Grade 3 pupil dies after schoolground stabbing

The late Zinhle Zulu

The late Zinhle Zulu

Nyaradzo Bakari, Chronicle Reporter
A GRADE Three pupil from Manyewu Primary School in Entumbane suburb, Bulawayo died due to a brain tumor that developed after she was accidentally stabbed in the eye by another pupil with a pen while playing at the school grounds.

Zinhle Zulu (9) was buried last Friday, three weeks after she was stabbed by a Grade Five boy.

The deceased girl’s family was told by other pupils that she was stabbed by a boy who is in Grade Five and is yet to be identified.

Zinhle’s grandmother, Ms Margret Moyo yesterday said her granddaughter was admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital for four days and died while admitted there.

Ms Moyo said doctors said Zinhle suffered a brain tumor as a result of the stabbing.

She said her granddaughter had been complaining about headaches since she was stabbed.

“On February 22, Zinhle came home from school saying she had been stabbed by a certain boy by mistake. I noticed that her eye was swollen but I thought the swelling would not last for long. So I nursed her at home thinking it was not very serious as there was no sign of a blood clot, little did I know the stabbing had caused internal harm and would lead to my granddaughter’s painful death,” said Ms Moyo.

“Her situation worsened on March 7. She could not even speak so I took her to the hospital. Doctors conducted a scan and told us she had developed growth in the head due to an infection that was caused by the stabbing. She passed on last week Monday and losing her was painful because she had always been fit and had no other illness prior to the stabbing.”

She said the boy who stabbed Zinhle has not yet been identified as other pupils seem to be scared to name him.

Ms Moyo said they had made a report to the police.

“We asked Zinhle’s friends and they told us that it was a Grade Five pupil who had stabbed her but they could not tell us the child’s name. Maybe they will be able to identify the boy now that the matter will be handled by police. We are not seeking to punish the boy or his family but we want him to be identified so that we prevent him from doing a similar thing to other pupils and for other pupils to take this as a lesson,” Ms Moyo said.


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  • Mthwakazian

    I don’t think she suffered a tumour but a blood clot that travelled all the way to the brain.

    • mathe

      l suspect the boy could be a bully , because why would the other children fear disclosing his name

  • Petros Mwinyi

    Let us not be complicit in destroying another young life out of ignorance. The history given is highly in keeping with a complicated sinusitis with periorbital and intracranial extension which is normally treated by combined surgery by neurosurgery and ENT of which i doubt any of the 2 assessed this patient or at least did the diagnostic CT of the paranasal sinuses. I see and manage many of these cases where i am and they all give funny stories which they try to marry with the [email protected] do not let them destroy the so called bully on flimsy allegations without evidence. I am happy to have a look at the CT if they did paranasal sinuses.

    • musa

      shouldn’t you be at work? isn’t the strike over yet doc?

      • Petros Mwinyi

        I am not sure, not in Zim. I fully support the strike though.

  • musa

    that was an accidental stabbing. what will be achieved by identifying the boy? yes a life was unnecessarily lost & it’s tragic and unfortunate. but leave the boy alone unless you are taking him for counselling else you will harm the boy for life.

    • Wellington

      It will give closure to the matter and the boy if need be be taken for counselling. We used to have troublemakers at school some who went on to became criminals as adults. But lm not saying the boy was at fault maybe the young girl had an underlying problem that was not detected at an early age and it became a fatal condition which unfortunately coincided with this accident. Just my thoughts

    • God of War

      The boys family must pay compensation according to African custom. A person can not just be left to go Scot free.

    • bh

      I hear your reasoning.

    • joseph mutasa

      We surely don’t know what we did to deserve living with people who think or don’t think like yo can do is you. A life has been lost and the least society can do is ask the person who caused the death to explain what happened.

      The intention will be to understand what happened and ensure that corrective measures are taken to avoid loss of life in future.

      You will be surprised that the kid who did this is coming from a violent family and could be capable of harming another pupil again if not stopped like the four robbers arrested at Highlanders Sports Club.

  • Rider~

    They learn this stabbing thingy from an early age. These people

    • sinene

      How do you even know this boy is from this tribe because he has not even been identified. This is a sad situation involving children and all you can think about is being mean towards a certain people. Do not do this where death is concerned, you may be praying for something drastic to happen to you or those you treasure. Be careful life is complicated. May God have mercy on your wicked soul.

      • Rider~

        Wat tribe are you talking about?

        • bh


    • Wellaz

      Eish! you are right! Next the little boy will be raping and learning to dance Panstula jive and how to drive a combi Njiva style!

  • simphiwe2

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  • Frank

    I think the boy is bully why would the friends be afraid to name him if they do not fear for thier lives. Plus the boy needs counseling at all cost now that the victim is no more it may disturb him as he grows.

  • joseph mutasa

    Its a hard job growing in a violence community who think they can play Russian roulette with people’s lives and then cry foul when people respond in kind. Violence is in some people’s DNA.