Granny attacked, eaten by hyenas

Walter Mswazie Masvingo Correspondent
An 84-year-old Gutu woman was allegedly attacked and eaten by hyenas following her disappearance for three days, Chief Chitsa has confirmed. The incident happened on Friday last week at about 5 PM. The elderly woman’s remains were discovered by Jefferson Gutuza and Trevor Zvenyika in Soti Source Farm who saw three hyenas fighting for her remains while searching for cattle at a farm.

The woman has been identified as Sofia Madzivamuse of Gasva Village under Chief Chitsa. Her remains were taken to Gutu Hospital for postmorterm.
According to Chief Chitsa, Madzivamuse went missing from home on Wednesday last week only for her remains to be discovered at a farm two days later.

“I can confirm receiving a report to that effect. The woman went missing on a Wednesday afternoon and her relatives thought she could have committed suicide given the fact that she had started exhibiting signs of madness. Her remains were discovered by two men looking for cattle on a farm,” said Chief Chitsa.

He said Madzivamuse’s family looked for her but they could not find her until two villagers stumbled on her remains while looking for their cattle at a farm.
“Gutuza and Zvenyika from Gasva village went to fetch for their cattle at Sito Source Farm in the evening but before sunset. Gutuza and Zvenyika are said to have bumped into a human skull, a few metres from a footpath.

The pair moved closer and they saw spoors of hyenas. They became curious and moved about 50 metres away from the skull where they stumbled on human ribs before coming face to face with three hyenas battling for the other remains,” he said.

He said the two men then saw a black jersey beside the ribs, a green woollen hat, rainbow skirt and a sack that had a pair of rafters inside. “In the same sack there was Madzivamuse’s identity card.”

Her relatives were informed.
Aaron Jombo, her brother, attended the scene together with police from Gutu.

Acting Masvingo police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa could neither confirm nor deny the incident when reached for comment yesterday.

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  • musa

    or someone could have killed her and dumped her in a hyena-infested area to hide evidence of the crime. why would her id be in a sack?