Govt offers civil servants 15%

Mrs Cecilia Alexander

Mrs Cecilia Alexander

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
GOVERNMENT yesterday increased its civil servants salary offer to 15 percent but workers urged their employer to increase the offer so that the lowest paid worker can earn above the Poverty Datum Line.

The country’s Poverty Datum Line is at $545 while the lowest paid civil servants get between $350 and $400.

In a National Joint Negotiating Council meeting with the Apex Council yesterday, Government offered to increase salaries for all its employees by 15 percent starting in July.

Apex council secretary general Mr David Dzatsunga confirmed the salary increase offer, a five percent increase from last week’s offer.  “The Government has increased its offer from 10 percent to 15 percent. We have said we will go back and consult. So we will have a final position in a day or two. At least we believe that after meeting our constituencies we should be able to accept the offer or not,” said Mr Dzatsunga.

He said the Apex council had not reached a deadlock with Government and negotiations are still in progress.

His sentiments come following last week’s threats by teachers’ unions that if Government does not increase their salaries by 100 percent they will embark on industrial action.

“We would like to believe that there are teachers in the Apex council. In the first place the 10 percent was never agreed on, now we have 15 percent which we are still deliberating upon. It’s not for me to comment on what the teachers’ unions are going to do and what they are not going to do. That is up to them but we in the Apex council are not part of that (strike),” Mr Dzatsunga said.

“The important thing here is that we are still talking. The Apex council has been very clear that we are still having dialogue with Government. This is our second meeting and we haven’t reached a deadlock.”

Apex council president Mrs Cecilia Alexander said it was the civil servants’ hope that Government would increase their salaries above the Poverty Datum Line.

“The Apex council, while appreciating this gesture, is still urging Government to improve the offer to a level above the Poverty Datum Line. Apex council wishes to advise its members that dialogue is ongoing,” said Mrs Alexander.


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  • Peter

    This is where it is getting silly. 2 adults should need to work to earn above the poverty datum line (PDL) as the PDL is based on 2 adults and either 2 or 4 children. Thus a salary of $350 each comes to $700, above the PDL and then after that experience and productivity need to kick in. If someone wants to earn more, get more experience, more qualifications, and more responsibility, therefore more salary. The country cannot afford to pay the current salary bill, increasing it by 15% is not going to work. All gost workers need to be eliminated as well.

    • Lafilizwe

      True Peter

      • Ntando Gumede

        Inflation at 2% and salary increase of 15%. No cant do! Effect is increase in commodity and service prices. Exports become more expensive leading to reduction in foreign currency earnings. Bank queues become longer as people try to withdraw that money. More reliance on US dollar, dashing any hopes of introducing a local currency. Inflation goes up and the PDL goes up in sympathy. The answer is to produce more, reduce Government spending and be amenable to FDI . Think good people think!!

        • zibulo

          who will listen to your wise Economic Sense my fellow man? Remember this time is when everything has to make Political, not Economic Sense. Its voting time, remember. All lies, falsehoods , trickery will be said and done, and fools will get carried away. In this land of the “educated”, unfortunately they do not understand the sense you wrote here, not even the “editor”of this propaganda machinery.

    • JoJo waMoyo

      True. In the Private sector most lowest incomes start from $250. Giving the lowest in gvt $700 is not sustainable. Even if the gvt pills some trick to come up with the money, this will only lead to more strikes from other sectors.

  • bhinikwa

    Yekelani kunjalo. If the govt cannot pay those salaries they must let go & allow those capable to do their bit. The country isnt stuck to their ideas only. What better sign of failure is there besides inability to pay living wages. Elections must always be based on deliverables. Since Zanu is good at rural deliverables let them rule there & leave others managing where they are good at. Look at David Cameron, as soon as he lost the Brexit vote he resigned. If you fail to do your bit….yekela