Grandpa jailed for sex slavery

Dumiso Ndlovu

Dumiso Ndlovu

Mashudu Netsianda, Senior Court Reporter
A 64 YEAR-OLD man from Victoria Falls who turned his 13-year-old granddaughter into a sex slave and impregnated her has been sentenced to 13 years in jail.

Dumiso Ndlovu of Chief Mvuthu’s area was convicted of rape by Hwange regional magistrate Dambudzo Malunga yesterday.

He will serve an effective 10 years after three years were suspended for five years on condition that he does not within that period commit a similar crime.

Ndlovu committed the crime between January and June last year.

He took advantage of his wife’s absence to rape his granddaughter, a Grade Seven pupil over a period of six months.

He threatened to assault her if she revealed the sexual attacks to anyone.

In her judgment, Malunga said the state proved its case beyond any reasonable doubt.

“There is no dispute that the victim was sexually abused resulting in her getting pregnant. Young as she is, the victim gave her testimony confidently and she was an honest witness who gave her evidence well such that even Ndlovu dismally failed to cross examine her,” said the magistrate.

In passing the sentence, Malunga said Ndlovu was a cruel man who deserved a lengthy prison term.

“You raped a very young girl. You’re a cruel grandfather who actually took advantage of your wife’s absence and raped your own granddaughter. Instead of protecting the victim, you turned into a beast and raped her,” said the magistrate.

“You introduced the victim to sex at a very tender age and were it not for your advanced age, a lengthy prison term would have been the most appropriate one,” ruled Malunga.

Prosecuting, Tawanda Sigauke, said between January and June 30, 2015, the victim was left in the custody of her grandfather by her granny while she visited her relatives.

The court heard that during her grandmother’s absence, Ndlovu would sneak into his granddaughter’s blankets while she was asleep and rape her.

The matter came to light in August last year when the victim visited her mother during the school holidays. Neighbours suspected that she was pregnant and quizzed her in the presence of her mother and she then revealed that she had been raped by her grandfather.

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  • Mvuzo

    You can see from his looks that he looks scary hence the girl feared for her life and couldn’t report him. Kumele athole okumfaneleyo

  • Max

    why 10 years, rape is rape worse that of a minor, this devil was supposed to be sent for 20 straight. Uzavuka, i wish they do unto you what you did to this poor child.

  • theza

    prison is best for him, umdala ongela nhloni

  • the gunner

    this old baboon should be a good teaching aid of how castration is done

  • Ghost of Sparta

    This man is indeed a beast. On another note, why would the grandmother go and visit her relatives for six months at her age. She is another silly one.

  • sindiso

    yaah he is a devil,vele he should be castrated,nxaaaa idoti yomuntu,vele angaphumi ejele lowo.

  • Legal Eagle

    Again the system fails the victim.The fate that this poor girl suffered is worse than death itself. If the state proved it’s case beyond any reasonable doubt an then the courts had ammunition to have as much as 180 counts or less of the crime which would of meant that if he was charged with even 20 counts he should have spent the rest of his natural life in jail. Zimbabwean courts these days seem to be offender friendly. This monster should never see daylight again.

  • Tonde

    This perverted Southern Mdala should have been left to rot in jail!

  • bakisto

    This idiotic, stupid grand father has ruined the life of the he deserved a lengthy jail time.

  • Emru Kunanti

    Nhaiwe mudhara iwe, kwaunogara hakunawo kana zvimvana zvakarambwa nevarume here?

  • Major Generale

    eeh serious anoshaiwa zvekuita uyo manje mujere uchafiramo nemaitiro ako iwayo

  • Major Generale

    dei ukasangana newako anokugona mujere

  • Keep them in check

    Uyangisile wena mdala mdydy wakho