Health crisis looms at BF

Barbourfields Stadium

Barbourfields Stadium

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter
A health crisis looms at Barbourfields Stadium in Bulawayo each time there is load shedding in the suburb leaving thousands of soccer fans at risk unless generators lying idle at the venue are connected.

Rolling blackouts are common across the city, leaving thousands without electricity, which means no water for the stadium that is dependent on electric water pumps.

Bulawayo’s ceremonial home of football had no water during last Sunday’s Castle Lager Premier Soccer League encounter between Highlanders and Dongo Sawmill, exposing thousands of fans to a health hazard and foul odour emanating from the overflowing toilets.

The stadium’s gates were opened at 10AM and by the time the match kicked off at 3PM, all the toilets were unusable due to excrement that caused a pungent smell.

It was a horrible afternoon outing for some fans, as they were forced to bear with an extremely foul stench from the dirty loos that spread as the afternoon progressed.

Barbourfields plays host to an African Nations Championship qualifier between Zimbabwe and Lesotho and fans are likely to be exposed to another health hazard should the suburb experience power cuts on Sunday.

The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) seemed unaware of the lack of water at its facility as senior public relations officer Nesisa Mpofu isolated the cut to the old changing rooms.

“Please note that there was no water in the old change rooms as there was no electricity to pump the water from the booster tank due to electricity load shedding,” said Mpofu in an emailed response to a Chronicle Sport inquiry.

Asked why council could not use the giant generators installed at the stadium to provide back-up power in the event of electricity cuts for the Region 5 Youth Games in December 2014, Mpofu said the generators were a white elephant.

“The generators that were bought by the government for the Youth Games came after the event and were never connected since the contractors said they were not paid.”

Mpofu, however, indicated that council was working on rectifying the problem in time for the weekend international game.

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  • rinovava

    a useless council full of has beens, a council filled with chair warmers good for nothing, touching on health issues in byo is like a harvest of dead berries, one toile in the city center for 30000 souls, tower block toilets shut and resemble a scespit, market toilet aah 1 for men and one for ladies yet its at the market and the busiets in byo, no toilets egodini yet all come and depart from the city daily eversince byo was created, few toilets at renkini to service almost a million travellers a month, zero cleaning of atterial passages between buildings,filthy drainage ways within the city,,no adequate refuse bins on that bend dowm market near towerblock, jukskei river between mzilikazi and makokova ,renkini to thorngrove,that can bring untold deseases to our people, 2 toilets working at mpilo hospital yet thousands are to be treated there, zero ablutions on the last terminus in parirenyatwa and harare road, khami dam getting extreamly dirty due to people leaving rituals everywhere,mpopoma park as dry as the karoo yet there is a stream which has good water runing through and no toilet whatsoever for the park users……

    the whole rotting edifice in the city coucil need to be purged,
    of deaths and graveyards, it took a hard talk to the desesed department in tower block to get grass cut on the westpark cemetary as it had become a heven for thugs….i can go on and on….the city council of bulaway must be purged harshly….