Girl,10, hangs -Horror shocks Byo suburb -Family suspects foul play

The late Zwivhuya Buhle Mulaudzi

The late Zwivhuya Buhle Mulaudzi

Nqobile Tshili Chronicle Reporter—
A 10-YEAR-OLD girl has been found hanged from a tree in Bulawayo’s Emganwini suburb. The body of Zwivhuya Buhle Mulaudzi, a Grade Five pupil at Senzangakhona Primary School in the same suburb, was found at 3:30PM yesterday by her elder sister. Devastated sister, Sibonginkosi Mulaudzi, 20, told how she raced out of their house half-dressed after a neighbour told of her grisly find while she was having a bath.
A devasted Sibonginkosi said the family was struggling to come to terms with young Buhle’s death as she did not seem troubled.

“I had just started bathing and I heard one of our neighbours saying Buhle had hanged herself,” she tearfully told Chronicle yesterday.
“In disbelief, I asked Mimi (her younger sister) to check on her. I called out for Mimi but she didn’t respond, then I had to dash out of the bathroom wrapped in just a towel to find Mimi untying her from a tree. Her body was still warm but I could feel that she was gone.”

Sibonginkosi said her sister was “just playing and laughing with no sign of distress”.
“We had just had our lunch and she ate hers without any problem. She asked for a chair which she took out of the house, and then came for a second but I stopped her,” she said.

Her aunt, Pauline Tshabi, said she was in disbelief that a child so young could kill herself in that way, adding that she was a “happy girl”.
Tshabi said she suspected foul play.

“They said the rope was not even tight, the tree is very short she would not have used a chair to climb that tree.
“The distance between the ground and the branch where she is supposed to have hanged herself is very short, shorter than her because she was tall,” said Tshabi.

When our news crew visited the family’s house last night, the child’s body was still lying under the tree where she allegedly hanged herself.
Scores of shocked residents had started visiting the family to pay their respects.

Police CID detectives arrived at the house shortly before 6PM to begin their investigations.

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  • ThembaniNyoni

    When your own children eat rubbish, that does not mean other parents give to their children or allow them to eat rubbish. May the little soul rest in eternal peace.

  • Innocent Milidzani

    More investigation is needed . I can’t believe this .

  • Mehlo

    Your comprehension question is your deductions , but the girl was found hanging what does that mean to you , there is noway where it say her feet were on the ground , now its all speculations and imagination . What was the reason of taking the chair out the house ? There is the evil sprit here , the family must be very careful .

    • datarise

      There is no evil spirit in this case . this case should be forensically analysed and the truth shall be unveiled.

  • Julius Caesar

    This is a very tragic event, it is terrible when a young child dies in such a manner. There is something more to be found by the investigating officers who should fully investigate and leave no stone unturned. It is very suspicious that a child should do this without something terrible having transpired. I hope the investigating officers reveal the truth.