looking back, there was one problem with this trend. Men were wearing any sort of jacket with any kind of jeans and thought they were slaying.

In most instances, it was suit jackets over baggy jeans paired with a T-shirt even. The niggers were in too deep!

As time went on, the “bhachi nejean” Winky D chanted about turned into different colour jackets which in most instances had embroidery on the back. The embroidery could have been of any motif — an eagle, lion, pretty much anything!

Of course this was a big shift from the three-button oversized suit jackets which looked beyond weird but it still wasn’t quite coming together just right.

The trend got perfected over time and more men started to get the hang of it. But some got carried away. They’ll slap on a blazer onto pretty much anything; even when it’s not necessary.

The blazer manufacturers have come right and started manufacturing cutting edge stuff but more and more men have become confused about what should go into a blazer look.

There’s just so much on the market it has become increasingly difficult to determine what works and what doesn’t.

A blazer is a definite must have, but the cut will be determined by your body shape and height. Chubby cheeks wouldn’t look so handsome in a six-button blazer. It may add weight to your look as you try to keep it closed.

Rather go for a two-button with a vent at the back. It will have a slimming effect and give you the perfect silhouette. If you don’t already own any, you want to have your first blazer in a neutral colour and then go adventurous as your collection grows.

Start with the blacks, browns, navy blues, greys and then move over to the checkered and bolder colours. But if you’re charismatic — go for the bold colours and a single vent from the onset. Just remember not to wear it every other day. That’s the down side of elaborate pieces; they can’t be worn too often.

To pull off the blazer look well, invest in a crisp white shirt. Any woman worth her salt loves a man in a clean white shirt!

And guess what; you won’t need to wear a tie on a crisp white shirt and classic blazer. All you’ll need is a well-fitted pair of chinos, the perfect belt, good shoes and you’re good to go. The blazer look can be taken to different occasions — day or night. The secret is in your accessories.

For a polished evening look, wear your blazer with a pocket square and a lapel pin; those who know will appreciate your sense of style. Take it a notch higher and wear a bow tie or a cravat in a bold colour if you’re feeling a little fancy.

The secret is making sure your blazer, shirt and pants hug your body perfectly.

If you’re going to wear a brown belt, wear brown shoes and if it’s going to be black, let it be black waist and feet. Men generally don’t have much to accessorise with so the secret is getting maximum style from the few pieces you have. A watch is really nice to have.

It all comes together with a good fragrance. Nothing is as attractive as a man whose fragrance announces his presence. Many people don’t get this but investing in a good fragrance speaks volumes of your sense of style and how seriously you take your personal hygiene.

Make sure it’s not harsh and it doesn’t harass the next person’s nostrils — the scent has to be nothing but salutary. No woman wants to sit next to a man who stinks or one whose fragrance is overpowering. It has to be just right.

Ever met men whose fragrances linger after they’ve left? Now that’s hot!

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