Harare-Victoria Falls shorter route opened


Mukudzei Chingwere recently in Gokwe
Government has opened a shorter route that links Harare and Victoria Falls under the Emergency State Roads Rehabilitation Programme.

The Harare-Kwekwe-Gokwe Chirisa-Cross Dete to Victoria Falls Road was completed recently, giving travellers an option rather than go the longer way via Bulawayo.

Government is on course to finish the rehabilitation of the national road network before the commencement of the rains under the Emergency State Roads Rehabilitation Programme, a senior official at the District Development Fund (DDF) has said.

Government is currently on the second phase of rehabilitating the road network after extensive damage by Cyclone Dineo-induced rains early this year, the same official said.

President Mugabe earlier in the year declared the roads a State of Emergency, paving way for financial resource mobilisation.

DDF national deputy director planning Philemon Mubvumi said the Zireva-Huchu-Masakadza Road in Gokwe South was the shortest route that links Victoria Falls and Harare.

The road that links the capital and the grand tourist attraction is 875 kilometres, but the new route opened by DDF will be approximately 780km, about 100km less.

“The new road has a lot of economic value to the country as it also links with Chirisa Game Reserve,” said Mr Mubvumbi. “We expect to finish the whole project before the start of the rainy season.”

Government finished construction of Pohwe Bridge on the new road in 1998, but the road was not being used as the access to the bridge was left undone.

Last week, DDF opened the new road expected to bring a lot of economic activity to the people of Gokwe and other surrounding areas.

Chirisa Game Reserve has also been under-utilised because of the poor road infrastructure.

DDF Midlands provincial coordinator Mrs Molly Shoniwa said the opening of the road and a number of roads that were being rehabilitated in her province would bring positive results, especially in agriculture.

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  • musa

    the shorter route, it makes economic sense, but Bulawayo tends to lose, again. so no surprises there

    • big

      I think they should have prioritised the Byo-Falls road before this shortcut because BYO-FALLS has been in dire need of serious repairs for years and many long stretches have deteriorated to the extent that your have to be extremely cautious lest you damage your suspension.

      • Cetshwayo

        Do they care, lets not forget that this is a case of wishing that the devil does us a favour

  • Shlama

    Wouldn’t try the shorter route, in case of breakdown btwn Gokwe & Cross Dete you are in the middle of nowhere, I doubt there is cellphone reception there

    • big

      Yah, that’s something worth investigating before using that road. Also probably so infested with lots of dangerous wild life.. Gokwe, Chirisa, Cross Dete is certainly not a stretch of road where you’d want a breakdown. Plannig journey early and travelling in broad daylight is always a good idea.

      • Cross Dete

        I would like to see how you will investigate first without travelling there since u say there is no cellphone reception.

        • big


  • marshie

    Ummm vakomana that road is terrible I came from that side this morning wati ijecha iroro.

  • Jojo WaMoyo

    I thought the Kwekwe, Nkayi Lupane route was a better option. It is +100km shorter than the current route and less expensive to complete. The only part that need serious attention is the 130km from Nkayi to Lupane.

    • big

      Also would have been made more sense economically…

  • Sancho

    I thought as well the Harare- Kwekwe via Nkayi road is the shortest. Then Nkayi to Lupane connecting to the main road from Bulawayo that passes thru Dete and Hwange.

  • Charles M Jere

    Is the road Tarred or its dust? It might be shorter but may take longer to travel?

  • Ndende

    Its another way of marginalising Bulawayo

    • Tendekayi.TE

      Don’t look at it that way. If I want to travel to Vic Falls then why force me to pass through all those cities? I live in UAE and I can drive from Ajman to Abu Dhabi without stopping once in Dubai. That’s the beauty of the highway system. It’s designed to get you where you need to go as quickly as possible. There’s no reason why someone who just wants to go to Mutare from Norton has to put up with Harare CBD traffic.

  • Bond

    This article seriously needs a map.

  • Reuben Mukondiwa

    Pics pliz…