Healer who married daughter arrested

Killion Moyo, the traditional healer who stands accused of incest and numerous rapes

Killion Moyo

Filbert Ruwende Chronicle Reporter
MATABELELAND South police are holding a suspected paedophile who twice impregnated his daughter and is linked to a string of sex attacks on at least two teenage girls in Bezha, Umzingwane District.
Killion Moyo, a self-styled traditional healer, was arrested at his home on Monday night after Chronicle blew the whistle on his depraved lifestyle.
The 65-year-old had boasted of MARRYING his daughter, aged just 14, he claims to appease the spirits of his late wife.

The girl, who has fled home, left behind their children aged four and three.
A neighbour’s daughter, now 23, also has Moyo’s children aged eight and five.

Police are also investigating the abuse of a third girl who has a three-year-old child with the pervert. She reportedly fled to South Africa.
Investigators have been told that Moyo threatened neighbours and victims with lightning to stop them from reporting the abuse which has been going on for 10 years.
Man Nkala, the local headman, last night said there was jubilation among villagers at news of Moyo’s arrest.

“I want to thank Chronicle for exposing this man. Esigodini police officers arrived on Monday night asking for directions to Moyo’s homestead.
“I was delighted when they told me that they were in my village to arrest him,” said Nkala. “We don’t want people to lie about the ancestors and take advantage of the vulnerable in society. This should be a wake-up call to all the false prophets and traditional healers who manipulate women and girls in the name of cleansing them.”

Confronted by Chronicle on Sunday, Moyo admitted he had been sleeping with his daughter since 2003 when she was in Grade 7. In dreams, he claimed his late wife, Joyce Mpofu, who died in 1990, had told him to “look for a woman in the family who would take her role”.

He claimed his late wife’s mother, Phetheni Moyo-Bhebhe, had accepted Z$80 billion lobola (bride price) and approved the incestuous affair with her niece.
Asst Insp Ngwenya said Moyo-Bhebhe had confessed to police investigators that she accepted the lobola money.

One of Moyo’s victims, now aged 23, told Chronicle that her parents were promised sweet potatoes and cattle by Moyo as bride price when she was in Grade 7.
She said she was sent to live with Moyo at the age of 13 and was told that Moyo was going to pay her Form 1 school fees, but Moyo had immediately started having sex with her saying she was “umfazi wamadlozi” (ancestral spirits’ wife).

The victim said Moyo made her wear bracelets and charms which he warned were a “traditional lock” that would cause lightning to strike and kill her if she left him. She has two children aged eight and five with Moyo.

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  • petunia

    this man needs to rot in jail though l feel the villagers should have taken action early to protect this girls who were children by then.His daughter must have felt confused at the hands of this paedophile .

    • Jotham

      They should sentence him to death. This man is a wild beast, shame.

  • zwelikabanzi

    Mandebele liyasiyangisa isizwe sika mthwakazi yindabenjsni leyi

  • Julius caesar

    believe u me fm appearance of the face this old man has HIV

  • chirowodza

    We need the head of this man

  • umametsi

    well people should first know that the spirits are not appeased by evil deeds. spirits are there to protect the society not to promote immorality good people stop falling into the same trap, witch craft is the one that promotes all evil and threats.