Get Rich or Die Trying Part II

Morris Mpala, MoB Capital Ltd

Get rich quick schemes
THE fantasy of stumbling on riches without using your God-given gifts is what a lot of people dream about every day.

They might not say it in public but most people would not mind to get instantly rich.

Money is a nice commodity and most things are obedient to it.  So illusions, wishes and fantasies about being rich are not misplaced priorities as dreaming is allowed. In addition, it is encouraged to dream it before you physically see.

Disclaimer: Please note I am loosely using money, rich to mean wealth and or financial freedom.

It is possible to get rich quickly and amass wealth in the shortest possible time with the easiest of efforts ever. Literally some human beings will go to whatever lengths to become rich without qualms for the nefarious activities that include criminality, and immorality, among others.

Dress up in those funny garbs (sometimes), perform miracles and have your own church, visit up north countries and be a pastor in this case, a Pharisee.

With a huge following in no time, you will be accessing huge financial resources and your financial life changes. Be blessed with the gift of the gab.

Preach prosperity and gospel of giving, have a gullible congregation and you will have all the finer things in life. It’s an art to feed into the fickle spiritually seeking people and make them give generously especially during economic down turns and or personal hardships.

Tenders have been an overnight success for a lot of connected individuals. Most tenders are of huge monetary benefits and just one single tender could set you for life.

In some instances, these are clean deals that need broking and you have yourself a retirement package.

This avenue of acquiring resources is forceful and very evil.

Through the proceeds of crime, we have witnessed rags to riches stories. Crime pays big time in the short to medium term if we forgo the criminal element of it.

In the long run it’s not sustainable. Since time immemorial criminals have amassed wealth over a very short period of time.

Lotto winner
It’s one avenue where your lotto ticket could be the jump you needed to self actualise. Due to your lotto ticket, you come across tonnes of money for your benefit. History has it that most penniless lotto winners do easily lose their riches and go back to being people of lack.

Through gambling you can make a lot of cash and earn yourself a good life. Gambling can pay off and change your life in an instant. In this category, I can cruelly put stock market, forex trading as they can give instant wealth if you get your trading instincts right even though it could be through hard work to get it right. It’s a very addictive vice that could be classified as a disease.

Ponzi/Pyramid schemes
The art of cheating other potential investors in such schemes has given money to other economic actors.

It’s an unsustainable route which is criminal in nature. Some of these elaborate schemes are billion dollar scams into the pockets of the perpetrators. Evil ways of acquiring instant wealth.

You could find yourself on the side of receiving a huge payout in an inheritance case. Once you are this lucky you definitely know it’s overnight wealth.

There isn’t anything bad with receiving such if you are the chosen one. The art will be to know how to preserve it going forward.

Social financial contracts otherwise known as marriages.
It’s another way to have your hands on some riches. You just marry rich and you are good to go. And at times divorce settlements leave one with a young fortune they had never imagined before.

Life assurance policies
We have noticed instant riches from life policies of rich people. A rich man dies and you happen to be the beneficiary of a huge life policy. It has happened and it is still happening up to now. You can also insure them yourself and be the beneficiary in case of their demise.

Morally sounds wrong but it can lead you to financial freedom. Please do not be responsible for their demise as that becomes criminally life insurance fraud not to mention murder.

Benevolence recipients
Some people find themselves being recipients of a good fortune from acquaintances or strangers to the betterment of their lives.

Exceptionally talented
Some people are just extra talented. They possess exceptional skills in their areas of competence. It could be in business or sporting activities such that whatever they undertake the rewards are just phenomenal.

Such blessings really exist to some people in our communities and in no time they are financially blessed beyond measure.

Hard Work
For the rest of us, we need hard work to achieve riches. The substitute for the above is hard work with integrity and it lasts the distance compared to the above undertakings.

There is no substitute for hard work and the rewards of hard work are just orgasmic. The feeling of winning through hard work is unparalleled. Such riches tend to move from one generation to the next. It most cases such financial freedom is sustained compared to the above that are always short lived.

Easy come, easy go. There is value in hard work.  There is pride in hard work and you can be proud of yourself for acquiring such freedom through sheer hard work and dedication to your craft.


Morris Mpala is the managing director of MoB Capital Limited, a Bulawayo headquartered micro-finance institution with footprint across the country.

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