Gold haul jet crashes. . . Injured pilots escape wreck as guards rush to secure bullion

Fawcett Security guards reportedly rushed to secure the gold soon after the crash

Fawcett Security guards reportedly rushed to secure the gold soon after the crash

Whinsley Masara, Chronicle Reporter
A PRIVATE-Jet that was allegedly transporting 22 kilogrammes of gold worth about $800 000,  yesterday crashed in Matabeleland North’s Bubi District.

The jet which had two people, probably the pilot and his co-pilot, crashed at around 2PM in Ward 19 in Kennilworth and the two escaped with minor injuries.

The identities of the pair could not be established yesterday.

Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) Acting Flight Safety Standards Director Mr James Danga confirmed the incident last night.

“Yes a private jet believed to belong to Central Air Traffic Services crashed this afternoon. Two people were on board and they sustained minor injuries.

“We don’t have much details on the incident yet but we’ve dispatched a team to the scene to conduct investigations,” he said.

Mr Danga said the jet took off from Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport in Bulawayo and was flying to Charles Prince Airport in Harare.

He could not immediately comment on the gold.

Bubi Ward 19 councillor Villian Nkomazana said he had been informed that a jet crashed in his ward and that two people who were aboard the plane survived with minor injuries.

“I’m not on the ground but I’ve been informed that a private jet crashed next to a baobab tree in village 13 in my ward,” he said.

A source at the scene said the two survivors told them that they were transporting  22 kilogrammes of gold from a mine in Matabeleland South to Harare.

“Soon after the crash, they contacted Fawcett Security company whose guards were at the scene in no time and after a while another jet came and picked up the two,” said a source.

Fawcett security company regional manager in Bulawayo declined to comment.

According to the source, a team from CAAZ and police had by last night started investigations to establish the cause of the crash.

Matabeleland North acting police provincial spokesperson Assistant Inspector Eglon Nkala said last night that he had not received information on the accident.


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  • N. Sithole

    This story has too many gaps. Are reporters not trained to do thorough research? ” A source at the scene…, Fawcett declined to comment…Police had not yet received information…The pilots had vanished…” So how credible was this “source at the scene” to the extent of telling the reporter that there was gold weighing 22 kilogrammes?

    • Danny

      It’s not 22kg of riversand ndoda. For security reasons they have to do that

      • N. Sithole

        I know it’s not river sand ndoda. My post does not query the security measures that were taken. I have reservations about the veracity of certain details in the story which are presented as if they are from an eye witness point of view yet it’s all conjecture and speculation.

        • justiceforall

          And then we must pay one American dollar for this terribly flawed reporting with a million information gaps, yeses maaan

          • MakhosiXamu

            You are not forced to buy. This is not a class room, mgodoyi.

          • N. Sithole

            I wish @Teacher Fainos could reason to your level. To imagine that he sees nothing amiss about this story!

          • Teacher Fainos

            Communication is a two way process. It always gets smashed at decoding point. Lawe idecoder ibubhile mfanami. Don’t just wack the journalist for poor writing if your mental is all mashed out like a potato.

      • Lol


    • Guest

      Thorough research on what? If you are talking about the cause of the crush, that will require highly trained and qualified personnel. In most cases of aircrush investigations, it takes several months for these experienced personnel to know why the Jet crushed. In all cases, the investigation also requires someone who knows all the aircraft systems of that Jet type. The Reporters are definitely insignificant in such cases. The pilots themselves might just give a clue as to why the Jet crushed, but won’t tell why it crushed.

      Reporting the reason why the plane crushed without any “SOLID PROOF” might lead one into serious trouble, especially with the Plane maker (Boeing, Airbus, etc).

      • N. Sithole

        See my response to @Danny below.

      • Dumi

        My brother it is crash not crush.

    • theza

      l also went into confusion reading the article, it also says another jet came to collect the gold where did it land was it in the bush, can jets take off where there is no runway, no air traffic controllers, was the crushed plane and the one which came to retrieve the parcel real jets, did the pilots eject. Wasn’t it just light aircraft or the Cessna. The other question did those who monitor the airspace also come to the crush scene

      • N. Sithole

        Unfortunately discerning readers like you are few @theza. A good number of people can only comprehend text only up to the literal level.

        • Teacher Fainos

          Don’t ferment stupidity here. there is no discernment in asking more silly questions than everyone else.Infact, it just exposes the Fool in someone. Story says jet took off from JMN Airport. Thats where jets land and take off coz there is a runway there. Its writen Fawcet arrived at crash site quickly; U know fawcet has cars to transport security guards-cars can drive into the bush and retrieve crashed pilots to Bulawayo airport. And please, the airspace is monitored by Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) until otherwise. Now does the article not say ” a team from CAAZ and police had by last night started investigations to establish the cause of the crash…?” And has Mr Danga the CAAZ Acting Flight Safety Standards director not confirmed the crash at paragraph 4? Whats wrong with you? “Ever reading the scriptures but never coming to a definite conclusion?” The very type of student eligible for 8 U niversities.

          • N. Sithole

            You are the fool in this forum. Don’t tell me about JMN Airport. I have boarded planes more than ten times. If you do not see something amiss in this kind of reporting then you have a serious problem. The story has serious unexplained gaps and exaggerations. Period.

          • Teacher Fainos

            No I dont mean universities. I mean 8 U’s. Its a nice way of saying one’s ordinary level medullar oblangata is all wound up like a spring. I think Teacher Fainos is always right.

          • N. Sithole

            U Teacher Fainos madoda. Angazi usivelelephi lamuhla.

    • Pilot

      U are right Mnumzana Sithole. Too many gaps. “after a while another jet came and picked up the two…”. Really now? How did the jet land in Village 13 / Ward 19 near a baobab tree?

      • N. Sithole

        I wish there were many @pilots, thezas and Department 6 in this country, people who have discerning minds and can comprehend texts beyond the literal level.

  • Department 6

    another jet came, where did the jet land is there an airstrip where the first jet crash?
    if the plane took off at JMN airport, get the manifest to find out what it was carrying and the names of the pilot

    • N. Sithole

      The whole story sounds like it was written by an ECD A child.

      • Department 6

        even an ECD child would have done better

  • nsingo

    what if its the imperialist, the colonialist coming to take the land on a war plane

  • sikheyi

    A jet bomber used to transport gold, which hospital were the pilots taken to, because if they ejected they also get affected by air pressure prevailing outside the jet and they would be in need of hospitalization Remember if its a jet it travels faster than sound this is according to my little knowledge from my former science lessons.

    • jubane

      i do not think it is that kind of a “jet”, the fact that a second one came, landed and took off shows it is that type which does not need a special run way, and these pilots do some training on what to do when they see they will crash in order to minimize the effect of a crash. this was not a fighter plane.

      • sikheyi

        The only plane that doesn’t need a runway is the helicopter is it not, and we have heard that in this country the military is the one that has jet bombers, we were not yet aware that private individuals now own such, unless lam a bit behind

        • jubane

          may be the reporter used a wrong name of the category of aircrafts used in this case

        • Teacher Fainos

          No no no. Dr. Idiot, don’t confuse people on this platform. A jet is a type of plane smaller than cargo or passenger airplanes. It has more speed and carries one to less than 20 passengers. The military mounted gunships and armaments on the smaller version of this air craft and named it a Jet bomber or Jet fighter. Without armaments and in a bigger version, jets are also luxarious passenger aircrafts-usually for wealthy people. Little craft contrasting personal jets are cessna aircrafts usually used to do cloud seeding and run private businesses. Charles Prince Airport is the port for these small types of aircraft. So don’t just go millitary each time you hear of jets. Most wealthy celebrities have their own jets replete with runways and hangars on their billion hactare estates. Remember Joice Banda the former Malawian president? She sold one of the country’s presidential jets just to plough back money into the economy. It wasn’t armed with bombs and gunships. Please don’t blub blub some more. We have had enough.

          • MakhosiXamu

            Do we need Technicians on this platform?.kikikikikikiiiiiiiiii

          • Teacher Fainos

            Sometimes. Even vulgary motormouth loudmouths like some very popular brother here are welcome. Makes the day brighter or sodding sad. Its all vanity actually.

          • sikheyi

            another question are there any jets at Charles prince airport. My wish was if only there were photos of the said incident or accident so that we do not scratch each other and resort to name calling like idiots. My main concern is how can a jet be said to have come to recover the luggage at a point without a runway. l still stick to my point that l doubt it was a jet. lam aware jet travel faster than sound and that the pilots wear oxygen mask and that their seats eject in the event of an emergency but in this case it is not clarified how they escaped, and who are the wealthy celebrites with jets locally

          • Teacher Fainos

            The type of jet in your brain is a military jet. That one cruises at supersonic if not suicidal speed to take the enemy by surprise and to evade enemy antiair batteries on bombing or attack missions. Thats not what is at stake here Chikeyi. Just erase it. This type of jet is a luxarious passenger aircraft. No guns. No bombs. No supersonic knautical miles per hour. And please, stick to the runway. I can tell you when Teacher Fainos is getting fade up.

          • sikheyi

            its the winnowing basket

          • Teacher Fainos

            Ya, say that again. that one can land anywhere. Or not land at all. If you want to call it a jet.

      • Christopher C

        It was not a jet, it was a Cessna 206. The media got it wrong

    • Godonga

      your naivety in aviation stinks man! where is it written jet bomber???

  • #BringBackOurFlag

    Where was this plane going with gold because the newspaper piece is poor for it has no clear details. Next time please report full details of important issues , if not don’t write at all.

  • Nkunzemnyama

    Ukufunda akupheli madoda,,,,,,,,,I never knew a Jet can just land in the bush and take off. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm this zanu paper hayikhona.

    • MakhosiXamu

      Why don’t you read the Daily Lies?.Ntwala

      • Nkunzemnyama

        Tserk wena bloody cio,,,,,,,,,,go and leak your master’s asses.MSUNUKANYOKO.

        • MakhosiXamu

          Wena uyiNkunzi emhlophe njalo uhlutshwa yikuhamba uphethe ubolo ezandleni.

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Olukayihlo mntwanes’ isfebe. Golo likanyoko.

          • MakhosiXamu

            And you were born of woman’s womb?. Ezinye zingqondo ze ntwala, shame. It shows clearly you feel women are objects of denigration aaaaaaa aaaaaa bakithi. For someone to think that le yindoda endala, shame sibili.

          • Nkunzemnyama

            Inkinga yakho Swina-ndini,,,,,,,,,,uzenza ngcono, you think to be a cio is licence to bull everyone and vet all comments. Uyinja pasi. Go and fuck your mum.

    • AbaseLowerGweru

      A helicopter does, for sure ukufunda akuphele.

      • Aeroplane enthusiasts

        Yoh, so a helicopter is also a jet??

  • spoks

    may be the plane was sabotaged by corrupt elements so that they steal the gold and it did not go according to the criminal;s plan

  • msindazwe

    these days smuggling is also rumored to be also done by planes, for instance if they had requested for emergency landing in a neighboring thus escaping with the loot

  • mantshingelana

    Does Fawcet also own Apache helicopters

    • MakhosiXamu

      Maybe .

  • nonduduzo

    was it a crash landing or the aircraft was totally destroyed, any ground casualities, who were the pilots, what were their flying hours

  • sokhela

    nxa kwenzakale into enje kumele kukhanye kuphithizela amapholisa lentatheli zindaba hatshi abanini bomthwalo ngoba phela kuyabe so kungo komthetho, ngitsho legolide lakhona besokumele zilithathe libe yi ‘exhibit’ yazo, bekungamelanga liphonge ukuthathwa mahlayana lingazange like liye ezandleni zomthetho

    • sokhela

      njalo nxa kulengozi kumele kuphinde kukhanye kule mota ezicitsha umlilo loba indizamtshina ikwanise ukuhlala ingadubukanga ngoba ilakho ukuthi ngemva kwemizuzwana ethize idubuke, kumele izakhamizi zitshelwe zime kude beze beqedelane lengozi yakhona, njalo abalimeleyo kumele bathwalwe yimota yezigulane (ambulance), izisebenzi ze Fawcet zigijime njani zazofika ngesikhatshana zona imota zazo zingela sayilini etshela ezinye izihambi emigwaqweni ukuthi isiqubu abasisebenzisayo sedlula amalawulo. Nxa kwenzakale igozi amapholisa yiwo okumele ekhanye ekhokhela kukho konke okuqhutshwa khonapho, njalo baphinde babone ukuthi abalimeleyo basiwe kuphi bayebabona khonale abasiwe khona. ‘The emergency services was supposed to be present’

  • Ray Nkosi Mpofu

    how does a jet land in the bush? i mean this other one that supposedly “came in no time to the rescue”

    • Christopher C

      It was a Cessna 206, the news didn’t get it right

  • BringBackOurFlag

    whose gold was this?is it not a case of smuggling gold using planes?