Govt acts on Gukurahundi, war victims

Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko

Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko

Mashudu Netsianda, Senior Reporter
THE Government has started reburying victims of the war of liberation and those affected by the post-independence disturbances in the Midlands and Matabeleland region, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko said in Bulawayo yesterday.

Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting with Matabeleland South small scale miners in the city, VP Mphoko said the programme, which is already being carried out in some parts of the country, was part of the national healing and reconciliation process.

“The Government has introduced a national programme of reburying people who were killed during the liberation war that is being carried out throughout the country. In this part of the country (Matabeleland) that has to be done so that people who were affected by Gukurahundi are given a decent burial and that is very critical as it will help cool down tempers and emotions,” he said.

VP Mphoko, who also doubles up as the Minister responsible for National Healing and Reconciliation, said it was important to deal with the scars of the post-independence disturbances to address their after-effects and to allow victims to move on with their lives.

“We are the leaders of this country and it is our responsibility to address those matters. What we have to do is to issue birth and death certificates to those who were affected by Gukurahundi and rebury their loved ones properly as well as economically empower them, which is exactly what we fought for,” he said.

VP Mphoko said President Mugabe had expressed regret about the disturbances which he described as a “moment of madness”  and what was left was to address the scars left by that period.

“President Mugabe made it clear that it was an act of madness and what else do we want? There is nothing more than that,” he said.

VP Mphoko said despite unwarranted criticism                        for the manner in which the Gukurahundi issue was being handled, Government was committed to exploring a non-confrontational way of dealing with the matter.

“In fact, there is a lot that is being said about Gukurahundi including how my predecessors the late Vice-Presidents Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, Joseph Msika and John Landa Nkomo handled the matter. However, the problem is that there are some people who want the issue to be handled in a certain manner that seeks to humiliate targeted people, but our approach is that we must find a solution that will help the victims and produce best results and as the Minister responsible for that, I am exploring a way which is not confrontational,” he said.

VP Mphoko said Government has an obligation to assist children of the victims to acquire birth certificates.

“I am appealing to every Government ministry with responsibility to ensure that these people are empowered to look into this issue and stop harassing people by doing wrong things. As it is some children of the victims are not going to school and they cannot vote, open bank accounts or acquire passports.

Acquiring birth certificates is some form of empowerment for the people as part of the solution to compensate them,” he said.

VP Mphoko castigated the leader of Zapu, Dr Dumiso Dabengwa, for creating confusion and giving the impression that PF-Zapu was no longer part of the 1987 Unity Accord.

“The point that I want us to take note of is that Zanu-PF is a product of PF Zapu and Zanu whose leaders President Mugabe and the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo are the signatories to the 1987 Unity Accord. Whenever you vote for Zanu-PF you will be voting for President Mugabe and Dr Nkomo and that is Zanu-PF,” he said.

“The real PF-Zapu is what you find in Zanu-PF and the Zapu that is led by Dabengwa is a fake PF-Zapu. It is therefore important for people to be able to distinguish between the genuine PF-Zapu and the fake Zapu which resembles old snakeskin. The official position is that PF-Zapu is in Zanu-PF,” VP Mphoko said.

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  • Yaya_Sanogoals

    “post-independence disturbances”..thats how The Chronicle discribes that moment of madness

  • Coconut


  • Kkkkkkk

    Aaaah, Vice President. kkkkkkk

  • Cetshwayo

    Uyazi uMphoko is on some serious drug, the only way for people to heal is for those involved in the murders of innocent people to face justice and this includes Mgabe and Mphoko the CIO operative during Gukurahundi

    • Seles

      kkkkkkkkkk Give him a chance to continue messing up!!! The guy has been trying to campaign big time by empowering women with chickens which cannot grow. They take up to 6 months to mature and gobble up 50 kgs of feed in a short space of time and that is what he calls empowering?
      I strongly suspect that he has shares with companies which produce stock feed.

  • Ghost of Sparta

    The only way to fix this is to bring the perpetrators to justice and to compensate the victim’s families with money. Short of that; they are wasting time.

    • Yizo-yizo

      My thoughts exactly. You do not empower anybody by giving him/her a birth certificate. People are compensated. Since you guys have cattle which take almost two hours to cross a road, its high time you started compensating victims with some of them, if not cash.
      People know very well who did what during the “moment of madness”. Evan Dabengwa soiled his reputation during the time when he was Home Affairs Minister when he said The President has owes no one an apology.
      So zobohla manyosi!!!!

  • koka

    lingawa lidliwe zinkukhu mangabe izanu icabanga ukuthi lento sizoyenza on their on terms. we are the offended we decide on how this issue will be handled to our satisfaction.

  • Lux

    Fixing for elections next year,transparent liars…

  • Phaqa

    Uzaqala okukhulu usithi uyabukwa mboko, abantu balezilonda ezibhibhidlayo.

  • man

    The children of Gukurahundi victims most above 30 yrs old now ; including the children who were left by these opasi raping our sisters in their pungwes. Most of these guys crossed to SA without any documentation because they would not afford to get a birth certificate. most of the jobs in Zim require 5 O levels . how is a person who had no ID or birth certificate access employment. even being a General hand. that’s why you see in Bulawayo even General hand jobs in all sectors public or private are being held by these Shona people who have been benefiting from this evil system. how do you empower someone who is 30 yrs old by giving him a birth certificate. or ID. If compensation fails these people must be the people to be given first preference in all General hand jobs in the region. not this situation where a person can be moved from Mutare to be a grounds man in Victoria falls VID . we all know that most of the Shona people who are employed in Bulawayo came through nepotism. if it wasn’t that we could be having Ndebele General hands even in Masvingo . And other part of mashonaland. why are we having Shona people being employed in every level of job in Matebeleland yet we don’t have Ndebele people being employed in some parts of the country. Companies like Hwange Collier have produced artisans from all tribes in Zimbabwe but why are the companies from other parts not training Ndebeles. Go to Delta some times they may have 30 apprentices in one class but all being Shona people. Bulawayo power station trains Shona artisans . why is Harare power station not training the ndebele people. At one time NRZ used to train only Shona artisans. Most of the Ndebele artisans were trained in Matebeleland companies why are we not having companies in Mashonaland doing the same. Ndebeles in Midlands are in a difficult situation . imagine a person from lowergwelo; Zhombe; silobela trying to get a job in Gweru and Kwekwe.

    • Umzila Kawukandelwa

      Let those in authority read and get embarrassed… You said it well

      • Nsukwini

        They don’t know the meaning of the word embarrassed.

    • Bheki

      Thank you Mr Man, u said it well. I hope uXAmu can tell us asichazele ukuthi kuyini vele okwenzakalayo elizweni.

  • Nkunzemnyama

    Listen to this zanu mouth piece – ‘post independence disturbances’. You kill unarmed and innocent civilians and now describe it as such. Those who were responsible should be brought before justice . Otherwise this Mphoko stooge of Zanu should never be taken seriously. Ubulawa zimbanje. Remember his CV is silent for the period 1982-7. Where was he? What was he doing?

  • kabulayani

    this honestly does not leave a good taste in the month. in as much as we have been made second class citizens of this country, we are awake to detect some of these schemes. there are gaps here, your government is not prepared to put this thing to rest once for all.

  • The Observer

    Firstly, I thought when the government of national unity formed the ministry of national healing and reconciliation was moving on the right directing but I ended up losing faith and confidence in the debacle and debauch ingrained in tribalistic hidden agenda…based on the philosophy that being born in Matabeleland is sinful and vindictive to the shonas. I have always felt a victim of this heinousness, born a foreigner was not of my choice, up to date, I have remained a cursed creature, with no human rights to expect till death parts me with this hegemonic devil…but to those who have hard feelings of ‘us’ how do they know that they are not foreigners by biological ancestry? Can we not sit down and rebuilt this once promising nation?

  • Sikhulu

    Kanti lona leli gama elithi igukurahundi lichazwa njani ngesintu? Sasikhona njalo sisakhumbula ucuku olwenziwa kithi. Ngalokho ke indaba ingaze yavalwa sifuna iqiniso ukuthi sizwe lokhu okwakujongiwe. Ababulala abantu base khona abathi Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Shiri lo Sekeramai.

  • Nsukwini

    It is true when they say if you lie to yourself often enough you actually believe it. The VP has been telling himself so many things over and over again that he actually believes his own lies. The amazing part is that he changes from one fairy tale to another. At one stage he blamed foreign nations for the killings.

  • Bheki

    Imbali yegugurahundi isuka ingilahlekele nxa oMphoko sebeybeka ngalindlela. Has our people, i mean isizwe sika Mthwakazi, been consulted on how this process will be conducted? Ngyake ngizwe abadala bekhuluma okuzwis usizi and Zanu pf dont push your political agendas using this platform. It is a very sensitive issue so please sicela lisiyekele.

  • Ngaphansi Kweshlahla somabrosi

    Being held accountable and answering for your transgressions is NOT embarrassing people! If you are embarrassed by wrongs you did to people then that is YOUR problem, it is not for YOU to tell victims and their families how to feel about what YOU did to them. You CANNOT just say “moment of madness” and then say what more do you want, that is just arrogant and insensitive to the victims, you need to be aware you are speaking to PEOPLE. The perpetrators have to be brought to task, the victims have to be given names and faces and equal protection under the law and the law needs to take its course. You can’t just say what more do you want and then donate chickens and say we have said sorry and have economically empowered you. A birth certificate IS A RIGHT, you are not doing ANYONE a favor by giving him what is rightfully his.

  • vusumuzi

    This issue is not something to toy about , about , except if you are cold-blooded killer , like zanu which will brood, and make fun of Victims of a Massacre which should be a Prosecution and Court Case for perpetrators . The Commission of Enquiry Report ; is Correct to Hide even up to Today ???. Who is compensating who , based on what , for how much , who is determing the Process; The Same Killers are now the Compensators !!!!. They are burying remains of people they killed , yet they are not arresting the killers . What is the difference with the Rwanda Genocide ? Who is the Regional or Traditional Rightful Leadership that is working with the Region where this massacre happened??? Who is Govt working with at community levels on this? This is a Cover Up of Heinous Crimes by killers with bribes . The only thing to do is ; PUBLISH THE GUGURAHUNDI REPORT IN ALL STATE NEWSPAPERS, RADIO ,TV, LET THE VICTIMS BE REPRESENTED AS A COLLECTIVE BY A LAW FIRM, LET THE REGIONAL LEADERSHIP in the two provinces compile their statistics as they were on the ‘scene”, DO NOT INVOLVE ZANU-APPOINTED PROVINCIAL GOVERNORS.

  • chikandamaze

    This issue is not all about compensation , because compensation does not heal the wounds , the people who triggered the Gukurawindi should go back to the victims and apologise . As long as the group of people who caused Kurahwindi are not willing accept that what they did was wrong , even you if they gave the victims millions of dollars it will not heal the wound , after all the money might be coming from the victims since the Government will use tax payer’s money to pay the victims of which the victims are the ones who are raising the money indirectly; They should kneel down vokumbira rugerero , Money after the Victims have accepted their apology ,Mr Mphoko you don’t need force them apologize , they know that they owe apology, and they just pretend as things are ok . If you kick somebody you don’t just to give the person money then go , our culture teach us to beg for forgiveness , money later apology first ;

  • Reshg

    It is absolutely absurd to think Zimbabwe will prosper when it remains in the hands of the evil people who killed and drank blood of the innocent people in Midlands and Matabeleland. Why killing innocent people who are not even armed. Taneta veduwe tinzweiwo taneta nemi. Nyika yedu maparadza muchingozvifumisa mega isu tichifa nenhamo.

    • Reshg

      They even taught us to hate each other. Ndebeles and Shona despise each other and even vilify one another but for what? We all don’t even know why we hate each other. Let join hands people and kick these thugs away and reclaim our heritage.

  • Simweena Bantu

    What is this thing called Gukurahundi you passionately talk about? Let’s call things by their proper names. It’s like talking about “Black Hawk Down” or “Pearl Habour” or Cuban Missile Crisis” to an American child, or “Barbarossa” or “Doctor Winter” to a German kid. You will realise there will be meaningful engagement if events were talked about by their proper names. Now you tell us Morgan Tsvangirai was part of this Gukurahundi. The way we talk about Gukurahundi sounds like it was an important episode in the history of our country, which is very much in contrast with what we know about Morgan. All he did was brew and serve tea for the whiteman. When did he become part of our important history? Please let us not allow anybody to “rewrite” our history because some are not good writers; they will distort OUR STORY.

  • Sikhulu

    Justice can only be done when Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Sekeramai and Shiri are hanged for the genocide. While other sympathizers like Joyce Mujuru, Mutwangwa, and mujiba group which include Morgan Tswangirayi are sent to Chikurubi

  • nyathif

    There is no need to split hairs. ZAPU is different to ZANUPF. ZANU still exists today, it is now ZANU Ndonga to show the Chipinge origins of its founder Sithole. Before, ZANU included ZANUPF until Mugabe took power from Sithole the founder of ZANU which claims to be different to ZANU. The heroes like Chitepo were under ZANU before Mugabe usurped power. Mpoko stayed too much away from ZAPU he was with Mugabe in Mozambique. Dumiso is heading the original ZAPU led by Nkomo. The union of ZANU and ZAPU is fake just to achieve unity and to heal people. People who talk of Gukurahundi talk of it for political reasons and not to benefit people. Noone was killed and got no burial. People were buried by their relatives. It is the culture of Zimbabweans to bury the dead. Most of the old people you see today were assisted to get birth certificates by elders who assumed parenthood to give people an identity. If a person was declared dead that did not stop the registrar of births and deaths to issue a birth certificate or death certificate. The freedom fighters who were killed in Matabeleland are the ones who did not get decent burial-some of them were unknown to the villagers-some were killed by ZAPU fighters if they were ZANU cadres because ZANUPF slogan was “down with Nkomo“ so the locals in places like Kezi retaliated by informing Rhodesian soldiers or call ZIPRA lone fighters to ambush and kill ZANU comrades. The ZANU/ZANLA cadres were killed by both Rhodesian forces and ZIPRA. The same for ZIPRA fighters, if they were caught in a ZANUPF area of operation, they were killed, no negotiation-they were branded as selous scouts-sell outs!

  • MaSibanda

    It hurts me to think as a human being another human being like VP Mphoko all he believes is a birth certificate ,death certificate and some financial support is going to bring reconciliation to someone out there whose father,grandmother brother,sister,uncle died.Politicians let us know we are humans first and put politics which is a dirty game down .People lost lives is it the same approach you were going to use if it was a murderer who has massacred all those innocent people.Accepting you did wrong is taking responsibility apologizing for your mistakes .Let pride not abide in your hearts govt of my country but be accountable because despite running away from accountability you wont run away from God who knows who did it and the innocent blood on their hands

  • cmzizi

    why is this issue coming up now when elections are around the corner…. hhhhm umangoye uyasola!!!!!!!!

  • zim 2

    sende lakho npoko

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    ukuhlanya kukanengi ….

    akelisize uMphoko bantu! bantu beNkayi, alikhuze umuntu wenu lo …

  • Ras Makate (Mutunhu une Mago)

    It would be perpetuating an injustice if the perpetrators are not brought to book and Nuremberg type trials are set up, followed by hangings. The truth may not ever come out if this is not done, and only the truth can set all of us free….

  • polopolo

    We want Robert to tell us whose “moment of madness ” it was!

  • Mendeka

    Mpoko is never the right person to speak about healing victims of Gukurahundi as he continues his misrepresentation of the demise of people of this region. We are unfortunate that we are led by and men whose hands stop with the blood of innocent people. Leaders who enjoy spilling blood of citizens and laugh about that saying it was a moment of madness. They think they are protecting each other against the masses but God shall reign them in.

  • Sally Ncube

    The move by the government to finally put to rest the issue of Gukurahundi victims is a welcome development as it bring closure to the affected family and victims for them to move on.It will also silence the nation s detractors who use the issue as a weapon to sow seeds of alarm and despondency.

  • natasha

    the reburial of gukurahundi victims by the gvt is a good iniative it brings sense of peace and healing. it’s a sign that the gvt is regretting it’s moment of madness