Girl, 13, hangs over church service ban

Elizabeth Tsuro Midlands Reporter
A 13-YEAR-OLD girl from Gweru allegedly hanged herself yesterday after her mother stopped her from attending church services at night.

Joyce Taga, a Form One school drop-out, was found hanging from a tree in the yard of a house in Mkoba 9 suburb where her mother is a tenant.

Joyce’s grandmother, who identified herself only as Gogo Nhenga, said her granddaughter hanged herself from a guava tree at around 6AM.

A day before she took her life, the girl’s mother allegedly rebuked her for coming home late after she claimed that she was coming from a church crusade.

Her mother is alleged to have told her that she was no longer allowed to go for any night prayers and this did not go down well with her.

Gogo Nhenga said at around 6AM yesterday, she was awakened by her daughter who told her that Joyce had hanged herself.

“I got a call from her mother at around 6AM informing me that she had found Joyce hanging from a tree in their backyard. I quickly rushed to the scene and was shocked to see her hanging there,” she said.

“I asked my daughter what could’ve led Joyce to commit suicide and she told me that she only rebuked her for coming home late before advising her not to attend any evening church services.”

She said after Joyce was reprimanded, she did not eat her supper, only to be found hanging the on the following morning.

The deceased’s friend from a neighbouring house said Joyce seemed troubled as they came back from church on Monday night.

“After church I tried to talk to her on our way home but she was moody and kept quiet all the way. We then continued walking in silence and I wanted to ask her today why she was moody. I was saddened when she was found dead this morning because I didn’t have a chance to ask her,” she said.

Acting Midlands police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende could not be reached for comment as her phone was unreachable.

Only last week, a Nust student from Mkoba 15 suburb in Gweru hanged himself in his bedroom after he allegedly squandered his tuition fees.

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  • Mina Makoti

    Why commit suicide rather than take responsibility for one’s actions – actions resulting from lack of accountability. Mabasa kuwanda!

  • msindazwe

    hanging is never a solution instead her soul would be troubled forever

  • The optimist

    Why church crusades have to be conducted usually at night beats me!! Imagine such a young soul. Elders were rightly concerned really because a 13 year old going to an evening crusade without family ??? These churches ….

  • mantshingelana

    the girl was supposed to obey the elders her mother, how then does she receive Christ when she is failing on the basic rule, and does she know what it means when you commit murder killing herself, will she be received in the house of the Lord, if the mother had said no to going out in the night she was supposed to obey and cancel all other night outings, l pity her for having to choose such a way of leaving the world to face the almighty

  • Ghost of Sparta

    I doubt she would be at church most times. I think she was meeting a boyfriend.