UPDATED: Gunfight at Chihuri house. . . Rogue cop bent on looting sparks 3-hour battle

Police Commissioner- General Dr Augustine Chihuri

Police Commissioner- General Dr Augustine Chihuri

Harare Bureau
A rogue policeman guarding Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner-General, Dr Augustine Chihuri’s house in Borrowdale yesterday morning ran amok after his bid to loot property from the premises was foiled.

Police sources said Dr Chihuri’s gardener saw the suspect stealing household property and alerted an officer who had come to the house for a routine inspection at around 9.45am.

The officer then confronted the suspect who, however, became agitated and started firing shots at the officer with his FN rifle.

The besieged officer took cover and called for backup from Police General Headquarters.

“Backup swiftly arrived and a gunfight ensued lasting over three hours. The suspect allegedly tried to escape by using one of Dr Chihuri’s vehicles, but failed as the house had been surrounded. He then set the house on fire, damaging a significant section of the property’s roof,” said the source.

The suspect, attached to ZRP’s Support Unit, was then arrested after running out of ammunition.

The Air Force of Zimbabwe and Fire Brigade then put out the fire before ZRP’s forensics and ballistics teams attended the scene.

Investigations were still underway.

Part of the house’s roof was reduced to ashes.

However, the value of goods and property destroyed during the melee could not be ascertained.

Efforts to get comment from the police were fruitless by last night.

Dr Chihuri’s neighbours said the incident started around 9 am and ended around 2pm after the whole area had been cordoned off.

One of the neighbours, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: “The policeman from Support Unit was on duty alone when he started looting some clothes, television sets and other property in the house. He was later confronted by a gardener and there was an exchange of words.”

The neighbour further said a few minutes later, a senior police officer who had come for a routine inspection arrived at the house and was informed by the gardener about the incident.

The police officer confronted the suspect, resulting in a nasty exchange of words between the two.

“The senior police officer then phoned senior officers at the Police General Headquarters informing them about the behaviour of the police constable.

“This did not go down well with the police constable, who then produced his firearm with the intention of shooting his colleague. He fired shots but missed during the process,” said the neighbour.

It is reported that a few minutes later, the house had been cordoned by armed police officers, resulting in an exchange of gunshots, which lasted for almost three hours.

The police constable is alleged to have run out of ammunition and decided to burn down part of the house before he was arrested.

Fire fighters from the Air Force of Zimbabwe was summoned to the scene and managed to put out the fire.

Police officers from the ballistics and forensic departments, detectives from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and senior officers from Harare province also visited the scene.

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  • bh

    Zimbabwe is now gun country

  • blaby

    he was unfit for duty…..how could he misss anyway support guys use AK’s why was he given an FN

  • Njomane

    Nothing adds up here. Can someone report better on what really happened

  • peace maker

    Exchange of gunshot for 3 hours with one constable armed with an FN riffle? If our police can take that long to apprehend just one person armed with an FN riffle, can they apprehend ten criminals? There was too much of coincidence in that a senior police officer came for routine inspection at a time when the constable guarding the premises was stealing property and the attendance of Air Force fire fighters with a helicopter. I smell a rate.

    • John Mukuvisi

      I agree with you peace maker something is definitely off in this story, a whole team of armed officers failing to take down one man how is that possible?? And one reader also opined why was he armed with an FN rifle instead of the normal AK 47. Chihuri is marked for death he should rescue himself and resign forthwith.

      • MakhosiXamu

        he tried to resign but this crazy ED refused to let him go.

        • God of War

          Hawu, you are alive? Aren’t you the fellow who i was reading about just now, who killed his wife and then hung himself. This is very strange indeed.

          • MakhosiXamu

            What a strange wish, ndoda , i am no bully or murderer

          • zibulo

            ukuphi uyihlo ?

    • Ras Makate (Mutunhu une Mago)

      Before we start judging too harshly lets understand that bullets travel in straight lines , even if they ricochet off hard surfaces, specifically metal jacketted 7.62mm rifle bullets (both AK and FN rifles) can go through some walls and remain potent, then there were innocent domestic workers caught up or in the immediate vicinity of the altercartion, plus there were other persons within the radius in the neighbourhood. As such a well trained police force will aim for minimum collateral damage, especially avoiding putting innocent bystanders lives at risk, so unlike in the movies they don’t just blow away at everything that moves, hence the time factor. Please note that this took place in a built up urban setting so extra caution had to be adopted. As the situation stands right now the ZRP are working side by side (or being supervised by) with the ZDF, so every action involving the former will certainly involve the latter (the AFZ is part of the ZDF by the way) and that should explain the air force helicopter and fire brigade. The FN rifle is not at all obsolete at all, it still is a favourite competition and sniper rifle among all our uniformed forces, I have seen some policemen on guard duties or patrolling with FN rifles around

      • Unathi Makhetha

        Meaningless crap!!

      • yebo yes

        You talk sense.I agree with you.

  • Dumakude

    I have no sympathy for Chihuri, he is the mastermind of all the roadblocks in the country extorting money from Zimbos..the cop should have killed him vele kuyafana u6 lo 9.

  • Mimi

    Reporter has no facts just reporting hear-say.

  • Wellington

    Trying to hide road block and other corruption evidence

  • Nkunzemnyama

    Reading this story is just a waste of time. ” Backup swiftly arrived and a gun fight ensued lasting over 3 hours”. Rubbish !!!!!

  • Mugavimbi_Naledi

    we told you … you mean you don’t see the ‘dissidents’ fingerprint here, where state-sponsored things are blamed on a created ‘thing’ to justify nasty things?? In this case, it’s not a ‘dissident’, but a ‘rogue police officer’

    and hold tight … this is only the beginning, things are about to unravel — Coup People!!

    • Unathi Makhetha

      You’ve just walked into a room. You’re greeted by this strong stench of human faeces, no one else is in the room except your mom.Go ahead greet her pretending all is well, yes put on a smile as you sit right besides her, where the smell is concentrated. Your mom just broke the wind son, you came in when she had just relived herself of some gas, deal with it. What can you do, can you ask her, NO, can you laugh, NO, can you talk about it, NO. Just sit there & deal with it silently.

      • Essexvale

        Admittedly, you have wit. But it’s twisted! Meaning that your wit is derived from an unsettled mind. Creatures like you get a kick out of annoying others with sarcasm, using faceless platforms on the social media. What does it tell readers about you? Well; you are probably one who was abused and neglected in your childhood and posting your nonsense on the platform under a pseudo name makes you feel relevant. I pity you. Just a little sensible advice ……. go get help and do it quickly!!

  • The Observer

    hmmmm, immediately Mugabe left the state house, guns are roaring and blazing in the rich families!

  • Martin Chipimo

    I am not an investigation officer, but a normal human being. As far as I am concerned this is a typical inside job within the ZRP ranks. The story does not make any sense, why 3 hours of gunshots? Exchanging the shoots with whom? One officer? To me, there were more than two different teams which where fighting in this case. I stand to be corrected my cdes!!

  • Essexvale

    This could be a case of “the chickens coming home to roost” or a take on the popular North American saying: “What goes round comes round.” Unconfirmed reports allege that the police commissioner has been running a self serving revenue collection project parallel to that of ZIMRA, which utilised road blocks throughout the country. Proceeds of this spectacular con never made it to the treasury or benefited any of the lower ranking details. So this constable saw an opportunity to get in on the act and help himself to a piece of the cake that he and his colleagues helped to collect. Result is the reported gunfight after he was caught in the act and an attempt made to apprehend him. Those who loot public resources should know that the time of reckoning will always come. It’s Chihuri’s call to order!!!

  • Makanza

    In politics, there is a lot that does not reach the public eye or ear. In public it may appear like 2 people are adversaries, when those people work together pretty well in the background. Details on the role played by Chihuri in the plan to arrest Chiwenga & Operation Restore Legacy are known to both ZDF generals & Prez EDM. The President re-appointed Chihuri to Police Commissioner with knowledge about the part Chihuri played.