GIRL SUICIDE OVER SOAPIE. . . 14-yr-old told to do homework before TV hangs self

The late Nomakhwezi Mzaca Nkomo

The late Nomakhwezi Mzaca Nkomo

Andile Tshuma, Chronicle Reporter
A GIRL (14) allegedly committed suicide after her mother ordered her to do homework and polish her shoes before watching Generations the Legacy soapie on TV.

Nomakhwezi Mzaca Nkomo, a Form Two pupil at Townsend Girls’ High School in Bulawayo, allegedly used her younger brother’s belt to hang herself on a screen door of their Sunninghill house in the city on Thursday night.

Her younger brother is said to have been the first to see the body, around 9PM.

Nomakhwezi’s father, Mr April Nkomo, said he was shocked by his daughter’s decision to take her own life.

He described Nomakhwezi as a gentle, reserved and obedient child, who was responsible as the eldest child and always took care of her younger brothers.

“I do not know what went wrong with my daughter. I cannot express the pain that I am feeling at the moment. How could she leave us behind at such a tender age of 14? How could she take her own life? We do not have the answers,” said Mr Nkomo.

Nomakhwezi’s mother, Mrs Mendo Nkomo, said she did not shout at her daughter but just told her to make sure her school stuff was sorted before she could watch television.

“She was such a lovely child and she never came up with excuses when it came to her school work or house chores. I never raised my voice at her, I just told her that she was taking too long to polish her shoes and her younger siblings needed to apply shoe polish on their school shoes as well so she had to be quick. I told her to stop concentrating on TV but to go to the kitchen and finish her homework. The next thing, we found her hanging by the kitchen screen door,’ said Mrs Nkomo.

Mr Nkomo said he was away when the incident happened and was told over the phone that his daughter had hanged herself.  He said the family called an ambulance but a neighbour rushed her to hospital before it arrived.

“She was rushed to United Bulawayo Hospitals where she was pronounced dead after doctors failed to resuscitate her.

“Her mother tried to render first aid as they were waiting for help. When they got to hospital, the doctors and nurses tried to resuscitate her. They failed and told us the worst news that she was no more. They could not bring her back to life,” said Mr Nkomo.

Mrs Mendo Nkomo

Mrs Mendo Nkomo

“My daughter was lifeless; I quickly took her body down from the screen door. Her body was still warm so I still had hope that she would live,” said Mrs Nkomo.

Mr Nkomo said he worried about his younger children who all saw their sister dead.

He said he hoped that they would get professional counselling to ease the trauma of the sorrowful memory.

He said: “I am appealing to organisations that offer professional counselling to assist my wife and children who had to deal with such a painful incident. I feel so weak on my knees when I try to imagine what my wife felt when she saw our child hanging in the kitchen. They need help to move on from this painful phase of our lives.

“Just this morning, my eight year old son said to me, ‘Daddy my only sister is gone for good? I miss her.’ It hurt me so badly and made me realise that these children would need help or else this would haunt them for life,” said Mr Nkomo.

Nomakhwezi was buried at West Park Cemetery on Saturday.


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  • Ndlukula Ye Sizwe

    very sad loss of a young life. the influence of modern media on our children is very bad. let us be careful what our children are exposed to from a much earlier age.
    Condolences to the Nkomo family

    • ThaDoggPound

      Well said my brother.
      As someone who has always wanted to have a baby daughter (I have sons only) my tears welled up thinking about what this family is going through.

      • Wellington

        Its really sad its not easy to lose a child especially at this tender age and worse the trauma the little siblings and the parents will have to endure for the rest of their lives, in such instances you get emotional even if you do not know the people

    • big

      Not too sure if modern media has any influence in this… I think the real issue here is that this girl had a psychological problem that might have been known but ignored, or might not have been detected. We are yet to appreciate the importance of psychiatrists. When your kid exhibits eccentric or strange behaviour, take it seriously for it could be a sign of a more profound underlying psychological problem.

      You really don’t just hang yourself because mom said homework before TV. It takes a psychologically abnormal person to do that.

  • musa

    sad, very sad. why are kids hanging themselves these days?

    • Cetshwayo

      too sad mfo or dade



    • big

      It’s a point but I think the issue here is that this kid had a psychological problem that was not known or could have been known but taken lightly or simply ignored with the hope that she would just grow out of it. TV or no TV, a normal kid won’t just go hang herself because mum said TV after homework.

    • God of War

      Are you saying TV influenced her to kill herself? If so, HOW?

      • Cetshwayo

        Simple, she was so hooked to this soapy that she couldn’t bear the thought of missing an episode…and the pain and frustration of missing an episode led her to decide that it was better to take her own life…Personally I think kids should only watch tv on weekends…Parents out there ensure your kids sleep at 8 and do not watch these adult TV shows.

  • God of War

    Anyone who takes their own life will get no sympathy from me. Either she was suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness or she was an idiot; because why would one kill themselves for Generations of all soapies.

    • big

      Undiagnosed mental illness is also my guess. If she was an idiot, it’s coz of the undiagnosed mental illness. You are right, no normal kid will kill herself just because mom said you can’t watch Generations before doing homework. A normal kid in the worst case would probably just sulk and next time know that she has to do her homework early enough coz mom won’t allow her to watch generations if homework is not done.

      • Wellington

        besides they do repeats of that nonsense soapie every weekend. l still remember when l was a child we will be denied watching wrestling (WWF eyabo Hulk and Ultimate Warrior) if a certain task was not completed, sometimes you will be sent to the butchery around that time we never took it to the heart, infact to beat that you will make sure what needs to be done was done faster before wrestling time even asking parents ukuthi bekuthume emagrosa early so you could watch the favourite programme back then. Im sure this kid had some psychological issues that were never noticed or dealt with.

        • zibulo

          the nonsense soapie rolls in millions in ZAR everyday, for both SABC and Generations, plus actors. So wena you are the nonsense. Didn;t you know we fought not to oppress each other but to agree to disagree.????. Ungizwe kahle, ungayihlanekeli inkulumo yami.

          • Wellington

            stupid moron just exposing your foolery on this sad thread; You should read the whole comment and understand before exposing your stupidity emphakathini. Even if Generations make millions Amamillions akhona do they go emzini wakho? or they are for Mfundi’s pockets. You need a brain scan ingqondo zakho azithathi kahle ndoda awuphelelanga emcabangweni

          • zibulo

            ngithi mina dont call other people nonsense/stupid, different viewpoints mfo. i said nonsense to you in response to your calling other people’s work nonsense, yet it puts bread on their tables, bayasebenza . kodwa wena vele ugcwele inhlamba lokweyisa in your writing.

    • Njomane

      After all there is a repetition of all the episodes of generations on saturday …

  • Guest

    Very sorry

  • Father Priest Tonde

    Parents like wise, do no not trouble your children…

  • Martin Chipimo

    So sad, the value systems have changed so much in our society. Homework used to be the first task for pupils/students when they get home. But now parents need to be sensitive to their children vs TV programmes. May Her soul rest in peace.

  • pitros

    Social media simply killing our nation no two ways about it. Some parents think it is fashionable that their children are up to date with social media, mobile phones, dressing trends and all sorts of items. Charity begins at home. If you are not careful UNCONSCIOUSLY you breed prostitutes, thieves, robbers and suicidal children who will cost the whole nation at large.

  • zibulo

    The decline of the African Family tree, when we get some usds, we tend to think thats enough to raise children or family!!!. How could parents be too busy to realize the emotional, mental and physical state of the girl?? Invest time in your children. Yesterday on some radio there was an Inkonzo where the emphasis was on Say No to a Child if its the right thing, never say yes , never let waywardness take over your kids , the main story was the way Samuel the Prophet’s father always let his sons behave waywardly at the Lord’s place , and the subsequent punishment, because their father never said NO but said yes by allowing the situation. At random parents must demand children’s school bags and empty them on the table, ensure the bedrooms are just that- bedrooms, cellphones for after school and weekends, we grew up without cellphones and were never lost. Today’s parents are not the first parents on earth, so they mustn’t behave as if they are the alpha and omega of parenting. Condolences to the Nkomos. kodwa kube yisifundo kuthina esisele .


      Got your point but some scholarly correction: It was Eli (Samuel’s mentor)’s chldn who sinned against the Lord (1 Sam 2 vs 12-…..). And note that Eli tried his best to correct his wayward chldn to no avail, just like most parents yesterday, today and tomorrow. That’s why the Shona say “Mugoni wepwere ndeasinayo”, the only expert in raising chldn is somebody without a child. If you have a child then God permitting one day you will be back on this platform to share your testimony, never say mine will never do that.

  • nxumalo

    They must stay emakhaya leeeee ngoba bayahlanya abantwa bethu ,hw can she die impilo sibili wena muntu aaaaaah

  • Brutal Truth

    See what demons do to young children these days

  • Ras Makate (Mutunhu une Mago)

    My God ! I just cannot imagine the pain that this family is going through right now, my daughter informed me about this death last week and I didn’t believe that the girl was so young, 14 years…… I just hope time can heal this deepest of deep wounds for the Nkomo family, no words can ever comfort them ever, perhaps the extended family need to be just there for them as much as possible…

  • Simbarashe Gwara

    This is very disturbing.Very sorry to the family.The Guidance and Counselling subject must be taken seriously in our schools.Let us teach our learners to value life and take up advise